The Bad News Is

When Venus and Mars meet at 29 Pisces I am sure there will be some good news across the land. I like good news because its positive and uplifting.  There seems to be a proviso with regard to the 29 Pisces degree though. Astrology charts show the notorious fixed star Scheat at this degree.

Deborah Houlding says “Scheat is one of the most notorious stars in the heavens, reputed to cause “extreme misfortune, murder, suicide and drowning”.  End Quote

Bloody hell!

I wonder whether we will see increased crimes of passion over the next few days? If you are feeling stuck in life and the thought of suicide crosses your mind then take heart because many people consider what the suicide option might be like.



We cant take things back sometimes

Other interpretations of Scheat include the potential for daring acts. Brady and Solar Fire (Esoteric Technologies) says about Scheat;

“To be a thinker or intellect
Traditionally seen as a very negative star,  it seems to be predominant in the charts of  famous, free-thinking people. Different ideas, fast thinking, daring to think or to do the impossible.”

The traditional interpretation of Scheat tends to generate a certain amount of fear and loathing when considering the Venus and Mars conjunction. I hope everyone is rushing to check 29 degrees of Pisces in their chart.

On the other hand Brady seems to suggest that Scheat can produce extraordinary potential – daring to rise to life’s spontaneous challenges! Sounds creative to me. Venus and Mars are the symbols of creation itself so if Scheat adds a desperate tone to the idea of passion this week we can be assured to see changes in the way we do things.

So the Bad News isn’t so bleak or desperate when considering such a notorious or formidable Star. Perhaps in the Astrologers tool kit there is also a measure of “sooth saying”? That is – re framing traditional astrology aphorisms in order to see the light of day.

Lifeline Suicide Intervention Line Aust.  131114



4 Responses to “The Bad News Is”

  1. 1 lucywatchthesky April 22, 2009 at 05:42

    That is bad news indeed. I so called it on my Twitter- sex, crying, or both. I hadn’t imagined so much bloodletting, though.

    The Venus-Mars conjunction is at the beginning of my 11th House, conjunct my natal Ceres. I can just see this in effect according to Scheat: I send out a mass e-mail to all my friends and colleagues, airing all my dirty laundry about my most recent break-up, and announcing that I am totally on the rebound, so anyone who wants to buy me a drink and get with me can take a number. I won’t be clingy or anything. (Good thing I’m an astrologer, and only semi-immune to these sort of things.)

  2. 2 kingsley April 22, 2009 at 10:05

    Hello lucywatchthesky

    I am not sure but it sounds like you are somewhat relieved about your break up?


  3. 3 lucywatchthesky April 22, 2009 at 13:58

    HA! Not quite- that was total tongue in cheek. I’m less upset about it now than I was initially, but it still stings a lot. I think further down the line I’ll actually start to realize how much of a good thing it really was.

  4. 4 dedacherry May 3, 2009 at 04:07

    oh Scheeeat !
    I have my sun at 29 Pisces. I’ll take that ‘light of day’ and claim the 2nd interpretation.

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