Two Bulls

Competing is a natural human impulse that is learned very early in life. Siblings compete for the attention of nurturing parent figures during early development times. If one sibling is more successful in competing for his attachment needs – there is a good chance he will continue the same competitive behaviour later in life. The different signs of the Zodiac can reveal unique drives for competitive behaviour.


Two Bulls

Toddlers who have good amounts of success when competing with other siblings – develop wining formulas that seem to make them special by comparison. In most cases the means for maintaining high stroke levels can be a “no holes barred”affair.

The Taurus person can be described by having either the Sun, Moon or ascendant in the sign of Taurus.

Taurus the Bull have stubborn natures and will only compete when there is something of value at stake. Competitive behaviours can develop around food and resources for Taurus. Two Bulls will compete fiercely when females are involved. The winning formula for the Bull is his money and charm. He is also dependable and practical compared to others. The Bull can eventually move on to greener pastures when the value for the object of his competitiveness becomes worth-less. Taurus may never release his “ownership” in the object and according to the Bull “what was mine is always mine”.


Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill

Perhaps Buffalo Bill is pointing out his perceived ownership of something here, however Sitting Bull is quietly thinking to himself  – “bull crap”.

The young Taurus toddler learns about his charm early in life. He may appear pleasant or be handsome. When his behaviours seem to attract strokes from others he tends to repeats them – hoping for similar success. The Taurus toddler soon learns the benefit of what works for him and what doesn’t seem to work for his siblings. There is a great deal of trial and error involved in this process for any child however the Taurus toddler seems to develop tangible and practical expressions . Practical or sensible displays are admired by parents which in turn increase attachments for Taurus. Having greater potential to compete with siblings is like money in the bank for Taurus. Other siblings may dislike the way the Taurus toddler develops his or her specialness.



Some behaviours help reinforce others attachments to mother

The Taurus child develops a meticulous approach to his or her special toys and dolls.  He may show an interest in preserving and protecting these objects. The Taurus infant isn’t keen on sharing his toys and special objects though. He may initially become teary or ‘sooky’ when others show little respect for his values. Further attempts by siblings to devalue the Taurus will result in stubborn behaviours. The Taurus digs in and cries a lot – he relies on his special physical closeness to his mother for help. The Taurus has a sensitive and stubborn nature. Most often all it takes to comfort a distraught Taurus infant is soothing touch.



Gemini infants are adaptive and changeable whereas Taurus are tactile and routine.

One might say that all young children are “vocal or physical” – they all cry a lot and don’t like sharing. The different temperaments each Zodiac Sign seems to imply is often the basis to a child developing competitive behaviours. Each child will develop their best “fitting” skill or potential to attract recognition from parents.

Two Bulls are perhaps double the trouble and in the end one bull is more stubborn – the other “heads to greener pastures” where he can establish his own family and unique values.



7 Responses to “Two Bulls”

  1. 1 roses March 30, 2009 at 07:13

    So Taurus are stubborn? Or someone with Taurus somewhere in their sign are stubborn? That means that a lot of people display stubborn behavious quite often then?

    I think i can tend to be really stubborn but i like the way that you’ve noticed about the bordom thing. Once something looses its flavour it does get quite boring and i do tend to either keep it in a box and store it in the garage somewhere, sell it/give it away or chuck it in the bin.

    This post made sense to me personally K. Hope your week is good to you…

  2. 2 kingsley March 30, 2009 at 08:05

    Yes that is right Roses. Or it would seems so. I think I am also referring to the Two Bulls because this is where competitiveness really kicks in for Taurus.

    The Taurus on the Ascendant person displays physical attributes of the bull sometimes. They often express in personality some kind of “value” issue such as saving resources and spending money. The Taurus ascendant person can exibit the indolence of the bull sometimes.

    The Moon Tuaurus person has a great need to hang on to recources. They can be extremely possessive and protective of their security. The person places a great deal of value in routines and can at worst be “anal” or stingy.

    The Taurus Sun person has a drive to achieve success through the Taurus potential. Money isnt necessarily the only avenue however establishing security is. The Taurus Sun is not a flash in the pan however goes about his business with a certain flair and method. When wheeling and dealing he works out what he wants $, then works out what the other person would be happy with and then makes a considerable amount in the deal.


  3. 3 roses March 31, 2009 at 08:27

    As usual K, i’m assuming its not all about $ but anything that the Taurus person sees as having value? So that would include emotional and mental competitive strategies when wheeling and dealing in relationships?


  4. 4 kingsley March 31, 2009 at 13:18

    Yes Roses it is usually some kind of value. Maybe the “value” that a friendship can deliver. The Taurus type resonates with all things that represent value to them. I have known some greedy Taurarses in my time – the test is when/if the value in something stops and whether the Bull hangs around or cuts his losses.

    I know a millionaire property owner who used to be my best surfing buddy. He bought his first house and rented it to me. He cut me off when my friendship became less value to him. He evicted me from his house and became obsessed with the finacial value. I believe he lives opposite margaret river surf break now with many other properties in his folio. His wife left him the day after he got married and he mows his lawns incessently.


  5. 5 roses April 1, 2009 at 08:46

    I can be unreasonably greedy, though i’m far far from a millionaire and am still married after 28 years, and i don’t mow lawns – though i have done. We have this ride on mower and i’m a tad anxious of blowing the thing up. *Shrugs* It may not make sense but it seems very real to me.

    Hmm, strange…

  6. 6 Kahless April 27, 2009 at 07:01

    As a bull myself, I do agree, I am selective about my stubborness. But when I truly want something (which is rare though) , I will go out and do what I have to do to achieve it.

    At least Mrs K isnt a bull. She is a ram lol!

  7. 7 Kahless April 27, 2009 at 07:03

    Oh and I do have strict rules around my food lol!

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