Drug Bin Haul

If you were a drug user would you walk up to a Police drug bin at a music festival to make a deposit? [More Sun Opposite Saturn stories]



It’s a bit conspicuous

The police have recently back flipped over using sniffer dogs at youth festivals after a young woman died.  The woman swallowed Ecstasy to avoid detection by sniffer dogs.


Personal Intrusion – Police State?

Police are claiming the roll out of their new drug bin was a success at yesterdays Rockit Festival. The new drug bins apparently produced quantities of icing sugar and flour. Apparently there was also a small amount of cannabis and Ecstasy. The use of the new drug bins will need further validation otherwise their benefit  is at least  a psychological deterrent for youth bringing drugs to concerts.

It seems that this Government  ‘social engineering experiement’ has only confirmed a gap in understanding the youth of today. Although the bins present good options for youth at these concerts there presence may have also underestimated the intelligence of our young people.



1 Response to “Drug Bin Haul”

  1. 1 roses March 13, 2009 at 06:11

    I don’t understand the concept. Young people are young. We all used to be young once. A drug bin? Its like an ‘honesty box’? I guess its worth a go.

    I just don’t understand i suppose…

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