Predictive Points

There are various times in life where the Astrologer can make sound determinations about a persons particular direction. If the time of birth is accurate the Astrologer can pin point where change will occur. Changing of life’s circumstances is an exciting prospect but can the Astrologer determine his or her own pivotal cycles?


Happy Times

A good Astrologer has tested hundreds of charts and closely followed their own chart to be able make general and specific statements about the life of their clients. I have been through some major changes in my life – perhaps change has played a large role in my life compared to other people.

When an important astrological transit or progression is on the horizon for me these days – I think “very interesting” and leave it at that. I like to let things happen and enjoy change as it approaches.

One year I saw several clients with Neptune transiting their Moon. Neptune is a planet that tends to dissolve – confuse and then crystallise aspects of ones personality or environment. Neptune transited my moon a year after these clients and I just thought –  ” oh well I will probably be depressed and need to see life through an idealistic lens. Well – that’s what happened!



Change can be weird

It seems that there are more significant points over the next years where change is coming to my life. For instance Progressed Venus is going to conjunct my Mars this year. I have no plans to be married – I am not in a relationship –  perhaps there will be a very creative time for me? If my chart is accurate to the minute it seems that the Progressed Sun is crossing my ascendant this year. Many clients I have seen with this function have been married or become fathers. Usually when something big crosses the ascendant degree – change comes in physiological ways. My personality will adjust in some way – perhaps a stronger expression in my life. I will be able to ‘handle’  the change in my life.



Change in life means – acceptance – adjusting

A further peak into my life cycles and potential changes – reveals that in early 2010 progressed Mercury and progressed Jupiter turn in a direct motion compared to last fifty two years of travelling retrograde. These are important times where the Astrologer can make determinations about “change of life”.   I have no idea how these two planets will bring change in 2010 nor can I predict with accuracy what Prog Venus will bring to my Mars this year.  I do however know – that change is inevitable in my life and during these future Astrological times – I will be experiencing significant changes. I do hope to make the best of any opportunities that come my way.



Just let it happen?

I have come to realise that by working too hard with Astrological predictions –  trying to make the best of potential changes according to the astrology can ultimately stuff things up. It is possible to change elements of fate depending on ones thoughts or actions at any one the time. I have seen clients turn their depressive and angry lives around through changing circumstances and with the help of therapy.

If you are happy with your life and accept  “who you are” then the changes that come your way can be enjoyed as another of life’s grand experiences.



4 Responses to “Predictive Points”

  1. 1 Graffiti February 4, 2009 at 10:09

    Speaking of change,

    You seem to go through quite a few coloration changes yourself!!


  2. 2 kingsley February 4, 2009 at 10:20

    You mean my photo or the chameleon in me? Perhaps in some cases change inlovles blending to the colours of the environment one finds themselves in.


  3. 3 Marianne February 5, 2009 at 07:21

    Well, the pictures told one story:
    Pretty fiancee with red roses is Venus that brings beautiful valuable things and moreover the spines.
    Sea is the flow of life, CHANGE and mobility. She comes, but she`s closed in one box, only can sees and talk.(Pandora box??)
    Mars-Man stays at reverse side, weired but has many asks, is in look-out.

    The women-box encloses many surprises

  4. 4 kingsley February 22, 2009 at 13:31

    Hello Marianne

    I am sorry that I have missed this comment of yours. You have very good visual skills Marianne. I like the way you “read” images. I chose the pictures and perhaps like the symbology of Astrology they have a personal flavour. I must say that I liked your last comment above. However I do not know how to answer it.


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