Signs of Competitiveness

Carrying on from the Two Bulls post about competitiveness – each sign in the zodiac can tend to describe a basis of how children go about seeking recognition from parents.

Astrology infers that we are “born” with certain traits much like psychology describes temperaments in personality and “nature”. Children use their best potentials when competing with other siblings for recognition. What seems to work for children getting strokes is carried forward into adult life.

Aries children compete full stop! Aries children express their world from a self centred perspective. Aries get strokes by showing their rapidly  developing skills. The Aries child likes independence – they compete fiercely for such roles in the family. They are constantly doing new things because they get strokes for that. They learn to start new projects to impress parents. The Aries child may become relatively stroke deprived seeing as though they need so much attention. The Aries child tries hard to impress parents and will do almost anything to get strokes.

Taurus children show competitive behaviours around food and possessions. They develop conservative routines and show their dependability to mother. The young Taurus is a real charmer – he may appear pleasant or attractive. The Taurus child develops a routine approach to his or her possessions and shows an interest in preserving and protecting these objects. The Taurus infant isn’t keen on sharing his toys though. He may initially become teary or ’sooky’ when others are disrespectful with his possessions. The Taurus child uses touch to strengthen bonds and is sensitive to mothers feelings.



Gemini children compete in smart ways. They seem to adjust to a more favourable social position to maintain their attachments. The  Gemini “fits in” however  they are tricky and hedge their bets when sibling alliances are involved. They may switch tact and keep their opponent offside. Geminis are quick learners and very friendly however they might steal something from a sibling and get away with it.

Cancer children compete by not giving anything away. By remaining in their protective shells other siblings cannot get a wedge in. The Cancer child learns how to connect via emotions. He or she identifies with the parents emotional life hoping to strengthen bonds that way. The Cancer child may show maternal responses outwardly however fiercely protects their own inner life.  They compete by being the strong one.

Leo children are stroke seekers that is for sure. Where ever there is a potential recognition coming from parents the Leo child will be there. Leo’s compete through their strong sense of identity and authority. They don’t mind ripping someone elses strokes off  by showing they do things better. Their bigger and better sense of self – ego can tend to dominate other siblings. They gain admiration for their authority and playfulness.

Virgo children compete by navigating the best possible route. They develop ways to do things right. The Virgo child may compete with siblings by “pulling” them up for the errors of their ways. Their practical nature is second to none in the zodiac. They impress parents by being better informed about their daily schedules. The Virgo child is adaptive and flexible to changing family dynamics. In some ways this leaves them open to hypocrisy.  They develop a mature sense of relating with mother to compete for strokes. They are the “little grown ups”. The Virgo child can blame themselves in order to protect the parent from their own shame. Their belief is perhaps about “helpful children” getting the most rewards.



Libra children compete socially and intellectually. Libras are very good at developing harmonious relationships. They tend to avoid ugly scenarios and develop nicer ways of shutting the competition down. Perhaps the Libra child competes for strokes by pointing out relevant injustices – like a lawyer would. Court room games develop with siblings where mother is inclined to agree with the balanced Libra. Libra children enjoy developing strong bonds however they become detached from relationships too. Libra relates much better than any other zodiac sign but they forget the reasons why they do that.

Scorpio children compete by attempting to annihilate other siblings. They can scare siblings to achieve power in the relationship. This scary behaviour may be in secret and involve caveats for siblings if they tell mother. The Scorpio child is a fierce competitor however they also value relationships with siblings. Scorpio children compete in political ways when it suits their strategy to win strokes from parents. When their “game” is desperately lost or exposed, the Scorpio child cries themselves to sleep. Tomorrow is always another day.

Sagittarius children compete by being larger than life. The theory is – by making more noise one will eventually be ‘heard’. When the Sagittarius child is telling one of his or her many stories their voice amplifies when another sibling talks over them. The Sag child is really very intelligent however when personal space becomes grounds for competitiveness they become quite physical. The Sagittarius child experiences family dynamics as a live an learn affair; they compete for strokes through their happy go lucky exterior. When that doesn’t work they will protest their innocence and seek vindication by dobbing their sister in.



Capricorn children develop their discerning nature early in life. Competitiveness usually involves confronting feedback to other siblings. They are uncannily on target and that gives the Capricorn child some authority over the others. The earth signs are always practical – the Capricorn competes for strokes from parents by showing their “in charge” nature. Being responsible attempting to make grown up decisions is often designed to impress Dad. They simply work harder for recognition. Sometimes the Capricorn child is fuming underneath while attempting to deal with sibling dynamics. They are strategic and plan to get what they want in the end – even if it takes forty years.

Aquarius children learn to compete for attention by developing individuality. They do things differently to any one else and therefore find their own role in the family. The Aquarius child learns to be the peace keeper and they seem to have a good ear for the others ‘story’. It may be that the Aquarius child pretends to listen while detaching from the affray. He or she may think the argument is a waste of time but they show their good intent as not to damage their status. The Aquarius child uses inventiveness and social skills to impress parents over other siblings. Space and ‘quiet’ is very important to Aquarian children – sometimes siblings find this out out the hard way. The Aquarius can be brutal towards foolish siblings even if that means being grounded for their behaviour.

Pisces children and especially Pisces moon children have great empathy with the mother. The child senses every move and emotion of the mother in order to feel bonded. In many cases the Pisces Moon child attempts to “look after” something emotionally for the Mother. The Pisces child competes for strokes by creating an empathic dependence with the mother. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac which means they are “old souls”.  They can often sense that they have “done it all before”. The Pisces child competes with siblings either by their victim status, creative expression or empathy with mother. When backed into a corner the Pisces child becomes quite an aggressive competitor.



4 Responses to “Signs of Competitiveness”

  1. 1 roses April 2, 2009 at 07:19

    So, does that mean that, when Tony says that we will often revert back to the stratagies used when we were children if/when stressful or frightening things happen, that an Aries adult will use the same things they used to do when they were little to fight through the problems they’re faced with now?

    Because… i can see an awful lot of me in most of these Zodiac children and have behaved a lot of these ways with/toward family and friends.

    I’m assuming again that the mix is quite dependant on what’s in where at any given time (in the zodiac at the time) which produces a certain set of behaviours?

    Gosh i’ve liked these posts K. Thanks so much…

  2. 2 kingsley April 2, 2009 at 09:58

    I guess so Roses, if one needs more strokes or recognitions for what they are doing – perhaps an adult may even revert to seeking negative attention in the absence of anything else.

    You maybe talking about Scripting and Rackets Roses – (regressional coping devices). I would imagine that competitive rackets is the same thing Roses however I have attempted to also include ‘roles’ in the family that each sign gravitate towards. Very good of you to pick that up Roses.

    Yes, perhaps the entire list of “competitive signs” could be just one child’s behaviours roses. They would be quite busy though.

    I limited myself to a paragraph for each sign Roses. In the true flavour of Star Sign Astrology they are indeed generalisations.


  3. 3 roses April 6, 2009 at 08:03

    I have to giggle at your comment K. Having experienced being both a mum and daughter, i fully understand that i may never know just how very busy my sons were/are. ‘Such is life’…

  4. 4 kingsley April 6, 2009 at 14:38

    Thats great Roses, many mothers tend towards being prefect and worry about all manner of concepts – only to to do themselves in.



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