Hypersensitive Cats

Recently one of my cats had a stay in the Veterinarian  hospital. The Vet seemed quite concerned about the cat. Apparently the cat had stopped grooming himself and his fur was coming out in clumps. The Cat has always been skittish and sensitive to his environment. This Cat has solar arc Neptune conjunct his Moon.



Some Cats are Highly Strung

One definition for Hypersensitivity is;

“Being hypersensitive could be described as being allergic to life. For the highly sensitive person (HSP) a seemingly ordinary day can be overwhelming. Even the most subtle of stimulants a person encounters on a daily basis can be over-stimulating. Energies associated with touch, noise, scent, light, etc. are often too quickly or deeply absorbed by the HSP. As a result, the HSP may become mentally confused, emotionally upset, and/or physically uncomfortable.”

The above description could very well apply to people on chemo therapy or people with a high degree of stress in their lives. If one becomes hypersensitive they also display a degree heightened senses – where they can “pick up” empathic fluctuations in their environment.

Solar Arc Planets are a progressed functions in Astrology when every year in the persons life is represented by the planet directing one degree in the chart. Solar arc directions can be helpful in diagnosing health and other important life changes. Usually there are other progressed planets indicating change for the person while the Solar Arc directed planet describes underlying forces which can manifest physically.

Directed Solar Arc Neptune and the Natal Moon manifest with peculiar states of mind and body. Hyper sensitive states which can relate to ones immune system. An over balance or an accumulation of water in the body according to Ebertin. A paralyzed blood circulation and the possibility of eye disease.

Ebertin’s sociological take on Neptune and the Moon refers to sensitivity and impressionable women – mediums or women who tell fortunes. He also refers to an impressionable view of the Mother.  At these times it seems one can be influenced by unscrupulous elements in their environment. The person may begin to believe the projections of others – tell untruths to maintain their security or become disillusioned. The person may believe a clairvoyant in a factual way rather than making decisions about the realities in their life.



“Let me tell you your future”

Recently progressed Venus changed zodiac signs in my Cat’s chart. This is not such a bad change in life. Venus changing signs by progression means the person will change the way they have relationships. Perhaps the cat’s relationship to his brother changes.

My Cats are quite routine in the way they pan their days out – lazing around – getting scritches and waiting for food time. If I change my routines then my cats will have to fall in line and deal with that.  For the hyper sensitive cat this can be overwhelming. The cat will need to initially find some stability in life by controlling some situations. Trust me – my cat is extremely controlling and perhaps bordering on obsessive.

Neptune and the Moon describes lack of stability – proneness to lying –  telling untruths – Incongruous perceptions  – illusion and self deception.

According to the “Net Vet” a Cat stops grooming himself when another cat disturbs his territorial base. Perhaps the “external” cat is spying on the cats movements. There can also be some kind of disruption by a foreign person coming into the home or property. When the routines of the Cat are disturbed by such foreign visits the Cat becomes hyper sensitive.



Cats are meant to groom themself

When Neptune directs over the Moon there can be a greater need to find comfort in life. The Moon in the chart is a persons reigning need in life and where one finds emotional security.

Neptune means there is a dissolving influence to the person’s security and its possible they can exhibit quite strange behaviours with this aspect. Some behaviours can be – over eating and comfort foods – drugs and other dissociative influences (denials).

My Cat’s stay in the vet hospital cost me a tidy fortune only to be told that it has emotional problems. I could have told the Vet that for free. Perhaps I can take one or two approaches with my Cat from this point.

  • I can say to him “such is life” – “if you don’t like it lump it”
  • I can deal with his sensitivities by understanding that his relationships are changing and by regulating my attention so that he is clear on when and where that happens.

Finding ways to help ground my cat is going to take some time. I have been looking after these cats since 2004 when their owner had to move away.  When my friend first got these cats in 2002, he was going through a Pluto Moon grieving experience. The little kitty cats would sleep on his chest in his bed. My friend spoiled them and treated them like humans in his time of need. Whats wrong with that you might ask?

The cats you see, have developed their personalities long before I came on the scene. The cats have been trying hard to control how I do things in relation to them. It seems that most cats are controlling. There is only so much pandering I can do, otherwise my relationship to them becomes phony and unnatural.



3 Responses to “Hypersensitive Cats”

  1. 1 Ima March 3, 2009 at 14:34

    Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!


  2. 2 kingsley March 3, 2009 at 16:09

    Hello Ima, thank you for saying so. Hope you drop by again


  3. 3 roses March 5, 2009 at 06:35

    G’day K,

    My cat, has always had hypersensitivity then. Gosh! I’m so glad you wrote this.

    When he was young he was very prone to being flighty and paranoid at any change that may occur. I remember moving our spare double bed from one room to another (creating a better room for the kids when they moved in last year while they renovated their home) and he lost it. He literally ran along the walls and bounced off people standing talking in the house. It took a couple of days for him to get used to the changes – probably because i closed the doors and he couldn’t see the changes made so much.

    They (cats) are amazing creatures. I hope your kitty settles soon… roses

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