Spiritual Healing

When the planets line up there are elements in life that seem to hold a special synchronicity for all of us. Today I utilised the Jupiter Chiron Neptune synchronicity by participating in an uplifting healing ceremony. I was a little apprehensive as to how the healing would go for me.

The healing took place during a church session today. I have known many of the people in the congregation over the years however I do not often attend church.

I am happy to say that the healing was a moving experience for me.


I felt moved and uplifted

Over my short career of ten years as a psychotherapist I can honestly say that my healing today was good therapy. I can remember many psychotherapy marathons that I have been to where trainees and clients take their turn to work on their issues in the group. Today I felt a bit like an uninitiated trainee at their first marathon. The experience involved a deal of trust and faith in the people around me.

It is interesting to note that the Moon was on my natal ascendant this morning in a square aspect to the conjunction. I didn’t wish to say too much however a part of the “healing” involves some disclosure on my behalf. I think that is where I struggled with my words.

Neptune represents psychological dissociation and with Jupiter a person may either blurt things out without thinking about their reality or their words become a struggle – disjointed and disconnected. The person with a strong natal Neptune tends to be misunderstood. The Neptunian person can either practice to represent themselves better or to form strong opinions in life to at least feel solid in their identity.

Some of the best therapeutical moments in life happen outside of therapy. Having an experience in life is worth much more than talking to a counsellor as long as one can bring “perspective” to the experience. Otherwise life seems like a revolving door of movement without being “moved”.


2 Responses to “Spiritual Healing”

  1. 2 kingsley May 26, 2009 at 17:40

    Ferinannned says

    “Hey, I liked it!”

    Avertedd says

    “What wonder that too … And in my opinion is designed to bloggers than the webmaster”

    I am getting tired of your private conversations on my blog.

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