Borne The Same

When I was born in March 1957 there must have been thousands of other people around the world born on the same day.  Does that mean that people born on the same day have something in common astrologically?  Well actually it does.  One can be mostly sure that all the planets on that day are in the same astrological Signs.



Billy MCKenzie Born same day March 1957

Billy was a Rock musician who sadly committed suicide in 1997. Billy’s and my planets were borne to the same signs.



Duncan Goodhew MBE – born the same March day in 1957

Duncan was a champion swimmer who is now involved in motivational speaking .



Nicholas Hawkins MP – same day March 1957

Mr Hawkins was a high ranking senior Tory in English Parliament. He was Voted out of the party and accused of not being a team player. His planets bear the same zodiac signs as myself.



Krzysztof Pieczynski from Poland is borne to the same Signs

Kryzysztof is a Hollywood actor who has been involved in many movies.



Cathy Shipton English actress played Nurse Duffin in Casualty

Borne to the same signs – and day March 1957.

Although these people have their planets in the same signs as me all that can be deduced astrologically are somewhat generic interpretations of Planets in Signs.  We all share Sun in Aries, Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and most likely the Moon in the same sign. The outer and slower moving planets such as Pluto, Uranus and Neptune are shared by millions of people born over more than a decade. Even Saturn stays in one sign for three years.

The Moon moves into another Sign after a couple of days so there is a good chance with time zones and different locations that the Moon may be in a different Sign.



Kingsley born 27 March

How does Astrology define us as different people then? The answer – is the division of the Horoscope into Houses. Depending on where our planets fall around the 360 degree wheel in the 24 hour period (one earth rotation) on 27th March 1957.

All the people above have Mars in Gemini which relates to motivating and spreading ideas, “moving energy” and more than just kind of stimulus. Mars could be in any one of twelve different life locations or Houses. One must have a good understanding of the mythology of Mars to begin and then to inter mesh those rich visualisations in the context of Gemini.

From here we can use the Houses to establish the different areas of life that Mars in Gemini “plays out” in life. Yes that is right the Houses give meaning and context.

The second house is about ones Value and Money in the bank. Self esteem and the “ammunition” or resources one has in hold. Mars in Gemini in the second house now has a stage set for its “moving energy”. It primarily relates to spending money or moving money around. The person might make money from more than one job. They have more than one bank account because Gemini relates to the Twins. The person may have a quick mind and wit in their personal and social arsenal .

Third House is about Siblings and Schooling our casual or ritual relationships with neighbours etc. Perhaps the Mars energy is transmuted towards teaching and writing in this house. Driving cars and possibly tending to make many journeys every day. Perhaps the person takes up being a courier?

Fourth House relates to our home and family. The father, our past and endings in life. Mars in Gemini in the Fourth House means that a person invests their mental energy into family or real estate concerns. Perhaps their family environment was argumentative or busy with comings and goings. The person is active within the home.

The Fifth  House is about the enjoyment principle, sex and fun times, entertaining and being the diplomat and getting involved with debating. Mars in Gemini in the 5th House relates to more than one child and creatively expressing ideas and energy. The enjoyment of competitiveness is another.  Mars can be even more independent in the fifth house by expressing individualism. Mars in Gemini can be “fighting talk” or even “dirty talk” that may set the person apart from the crowd.

The Sixth House is about ones diseases and complaints. It is also relates to Uncles and small pets. Mars in Gemini in the sixth can be inflammatory illness, fevers that come and go quickly. In some cases vexations of the mind and Gemini always infers dual diagnoses are likely. Mars is sharp and an attacking where ever he is in the chart, perhaps here being “bitten” by something.

So you get the idea for Mars in Gemini can manifest differently for those born on the 27th March 1957. The potential personality traits analysed in the charts will be expressed in different life contexts. Each of the twelve House cusps cut through a particular Zodiac Sign depending on ones birth in a 24 hour period.

Being Borne to the same signs on the same day is is perhaps curious state of affairs to ponder. One could say that all of the above people are “Aries” born on the same day with the same planets and most likely similar aspects. We may each possess a similar quality of life or identify with each others expression in life. However we would all use our attributes in vastly different ways and that means our experiences and beliefs in life are vastly different.

Think about it logically, we were all born into different families with different cultures.



2 Responses to “Borne The Same”

  1. 1 KazzaB March 19, 2009 at 13:08

    It’s all about the type of environment you were brought up in, values, beliefs……..there are just so many other influences, aren’t there? It would be interesting tho to do a comparison study of different cultures of the same star sign, who were born the same day, time etc tho, wouldn’t it. To find out the similarities in thinking and the differences. You spiked my imagination Kenoath!!

  2. 2 kingsley March 19, 2009 at 15:09

    Yes it is interesting KazzaB. I think the psychological context of “Temperaments” helps understand the Nature part of us and the potentials in Astrology. DNA is proving to identify various traits too.

    Twins are born several minutes apart KazzaB and even then, there are differences between charts. The “decanates” are smaller divisions within each sign.

    It seems that these very small differences in astrology – in the case of twins can infer vast differences of temperaments with regards to them developing personalities.

    A cell organism divides and establishes a unique identity to survive. So with twins, the smallest of differences in the chart can be exagerated over time to establlish “uniqueness”.


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