Black Moon Crown

Usually the most elevated planet in the natal chart depicts an influence over career and public status. Any planet near the Mid Heaven or in the Tenth House has an emphasis in the persons public life. Venus at the mid heaven suggests creative influences of an artist or actor whereas Mars at the mid heaven indicates pro active leadership qualities. Black Moon Lilith is a calculated point however it seems to have an influence when “crowned” at the mid heaven.

crown_1_lg Famous or Infamous

The mid heaven draws various influences out into the open where we can all see. Lilith is a difficult energy which can be an unconscious part of our personality or expression.  Channelling Black Moon Lilith energy into ones career or public life means becoming aware of Lilith’s potential rather than allowing a more self destructive energy.

Vincent Price is a famous actor known for his horror movies. Vincent has Black Moon Lilith at the mid heaven of his natal chart.


JS9705Vincent shows a certain intensity in his PR shots



Vincent Price is not only famous for his horror movies but his “voice overs” with both Alice Cooper and Michael Jackson.

Taurus has rulership of the throat and voice in astrology. Vincent’s chart shows Moon and Saturn in Taurus opposite Jupiter. Perhaps the opposition aspect emphasises Vincent’s powerful and intense vocal skills? In my mind however, Vincent has a distinct Lilith tone in his voice. I couldn’t upload the sound file so please go here for an except.


River Phoenix has Black Moon Lilith on the Mid heaven

Born 23 August 1970, 12 03 pm Madras, Oregon. River Phoenix seems to have had troubled developmental years.  This reference on Wikipeida;

“In an interview with Details magazine in November 1991, Phoenix stated that he lost his virginity at age four while a part of the Children of God. The magazine quotes him as saying “But I’ve blocked it out… I was completely celibate from 10 to 14”. His representatives reportedly pressured him to later recant the comment, claiming it was “a joke”. In March 1994, Esquire magazine quoted River as speaking angrily of the cult: “They’re disgusting… they’re ruining people’s lives”. After the family left the cult and returned to the United States in 1977, they officially adopted the surname “Phoenix” on April 2, 1979 to reflect their rebirth to a new life.” end quote


Some time before River Phoenix untimely death he was quoted as saying

“For a long time, I’ve said the opposite of what I really thought. In interviews, I’ve also played characters that I wasn’t. I’ve lied and often contradicted myself to dumbfound people. It’s all over now, because I have nothing left to hide. I’m quite an ordinary person.”

Perhaps this is true about River Phoenix and that he was being truthful when he said “I am quite an ordinary person”? In my view his chart seems to contradict this statement. Perhaps the crowning Black Moon Lilith doesn’t allow such an ordinary life? One learns how to channel Lilith energy productively or to at least understand ones limitations in the self destructive process.

Phoenix has Jupiter in Scorpio – close to the natal ascendant. At the time of his overdose and death in October 1993 – progressed Jupiter hit the ascendant while he was also having a Jupiter return. Jupiter is the planet of excess and abundance.

Other well known people with Black Moon Lilith at the Mid Heaven or tenth house are;

John Derek

Jodie Foster

Steve Irwin

Drew Barrymore

Sam Cooke

Matt Dillon

George Harrison

Audrey Hepburn

Rock Hudson

Chaka Khan

Shirley MacLaine

Wolfgang Mozart

Dianna Ross

Kyle Minogue

Aaron Spelling



10 Responses to “Black Moon Crown”

  1. 1 Jilly May 4, 2009 at 11:26

    interesting thanks.

  2. 2 kingsley May 4, 2009 at 12:32

    Hi Jilly, thanks for saying so.


  3. 3 kat May 12, 2009 at 15:34

    Hi Kingsley,
    I have Black Moon Lilith in the 10th in Taurus. I have been a singer for many years but not had much success. Doors are starting to open for me to do comedy. Should I pursue it?


  4. 4 kingsley May 12, 2009 at 15:53

    That is very interesting indeed Kat. I always like when doors start to open. It feels that one is on the right path with life potentials. I have always followed my passions and “doors” opening. Mostly things have turned out well other times not.

    What is your thinking on doing comedy Kat?


  5. 5 Kat May 14, 2009 at 13:53

    Well I’ve never been backward about voicing my views publicly and I won’t hesitate to write scathing letters to parliamentarians if I see an injustice being done. I constantly rattle the cage of conventional thinking and love taking people out of their comfort zones (Uranus and Pluto in the 1st) My material is quite sexual and some would say lewd but I think it’s all a matter of context. I’m letting it morph organically but I think it could work. Since I’ve discovered this position of Lilith in my chart, things are starting to make sense in my life. However, I know I’m going to rub people up the wrong way. The compulsion I’m starting to feel around doing this far outweighs my remorse for hurting people’s feelings. Is this typical of Lilith energy?

    I appreciate your help with this Kingsley, thanks 🙂

  6. 6 kingsley May 14, 2009 at 15:32

    I think most comedians “use their lilith part” to express humour Kat. Not that I have done an astrological study on this but The metaphorical Lilith in all of us is attractive in some way.

    Lilith loves getting applause for her witt and various behaviours and she needs to be encouraged to get on the stage. It is such a good use of the potential BML has to offer. Its like one can be bad at being good and get paid for it. So one is expressing a part of them that has been kept hidden or goes against the grain of other parts of personality. It can feel good to express Lilith.

    Getting to know and trust my own Lilith has made me a better counsellor and writer. Lilith loves the creative element she can tap into.

    I think you will do very well Kat. Many comedians seem to have a therapeutic track in their work even if its just making people laugh.


  7. 7 Marina August 17, 2009 at 04:24

    Well I just went though all your Black Moon Lilith posts and I’m still ptocessing it all! Wow. Fantastic insights here.

    So I have FiLilithy Lilith In Aquarius for starters. And in my tenth house, conjuncting Mars (1 deg, 36′) I see Lilith/Venus as very seductive and charismatic. But Lilith Mars…? Sometimes it still scares me.

    I guess I do use it creatively thru my Illustration. And I write music too.
    Emotionally I find I flare up very quickly, with a vicious wit if I feel someone has wounded me or my loved ones. Then my more peaceful moon/venus MC cringes and regrets having opened my big mouth. Then I definately have to use humour to placate people afterwards. Its probably my saving grace. Thankfully Lilith/Mars is trine jovial Jupiter on my AC.

    I didn’t even know how strong my Lilith was till very recently. Being brought up a good Catholic girl I guess I kept her securely locked inside my metaphoric chastity belt.

    I think as a young woman I didn’t realise the creative power of that wild Lilith and it tormented me. I internalized it, locked it up to a certain extent. But I felt safer.

    I now feel like I can really enjoy my Lilith in the magical, sexy, creative way. Setting her free has untapped the creative spark in such wonderful ways. And I don’t feel ashamed of her anymore. But I still worry what will happen if I let her go too far.

  8. 8 kingsley August 17, 2009 at 09:56

    Hello Marina, I like your comments about LIlith. Mars and Lilith are formidable combination as you say. Perhaps with the social/intellectual nature of Aquarius you can use that Mars quite well. Sometimes there is No thinking with Mars however you seem to make something of it through Jupiter.

    Lilith and Mars can be a destructive energy however it can also be political and full of passion for some cause. I know a man with Lilith and Mars – Gemini, he is gay (not that this has anything to do with things) and his ability to get revenge or power is awsome.Outbursts of angry – hurtful statements.

    I dont think he realised how far Mars Lilith could go either. But thats the trick Marina. To know about the potential extremes and how to contain Lilith in some situations and express her in others.

    The hardest thing with Lilith is when one is angry with oneself – after going overboard in some way Lilith can turn inward with devestating results.


  9. 9 LB November 12, 2010 at 07:51

    The anger at oneself is something I haven’t ever read before, but it’s so true, at least in my case. My 8th house BM Lilith/Sedna (in Aries) is within a few degrees of my Aries SN, with BM Lilith exactly opposite my Libra Sun. My mother’s 8th house Chiron was conjunct my BM Lilith/Senda/SN, and as much as I loved her, our relationship, for the most part, always seemed untenable and irresolvable. Like a dog with a bone, I raged at her for many years, refusing to let go of my hurt. Not all the time of course, but still it was pretty intense.

    Then when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and I had to assume full responsibility for her well-being (BM Lilith/SN trines my 4th house Saturn), the profound sense of regret I felt over the way I’d handled my anger almost overwhelmed me. Then too, there were the days of extreme self-loathing; I always wondered where that came from, thinking maybe I’d internalized some negative early parental message.

    Thankfully, we had several very loving, rage-free years before she died – she finally knew I loved her unconditionally, and I finally felt the same from her. I hadn’t thought of it until now, but in a way we both sacrificed something in order to heal the most wounded part of ourselves – she made the ultimate sacrifice, while I only had to willingly forgive her and let go of my rage. Notice how I say “willingly, which is much different from repression/suppression. I still got angry – most especially in dealing with some of the institutional abuses that occurred during my mother’s illness – but at least then my anger was righteous and well-placed (12th house Pluto square retro 9th house Mars).

    I’ve read you mention art therapy in connection with BM Lilith’s dark side, and I have to say that art (2nd house Sun/North Node/Venus) provided a very therapeutic outlet for my anger, especially during the time period right before my mother became ill. Long before I even knew about BM Lilith, I was painting vivid portraits of Lilith archetypes, as well as dreaming of bloody owls. Didn’t Jung believe we dreamed of universal symbols?

    I know my comment will probably only validate what you already know, but I leave it anyway for someone who might benefit. I’ve been perusing your old Lilith files and really enjoying them – the links are all great too. Thanks.

  1. 1 Lilith Edits « Astrology by Kingsley Trackback on August 8, 2009 at 16:13

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