Sacred Cows and other Anarchy

While researching Astrology and Anarchy today I came to the conclusion that my intentions to write a good blog became too hard. One just needs to view the current astrological aspects of Sun opposite Saturn to realise that these ‘Try Hard’ aspects create headaches. The transits of Sun and Uranus opposite Saturn this week suggests the mix of authority and anarchy.


In Australian politics recently, Malcolm Turnbull criticised Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for hypocrisy. Some of the comments by Members of Parliament have been interesting indeed.

“You cross a line in Australian politics when you start to drag in wives, husbands, children,” Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said.

Mr Turnbull is standing by his claim that Mr Rudd is the richest prime minister Australia has seen, thanks to his wife’s business success delivering outsourced government services.

“Kevin Rudd is a hypocrite – he has said that the neo-liberalism of the last 30 years has done enormous damage to the world,” Mr Turnbull said.

Some say that Turnbull has stepped over the line with his harsh and attacking words. It seems that Mr Turnbull is attempting to be heard. In his essay Turnbull says;

“”What are we to think of the wealthiest prime minister Australia has ever had, a man greatly enriched by the privatisation and outsourcing of government service, standing up again and again to denounce the very policies from which he and his family have profited so extensively?”


Using others for strong political statements is rough

Some people know how to push the limits of ethical and socially accepted boundaries. In my view Mr Turnbull wants to undermine the very foundations of the Labour Party by way of attacking Mr Rudd’s good wife. Are these dirty tricks or legitimate ways of expressing ones views? The question remains whether to accept such controversial behaviour or to dismiss extreme views involving anarchy?

Makes for an interesting debate no doubt. Does any one wish to get into a  “Try Hard” debate? Is it worth arguing with someone who is willing to use underhanded tactics and anarchy to further their cause?

I subscribe to the philosophy of “I am OK and you are OK” and that it is a very good thing to allow individualism and diversity.


Today – I say  “rise up and adopt an Anti Anarchy – Movement”


2 Responses to “Sacred Cows and other Anarchy”

  1. 1 roses March 10, 2009 at 07:28

    I guess when we have parliment house telly time and the big important people who are running the country, stand up and approach the microphone, and then proceed to screw up their noses and proclaim things that mean; “you’re a big fat silly poo, na na na na naaa naaa” while the rest of the ‘very important people’ jeer at each other through out the room – i guess then, anything is possible.

  2. 2 kingsley March 10, 2009 at 09:34

    I like the way Rudd diffused the debacle Roses. He was recorded on a tv interview saying “we might end up with a political shitstorm” in reference to a question. His blooper seemed to cut through all of Turnbulls crap and then make Rudd out as very human indeed. I like his style, he avoided getting into the try hard debate by using humour.


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