Energy Shift

Tomorrow afternoon there will be a decided shift in energy flow. For those of you who are sensitive to energy fields or pay attention to metaphysical practices  –  Mars going into Pisces will be good for you.  If you are doing Alien Healing or perhaps bringing down the Goddess’s – Mars into Pisces will shift the energy across the spiritual plane and vibrate the surreal world.

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Surreal Spaces

The planet Mars in the horoscope usually represents how one mainly directs their life – energy. Mars usually works towards personal goals and his energy is described by the sign and aspects he receives in the natal chart.

Mars is a “doer” and wants to help you achieve independence in life – to be recognised for your abilities. Every now an again transitting Mars changes signs and our life-energy shifts elsewhere.

Mars in Pisces is focused on a different kind of recognition. Perhaps “focused” is the wrong choice of word here because Mars initially struggles somewhat in the dependant – self sacrificial waters of Pisces. Mars becomes unfocused and much like the Nutty Professor who stumbles around before his true sense of genius shines through.



I think females have a better way of using the Mars in Pisces energy because Pisces is an emotional and creative world constantly changing. Masculine Mars is ‘coolled down’ in watery Pisces and thus more accessible to the feminine.

The sign of Pisces influences planets residing there to find creative ways to express energy. The recognition that Mars seeks in Pisces is for working silently –  compassionately and sometimes with self sacrifice. Mars in Pisces uses energy abstractly. He paints or works artistically through music and the the spiritual world.

Mars in Pisces can also tend towards using drugs and alcohol. In that way he becomes “unfocused” and develop dependencies in Pisces.  A more spiritual life path can be followed with Mars in Pisces.

Mars can easily become depressed when working with the “weight of the world” in Pisces. If the importance or struggle in ones self sacrifice receives little or no recognition – The energy of Mars turns inwards. Energy can be suppressed in Pisces with the hope that transcendence comes later.

The person with Mars in Pisces in their chart has difficulty accepting strokes and recognition. “He” likes to stay invisible in Pisces and spend time alone – at home. Perhaps he is the creative dreamer and somewhat schizoid in Pisces.   Remember though that a Mars in Pisces person can turn into an aggressive bully if he is cornered by pedantic realist types.

When Mars is transitting through Pisces our energy shifts to working selflessly. Mars moving through Pisces is polarised by the opposite sign of Virgo –  at times Mars energy can seem less than perfect. Virgo invites a nemesis to confront Mars in Pisces which can sound an awful lot like ones own internal critic.

The awkward idea that one is less than perfect only motivates our energy shift to further self sacrifice and compassionate endeavours. Or to be pushed further into the surreal and abstract worlds. Perhaps it is lucky that we have a number of other planets (parts of our psyche) that are working to keep life in perspective – when Mars shifts energy into the invisble realms of Pisces.



5 Responses to “Energy Shift”

  1. 1 KazzaB March 14, 2009 at 13:05

    I hope that this week is going to be far better than last week was. By the sounds of it, it is. I like the idea of a shift in energy flow.


  2. 2 kingsley March 14, 2009 at 14:41

    Me too Kazza.

    In astrological terms last week was indeed crappy Kazza. The full moon other separative kinds of planetary energy even saw the Police force get turned upside down by the justice system. (in the Mcleod judgements). It seems last week was a deciscive shift in the way any person might use authority or react against it.


  3. 3 roses March 14, 2009 at 15:19

    But i love the full moon. Last week was a fairly good one for me. I think it was.

    Obviously don’t understand this again K. I hope next week is a much nicer week for everyone who had a crappy one last week. Cheers

  4. 4 kingsley March 16, 2009 at 09:03

    Hi Roses sometimes Full moons are more about political and mundane state of affairs in the world. In the case where the Full Moon contacts personal points in ones natal chart then some fireworks emerge.

    Perhaps some of us enjoy conflict and invite confronting issues so that we can trasnsfer our personal issues some how. For these types, the Full Moon is a vehicle for that transference.


  5. 5 kingsley March 17, 2009 at 11:06

    Just as a matter of interest I wrote this article on Saturday 14th March. The planet Mars changed signs (shifted energy) starting from 12 30 pm Sunday the 15th – Perth time. Usually its the very begining of the energy shift where its most noticeable. From what I hear some people experienced an interesting catharsis that afternoon.


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