Most people during the course of their lives have experienced painful injustices brought about by some individual or organisation. Being “attacked” or wronged by is not an easy experience to manage. A normal reaction to a real or perceived injustice is anger.

One statement I found about revenge on the internet says:

Revenge is a harmful action against a person or group as a response to a (real or perceived) wrongdoing.

The goal of revenge usually consists of forcing the perceived wrongdoer to suffer the same or greater pain than that which was originally inflicted.


Revenge is therefore an act of harm wherein someone uses their “hurtful anger” to achieve a kind of “justice”. If the revenge is an open style of revenge and the person on the receiving end knows where the harmful action has come from – then what is going to prevent a game of revengeful volley’s? When will justice be finally served and will the anger be dropped?

I found this tid bit about exacting revenge on the Aries person:

So what’s the best way to exact revenge on an Aries – start something first. Keep your Aries one step behind you and you’ll send them spiraling out of control. And what could be worse to the Aries? Yep, you got it – loss of control. Loss of leadership. Loss of power and strength.

Poke a hole in the proverbial Arien’s sails. Or his air mattress, for that matter

Well – one way to plot and plan ones revenge is by using astrology it seems. To define the most vulnerable aspects of a person and then hurt them. The vengeful actions stated above for Aries could be classified as passive aggressive behaviour. The revenge of the Aries person is an insidious action designed to “go off” in his or her face.

revengeScorpio’s have a reputatiopn for revenge it seems as do some European cultures.

The planet Pluto is also described in Astrology as “powerful with controlling attributes”. In Astrology, Pluto ‘works’ in subconscious ways and some interpretations imply that ones unresolved rage or feelings can be drawn out into the person’s experience.

Pluto is able to identify with past – unresolved feelings in the personality and during the Pluto event the person easily becomes overwhelmed.

Pluto activates a sense of emergency or quickening in life experiences. In most cases during a Pluto event – the person experiences an intensity of feelings that sometimes do not match the actual event. There is something else at play here. Pluto can represent the psychological phenomenon of Transference and in some cases Projection of feelings.

Past transference figures in our lives such as parents and siblings can involve many unresolved feelings trapped in our psyche. Pluto can trigger our past relational experiences which then erupt into the here and now ‘event’. At this stage of the quickening – projection of ones feelings onto others is probable.  Tony White writes in his good article “The Three Transferences”


1. Transference figures (Parent figures)
2. Sibling-transference figures (Sibling figures)
3. Counter-transference figures (Dependent figures)

The transference figures we perceive as those who are in some way more powerful or psychologically potent than us. The sibling-transference figures are seen as our peers on an equal basis and the counter-transference figures are those who we see as having less power or less psychologically potent than ourselves. It must be remembered that this is the person’s private view of the world not the public or formal view.

Well we all have Pluto in our charts and there are many potential Scorpio attributes that might indicate how and where one might act out their revenge in life.

If someone is intent about having control in relationships and is seen to have the last say in matters – then perhaps they are coming from the dependant – counter transference position where they are really expressing helplessness in their life.


Revenge may appease ones anger from the wrongful actions by others in the present time; however a persons past and unresolved psychological pain carries on until they are able to deal with the source of their injustice. In other words – ones life experiences may involve the recycling of their injustice. The patterns of revenge and anger may also determine ones own fate in relationships and life.



4 Responses to “Revenge”

  1. 1 Graffiti January 25, 2009 at 16:11

    An interesting post Kingsley.

    I think I am starting to learn a bit about astrology and the relationship to psychology. Good pictures you have as well



  2. 2 kingsley January 25, 2009 at 17:16

    Thanks Grafitti.

    Although I am not out to prove links between Astrology amd Psychology I do like bridging one with the other in my blogs – or at least when the two do have paralells.

    Thats what is so interesting about Astrology – that one can combine different paradigms with the Astrology “tool”. Such as religious – esoteric forms, Medical Mundane-political, Magic and predictive etc. The world is ones oyster so to speak.


  3. 3 Graffiti January 27, 2009 at 03:42

    That sounds like a good idea Kingsley combining new paradigms and you do indeed seem to have done that.

    I also like oysters


  1. 1 Divining The Future | UNIQEZ Trackback on January 25, 2009 at 00:06

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