Meeting of Minds

The current Astrological weather supports meetings with interesting groups of individuals. Whether by chance or design in the next few days there is a great potential for meeting up with interesting pro active groups in the community.

Mars and Jupiter are conjunct the North Nodes in Aquarius with Venus in the mix.  The North Node in charts for current astrology patterns can represent cosmic “synchronicity” and where the joining with others coincides. The planets Mars and Jupiter are defining the “meetings”.  In some respects these two planets suggest very fortunate and quick resolutions during such meetings.



Join a Life Group

Whether it is a football club that you join or a philosophical – global brotherhood or perhaps a coffee chat group –  it is sure to be a worthwhile venture. The timing is right according to the cosmos so why not get involved with some meetings of the minds.

The benefic planet Jupiter is aligned with Mars and that means “fortunate actions”. Perhaps you wish to start a family tonight? If you do not – then I advise some good contraception. Mars and Jupiter is an uplifting combination however one must use this potential energy in some active way. In the next few days enlist the good hope that things will turn out well.

The forecast is for uplifting energies where recent problems dissipate in cheerful motions.



Perhaps a Good Scream does the trick



2 Responses to “Meeting of Minds”

  1. 1 roses February 17, 2009 at 07:48

    Ohh a good scream is just wonderful K! Wonderful!

    It somehow takes all the tension out for a bit. When i’m driving the car i turn up the radio and close all the windows and just yell and yell. So great!

    Hope today is a screaming good one…

  2. 2 kingsley February 17, 2009 at 08:38

    I recomend that activity to some clients Roses. Or at least to shout expletives when thoughts and feelings require that. It is simple enough however people can be too complicated Roses and never try the scream. Its because they have to “do something” maybe they want the relief to magically happen from without? Maybe they want the stress to stay?

    Happy Scream Roses

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