Secondary Personality Type

Have you ever wondered why some people suddenly change their normal expression of personality? Ones  relationship to the person seems to go along fine for ages and then suddenly – like a knife in the wind ones underlying attachments with the person feel severed. You may be dealing with the vacillating Gemini type.


People do not tell you they are changing

When learning to be a psychotherapist one must learn to identify personality types for one self and others.  The psychological Personality Types according to evidence based – clinical research are associated with the DSM lV criteria for the more dysfunctional Personality Disorders.

“Personality Types” are descriptions of the different styles of personality that one develops according to ones temperaments and early environmental factors. Normally a person will develop a singular style of personality expression that can be defined by one of the following Personality Types.

Histrionic                      Obsessive Compulsive

Paranoid                          Schizoid

Anti Social                       Schizotypal

Passive Aggressive         Avoidant

Depressive                       Borderline

Singular personality expression can contain all of ones coping styles such as a main beliefs about self – the world and may manifest in ones thoughts – feelings and behaviours. For example the Obsessive compulsive person may believe that its good to be a high achiever – to get things right – to make sure the job is done perfect. The person has grown up with conditional strokes for “achieving” –  for doing things right because that is better for one or both parent.

Some trainers teach their students that a person can also have a secondary personality type which is underlying the main style of expression. In times of crisis or when a persons main personality style is not coping the way it should do,  the person enlists another set of beliefs – thoughts – behaviours about themselves to maintain equilibrium in their life.



There are two ends to the person and they vacillate between expressions

Sometimes a client may switch coping styles or personality styles in counselling. The therapist does well to identify the changes and adjust the style of work required for each personality type. On many occasions the person sits in therapy with their feet pointing in two directions. Their body language is showing a defensive pattern where they are ready to switch tact if necessary.

The Gemini style of person who has their Sun or Moon or ascendant in Gemini are potential vacillators. Perhaps the planet Mercury is on the chart ascendant or a particular planet is emphasised in Gemini. Another potential for the vacillator is when two planets are conjunct on the ascendant regardless of the horoscopic sign.

Getting to know and befriend the Gemini style of person is difficult indeed. The person may treat you a certain way over time – which appears to be the basis of ones association to them. When the person vacillates to a different style of expressing them self – one can become quite confused.  It is possible for a friend of the Gemini type of person to think they have done something wrong in the relationship. The Gemini person shifts from a “known” quality to an unknown quality of personality.


Known or unknown quality?

Perhaps the more evolved Gemini style of person knows when they are “vacillating” and they can tell you about the necessary changes going on for them. That would be simple and logical however in most cases that does not happen. One is left to mind read the possible causes for the shift in the relationship and their changed expression of personality.

Oh well such is life they say;

A good friend to this kind of Gemini person is required to have a reasonably solid personality and have a great deal of flexibility to accept how the person makes these changes in personality over time. If you are really clever when living with a Gemini style of person – you can develop good strategies for coping yourself. At least you get a reprieve from one aspect of your partners personality and develop ways to be friendly with both parts of them.



3 Responses to “Secondary Personality Type”

  1. 1 roses February 17, 2009 at 12:44

    I think we should be able to be who ever we want to be at any given time. That way people won’t take us for granted and treat us with respect – respect, of course, being a 2 way street.

    So.. you’re talking about someone who isn’t necessarily a ‘gemini’ but someone with gemini in certain parts of their make up?

    Sometimes i’m gemini but other times i’m taurus. Perhaps i’m generally confused but really bull headed about it?

    Did you have a great screaming day of it? My sister has just left, we got all sentimental and stuff – it was nice… no screaming at all. *Shrugs* Maybe tomorrow?


  2. 2 kingsley February 17, 2009 at 13:04

    “Screams” can occur in a variety of ways Roses. Like the silent fart that has a great deal of potency. The scream is about catharsis – tears and sentimentality are good. Maybe writing a blog or two is good too ?


  3. 3 roses February 19, 2009 at 07:52

    Writing a blog or two is great sometimes isn’t it?

    Catharsis = not just pluging in, but more like turning on?

    That word has been a tad confusing to me. Its ok, it will be un-reachable until i ‘get’ it (or it becomes real to my understanding [when i can see it?]).

    You sound well K…

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