Plight of the Eagles

In the Australian Football League teams and individual players are expected to show strength, courage and above all – skill.  The West Coast Eagles football team based in Perth have had their fair share of troubles over the last few years. The Eagles Club have had to deal with loss and damaging circumstances that have affected their public image.  I believe that the West Coast Eagles have great skills and it seems the team is beginning to believe it too. Neptune the “great dissolver” is on the Mid-heaven of the West Coast Eagles chart. The club have been dealing with a confusing period of “ego loss”.


Some of the Boys

The planet Neptune moves very slowly indeed. Sometimes Neptune stays around the same degree for a few years. Neptune represents collective and emotional experiences which tend to strip away at ones foundations. Neptune is a dissolver of matter – any matter. Neptune represents the necessary process of alchemy where the dissolved matter is then crystallised into newer forms.

The Mid-heaven of the astrology chart describes how one might achieve a sense of dignity in life. One usually defines their place in the world through career and public life. The Mid-heaven is a trigger point in Astrology that can help determine the fluctuations of career and public life.

The Eagles have been reinventing themselves and their public image for some time now. This kind of process is very difficult indeed because the ‘stripping away’ of previous forms can leave nothing. This is what I refer to ego loss and the very confusing transit of Neptune over the mid-heaven.



Neptune is changing the Eagles public image forever more

Neptune has been operating in the Eagles chart for a good eighteen months. Initially Neptune represented the damaging public allegations of drug taking in the football world. Along the way there have also been devastating changes in dynamics to the West Coast team. The team have come through a period of having to report to the AFL body and increased drug testing.

Some hurdles in life feel very good to get over and then one hits the ground running.


Neptune is moving on

The fallout of Neptune’s presence in the West Coast Eagles Club has meant dealing with shifting fan base, changing CEO and others leaving. Invariably a damaged public image also creates issues that require healing work.

The astrological body known as the “wounded healer” or Chiron – is also transiting the Eagles mid-heaven point. Its hard to hit the ground running when dealing with pain and ones open wounds in public.

The West Coast Eagles have been doing a great deal of their healing work in public over the years. It makes sense that team healing is transparent and out in the open. There is no where to hide in this kind of situation. The Eagles have been experiencing forced changes with fundamental rebuilding programs and team therapy. Neptune and Chiron transiting the Mid-heaven is a complete overhaul here.

At the end of these difficult experiences the West Coast team will hopefully develop a whole new spiritual outlook and sense of identity in the AFL. Neptune moves off slowly and sometimes it returns to make sure the job is done properly.

The Eagles rebirth is in the motions perhaps – but not without on going healing work. The club and fans alike have all been going through tough times. Perhaps in a parallel kind of way the fans have also been reinventing themselves through the the Plight of the Eagles.



Eagles are powerful predators in full flight

The collective power of Neptune is awe inspiring – no matter which end of the stick one finds themselves. In my mind the transitions that the Eagles have made hold greater meaning than for the club alone. The whole of the AFL culture, politics and fan bases have been transformed in one way or other. The Eagles may not appreciate that their transitional process has been largely therapeutic in the collective. The Wounded – Healer myth and Prometheus is a transitional journey indeed. Perhaps that factor is now the basis to their renewed identity?

Who says that Australian football is just a meat pie and tomato sauce experience?



5 Responses to “Plight of the Eagles”

  1. 1 KazzaB March 24, 2009 at 15:45

    I have a friend who is such a big Eagles fan that even her car is totally decorated – with stripes down the side and an eagle, the right colours, seat covers – everything. I admire her because she has stuck with the Eagles thru good and bad while some fans will only support them if they are winning. I think it’s unfair to support a team only if they are winning – if you support something you take the good with the bad. I hope the Eagles have a fantastic year of footy!!

  2. 2 kingsley March 24, 2009 at 16:09

    Yes they say that Eagles fans are fanatic KazzaB. Then again so are Collingwood fans. I like what you say about comittment. A part of me strongly identified with Ben Cousins and his move to Richmond KazzaB. I am still a West Coast fan however it seems I will be expressing myself in two realms this year.

    I have honoured my personal indentifiction with Richmond’s support of Ben Cousins – by actually becoming a member of that club. I followed Richmond as a young teenager living in Melbourne too. Perhaps there is something about the underdog that resonates with me KazzaB?


  3. 3 KazzaB March 24, 2009 at 16:16

    Sounds like you could do Kenoath. I actually go for the Dockers, if anyone, but I keep up with both WA teams and what is happening with them. I really felt for Ben Cousins because the media hounded him to a ridiculous extent. I hope he does brilliantly this year. My all time favourite player would have to be Chris Mainwaring tho and I was so sad when he died. That also had a huge affect on Ben and no one seemed to really take that into account.

  4. 4 kingsley March 24, 2009 at 16:36

    Yes the media and other authorities can be cold and unforgiving indeed. The Football culture in my view tends towards polarizing life. That is – one “must” be either for something or against something. In real life hopefully one is not so black and white in their philosophies. Perhaps I will enjoy the competitive spirit starting as of this thursday Kazza?

    C’mon the Tigers


  5. 5 KazzaB March 24, 2009 at 16:59

    Perhaps you will Kenoath. Roll on Thursday hey!! I know my friend can’t wait for the footy to start again. Last time I spoke to her she was getting excited about it. I’m just happy when one of our teams win and commiserate when they lose. LOL

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