In my day work I often touch base with some of my client referral sources to set up contact numbers for various clients.  In one conversation recently, I heard myself being described as a “personality”. I didn’t take any offence at this description of me as a counsellor – it was said with an element of recognition for my work. I was very intrigued to hear this perspective about myself. I have never seen myself as a “personality” in the industry.


Someone with Personality

I am a very private sort of person and over the years I have developed quite a conservative approach to my life and work. I love to develop a niche in my craft as a therapist.

There are some associates and people in the counselling industry that might know that I’m an Astrologer too. I guess being an astrologer is not that conservative and it adds a certain incongruousness to the description of me.  Other counsellors have interesting lives away from work.


Perhaps I have a creative side to my brain

After speaking with the person who described me as a “personality”  I wondered what it must be like to work in a government agency – perhaps they don’t have personalities in there? I am sure there are some characters and personalities in the various agencies. Indeed I have met some of them over the years.

Working in counselling is never really about “fun” – however I do seem to have some very funny moments with clients from time to time. I wonder if that is what the person means by describing me as a “personality” ? Many friends who know me – will say that I am a serious person with a good amount of wit. They would also say that I tend to enjoy my own space – away from work.


Perhaps I will accept that others see me as a “personality”

Being a “personality” doesn’t mean that I am on TV running a game show – nor does it mean that I have a cult following. If I am charismatic in my work – that is I express my own personality with some clients then I am happy about being called a “personality”.



8 Responses to “Personality?”

  1. 1 Marianne January 28, 2009 at 01:42


    Perhaps you have one creative side…
    but I say: you write more inspirational posts and have followers
    Original and + empathyc person
    The Brain picture dont one salade–> is one delightful garden

    Is some words: “You gave me your mud and I made gold from it” Baudelaire

    The healings acts and empathyc counsels is powerful fire process. [peacefull warrior 😉 ]
    Is one side of personality who clear and lighten others beings.


  2. 2 roses January 28, 2009 at 06:16

    Nothing wrong with being a personality, as long as it doesn’t take quality of life from you. Nothing wrong with being famous as long as it doesn’t stifle your life too.

    You personality you.

    I’m a serious person but i’m a bit thick for wit. And i also really enjoy a heap of nothingness when i’m not working. I like to do my private stuff in private or no private stuff gets done.

    Hope today behaves itself for you… roses

  3. 3 Graffiti January 29, 2009 at 16:14

    I think that is a great compliment Kingsley.
    I am sure you do very well in your work


  4. 4 kahless January 30, 2009 at 06:43

    I think it is a really great compliment too K.
    It means you have stature.


  5. 5 kingsley January 30, 2009 at 08:00

    thanks for saying so Grafitti and Kahless

  6. 6 kingsley January 30, 2009 at 08:00

    I think you have quite a bit of wit Roses


  7. 7 roses January 30, 2009 at 08:21

    “I think you have quite a bit of wit Roses”

    *Giggles* Try saying that 3 times really fast. Its a bit tricky.

    And… thank you for saying that K.

    Happy day…

  8. 8 floaaton July 19, 2010 at 09:17

    I’ve honestly never heard of that kind of a comment towards someone. It doesn’t sound like a bad thing at all.

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