My Stab at the Triple Conjunction

For some time now Jupiter Neptune and Chiron have been closely grouped in the sign of Aquarius. I must admit to avoiding these planets as they have appeared in charts. Perhaps I do not see any significance in these planets? Neptune is capable of disguising and dissolving things so it seems that these planets do not exist for me. As we move closer to the exact triple conjunction on the 23rd May 2009 something inexplicable in me is urging me to write.

Some good bloggers and writers have attempted to describe the triple conjunction in a variety of ways. One describes the conjunction as a five act play and another has creatively written a recipe of these very complex ingredients. The conjunction has been described as unifying and then isolating – that it has a soulful or spiritual connection.  More recently some authors have written blogs regarding Jupiter Neptune Chiron conjunction by making connections to Swine Flu.

I do not disagree with any of the interpretations I have read so far. Goodness knows I have been missing something here anyway! The Pandemic track and Swine Flu seems to be a very good one in my view. There has been some devastating outcomes in Mexico today. Perhaps the idea of our collective health – our global welbeing is being highlighted by Jupiter Chiron and Neptune?

Why have I ignored these three astrological bodies? They have been looming in the sky and in my charts for some time. Perhaps I have put them in the too hard basket? Why do I not recognise these planets in my charts?”



Could be The Invisible Theory

Neptune and Chiron can be described as ethereal in my view. The spiritual and collective influences that others write about describes the higher plane of  “energy” working here. We have yet to discover other realms or dimensions in our world that describes human capacities for collective transference. That is why it is difficult to pin point tangible manifestations with this particular conjunction. Neptune and Chiron can be described as a pain killer.

Jupiter and Neptune provokes the image of religious aspirations, mystics and dreamers of the world. Many of us hold great hope in view of our somewhat destabilised world position.  One can at least trust the description of  Neptune as the great dissolver of matter – and how the crystallization of that matter is then shaped into new forms. The current global transition is well under way however it seems that we need to separate ouselves from too much reality. I am not proposing that they grow more opium or that we all go to church here.

It is certainly fearful to hear on the news about the high risk swine virus. It could have already spread to New Zealand they say. Not many of the news items however mention that we already have enough antiviral medications stockpiled to cope the swine flu.

If we take the pandemic theory and Neptune’s collective influence operating in literal ways, why are we not considering the list of the world’s current and existing infectious viral threats? Jupiter rules over the Lungs, Blood and the Liver in matters of health.  What about the rapidly spreading Hepatitis C and B virus? Have we ignored our current threats to global health?



The insidious Hepatitis C Virus – The Silent Killer

It is estimated that about 4 million people in the United States are infected with hepatitis C, which is about 2% of the population. This makes hepatitis C much more common than HIV infection. There is an estimated 200 million people infected with HCV world wide.

And then there is Hepatitis B, a more readily transmitted virus which is rapidly becoming an monumental epidemic. Some facts bout Hepatitis B:

  • 2 billion people have been infected with HCB (1 out of 3 people).
  • 400 million people are chronically infected.
  • 10-30 million will become infected each year.
  • An estimated 1 million people die each year from hepatitis B and its complications.
  • Approximately 2 people die each minute from hepatitis B.

Hepatitis C and B have been compared to a “viral time bomb”.

Apparently on the 19th May 2009 a few days prior the exact Jupiter Chiron Neptune conjunction the countries of the world celebrate “World Hepatitis Day”.  Lets hope that the news is good and that the World Health Organisation announces research advancements in the fight against our many diseases and viral threats. God forbid that Swine Flu has any chance of advancing in the world.

The three major planetary bodies of Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune are highlighting the nature of our Global health. The conjunction is operating in “unseeable” or collective frameworks.  One could say that our world is not in good shape presently. The stress from our global financial recession, our environmental issues and the threats of disease are major underlying themes that we cannot ignore in our lives. The question is how will we help reduce the stress in the face of our current realities? Society has tended to use drugs and alcohol and even take spiritual avenues to quell the stresses of too much reality. I cant see those options changing in the near future.

Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune are co joining to highlight our global health predicaments. The Cosmos usually throws something at us so that we sit up and take notice.

Our World is in a state of ill-health it seems – hopefully the Doctor is on his way?


10 Responses to “My Stab at the Triple Conjunction”

  1. 1 KazzaB April 27, 2009 at 18:54

    You make some really good points Kenoath. The Swine flu is very scary but those at risk are ones with immune systems that are already compromised. And the very young and very old are also at risk. I must admit it makes me a bit thingy about catching the train like I do during the week. Some people have got no idea of covering their mouths when they cough or sneeze.

  2. 2 kingsley April 27, 2009 at 20:37

    I agree Kazza, that there are even more things to worry about now. This fact alone will change the way society has opperated up until now. You might like to know that I have added some statements (post edits) to this blog. It seems that I have been out of the writing loop recently.


  3. 3 jeanette April 28, 2009 at 02:09

    Who is worthy of being saved? Many are falling through the cracks of the Aquarian idealizations. Look at Pamela Anderson, who HAS Hep C. At the Comedy Central roast of her, she donated her paycheck to PETA, which funds terrorists that specifically target research. I am sure when the disease catches up with her, she’ll wish she spent her dollars differently.

  4. 4 kingsley April 28, 2009 at 08:33

    That is an interesting point Jeanette,”who is worthy of being saved” In past times it has always been the third world countries who seem to get seen to – last. Someone must make those decisions during world crisis.


  5. 5 Sharon April 29, 2009 at 08:31

    Hello Kingsley 😉

    Your blog post came up in my daily Google alert for Hepatitis C. Thank you for promoting World Hepatitis Day and quoting the statistics in an altogether different forum, by using your in-depth knowledge of astrology.

    Pamela Anderson does seem to be in denial about her HepC. She’s not exactly the poster girl for the disease, is she?

    My niece left yesterday for a holiday in Mexico and my sister is very worried indeed. Mexico seems to be the epicentre of the swine flu outbreak. So far no cases in Cairns that I know of!


  6. 6 kingsley April 29, 2009 at 08:47

    Thank you Murph, its interesting where my blogs show up sometimes. Your Niece is very brave indeed. I hear planes flying over sometimes and I wonder why anyone would take the risk.



  7. 7 Joseph May 12, 2009 at 11:57

    Swine Flu is a product of the media in their attempt to cause great fear in the hearts of people. Look at the first person to reply to this blog. It’s sad. When people are in fear, the “owners” of the world are able to keep their death grip on the world nice and tight. This is not a joke.

    Yet, wait a minute — how many times have they done this same thing? Think about it: mad cow disease, ebola, SARS, west nile virus, etc. The list goes on and on. Have you seen the news? How could you be so foolish? They tell everyone that “millions of people could die from this,” and then in the next sentence “but, of course, we’re not trying to scare you; but just be careful …. cover your mouth when you sneeze.” And the easily hypnotized are now fearing for their very essence.

    Don’t you get it ?

    Forgive my directness, but if a person is generally brainwashed by the media, perhaps they shouldn’t be writing about society. I suggest not letting your opinions come from lies. And so in context of this fact, the triple conjunction should be interpreted with the realization that the media is trying desperately to control the people. Perhaps Neptune = mass hypnotism, and Chiron = disease, and Jupiter = the Media, and Aquarius = the American Public. Of course, the USA has natal Moon in Aquarius, right on this conjunction.

    Does that make sense ?

    So yeah, go ahead and live in fear. But just realize two things: less than 150 people have died from this thing, and that you’re being controlled by a social structure and that is entirely man made. With our positive thinking, we can collectively eliminate all disease. Maybe that’s the meaning. I’m not into conspiracies in reality. In reality, I’m a bridge of light from Heaven to Earth. Are people going to awaken to higher consciousness this June, or be utterly hypnotized? You don’t believe that “positive thinking” can heal the world?

    Keep your chin up, you’re not going to die. You can’t die. You’re not a body. Fear is the belief that you are a body.

  8. 8 kingsley May 12, 2009 at 13:20

    Hello Joseph, I dont think I am disagreeing with your points in my blog. If you know my writing then you will know that I am not fearing however like with all blog writers we have something to say and say those things uniquely.

    If you have read the next blog on you may have read how paranoia and media hype have contributed to more stress in our lives. It is this particualr stress factor that I am interested in Joseph. I have read the blog you mention yesterday and the writer seems to reflect exactly what I say in the blog I wrote last week.

    I am happy to accept your comments however I do think they are misguided and I would appreciate that you advertise the blog you mention elsewhere.


  9. 9 kingsley May 12, 2009 at 13:47

    Dear Joseph

    I must admit that some astrology writers really wear me thin. The older schools of spiritual and esoteric styles need refreshing somewhat. I read something at over at Elsa Elsa’s the other week that echoes my thoughts. Probably one of the only times I have actually agreed with her statements. She can be pretty blunt sometimes dont you think?

    We have writers for new agey newspapers down here in Australia Joseph. Although these writers are very good and their articles well written, I am left with a sense of an airy cerebal intoxication after reading them though. Not much reality here in my view.

    I dont know what is better – the shock jock astrologers looking to appeal to others prejudices to increase their ratings or the ethereal – spiritually collective kind of astrology.

    What do you prefer Joseph?


  10. 10 kingsley May 23, 2009 at 19:15

    I am going to church tomorrow in order to receive a “hands on” healing. Its interesting that the moon will be on my ascendant, square Jupiter Chiron Neptune. Perhaps I will be overwhelmed with joy?


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