New Year

Last weeks ingress of the Sun into Aries heralds the new astrological year for the world. This auspicious beginning of the Sun’s journey through the signs represents a starting point where Traditional Astrologers predict mundane and stately affairs around the globe. Using the Greenwich location and mean time one can supposedly treat the ingress chart as the birthday for the world. Other countries can be interchanged to ascertain political and mundane affairs of those areas.



11 43 am  – 20th March Greenwich Mean Time

Usually the Traditional Astrologer would view the lunation chart prior to the ingress and then the following lunation (after the ingress) to establish accurate predictions about world affairs.

Casting ones thoughts back to the Full moon of a few weeks ago you will remember the separative conditions where Saturn and Uranus were both polarised by the full moon. Contrary times indeed came to my neighborhood and it seems globally the world markets made a recovery that week. Contrary indeed!

The full and new moon lunation charts either side of the Aries Ingress chart bring meaning and direction to potential predictions of the ingress chart. The Aries new moon chart represents ‘future’ directions and the previous full moon represents a kind of recent past. The New Moon in Aries this week confirms the passage of the Sun into Aries and the start of a new Astrological year.

One can make yearly predictions by using the starting point of the Aries ingress or Vernal Equinox.  The same techniques can be applied to monthly predictions throughout the year. In many cases these traditional techniques are adapted by writers who syndicate their Monthly Astrology columns around the world. Traditional Astrology is quite a complicated affair really. Ingress charts are more complex than I can write about here.



Claudius Ptolemaeus a Traditional Astrologer

Meanwhile – back to the Aries New Moon coming this Friday. The New Moon occurs when the Moon and Sun are conjunct. This week we see the precarious retrograde Venus is also conjunct the New Moon in Aries.

We have a grasp of where we are in the chaos.

Retrograde Venus in Detriment represents the apparent global financial recession – Venus defines the conditions we can move forward into the new year. It seems that these conditions are not so savoury. Retrograde Venus also describes an adjustment to finances and a new benchmark that allows financial institutions a starting point at least. Our business relationships which came adrift recently can also move forward now – however there will be conditions and contracts to abide by.

Venus also represents money and relationships on personal levels. The new moon shows how relationships which have suffered debilitating and separative conditions in the past may begin – anew. Venus is in pretty bad condition – however she ‘holds’ some dignity in Aries and therefore some chance of renewal or reconciliation.

The world ingress chart for this year says much about our relationships and how we might consolidate partnerships over time. Venus can only do what she can – however in the long term it seems that we can build satisfactory “working relationships”. Perhaps in our personal relationships recently the intimacy we once knew can now be consolidated into friendship instead.

The New Moon this coming Friday 27th March consolidates the astrological New Year. We can celebrate knowing that our new beginnings have workable outcomes. Previous relationships find a way to start again – some too soon perhaps – and others will proceed with cautious enquiry. The indications suggest that over time and with patience we can achieve a great deal this year. Sometimes one can be inspired to greater creativity when faced with limited resources. That means working with what one has available to them.

Happy New Year



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