Oppositional and Defiant

Over the years I have seen thousands of children in my counselling practice who have presented with anger issues. It is quite normal for children and teenagers to get into trouble now and again. Recently it has come to my notice that a cross section of teenagers born in 1995 are showing increased oppositional behaviours.


No way – get fucked – fuck off

Many children who are born in early 1995 are turning 14 this year and they are entering their Saturn Opposition. Developmental theorists label this particular stage in life as

  • Adolescence   (Freud – Genital Sexuality)
  • Pre Adolescence (Anna Freud)
  • Identity versus Role Confusion   (Eric Erickson)
  • Sexuality and Separation   (Jean Illsley Clarke –  Emotional separation)
  • Power of Regeneration   (P Levine –  changes in sexuality)

The Saturn cycle in Astrology reflect learning experiences coinciding with the various development periods. Each stage seems to present realities which conflict with earlier beliefs or behaviours.

The first Saturn square is around 7 years of age, the Saturn opposition is at around 14 years.  The second square occurs at 21 years and then the last stage at 28-29 years which denotes adulthood. The Saturn Cycle seems to closely link with Psychological developmental theories.

Teenagers born in early 1995 have the aspect of Saturn opposite Chiron at around 20 degrees Pisces – Virgo. This natal aspect suggests there is potential for the person to develop distrust for authorities. There is a good chance that boundary issues are predominant for these teenagers.

sat-opp-chironExample of Saturn Opposite Chiron

Unfortunately these boundary issues become exacerbated by the transits of both Saturn and Uranus. Some 13 – 14 year olds will show increased defiance towards teachers, parents, police and corrective service departments. There are potential negativistic elements for the teenager of this era. One could say that symptoms of earlier dysfunctional relationships will recycle every time natal Saturn – Chiron are triggered by transits. This teenager will tend to vigorously reject authorities at the moment.

Some teenagers are highly adaptive and fail to show signs of acting out whatsoever.  In my mind this is not a good sign and can represent a time bomb waiting to go off.



One thirteen year old teenager I know is looking to skip bail and the orders for him to stay with his mother. The teenager wants to go on the run from authorities. His behaviours are perhaps pathological. Standing in court he giggled at the Judge and asked to be detained in at a detention centre. He only stole three candy bars.

The teenager was indeed sent to a juvenile detention centre recently. It seems he is not interested in following the rules whatsoever.

The Saturn Opposition stage is where one needs to accept certain realities in life. Learning about boundaries means pushing against the rules and experiencing the idea of physical and emotional separateness.  Unfortunately for the teenagers born around April – May 1995 there is potential for a crisis of development.

Uranus conjunct natal Saturn is like an abrupt adjustment or reality shock and teenagers will show an increased unwillingness to comply. It may be that this era of teenagers are also recycling earlier dysfunctional stages of development.

In my above case the teenager’s behaviours are understandable considering his background and dysfunctional role models. It is likely this particular teenager has a conduct disorder and other psychological issues.

Up until now he has been quite happy to continue seeing me however that may change if he perceives me as another authority figure. As long as he comes to counselling his obligations to the court are fulfilled.



6 Responses to “Oppositional and Defiant”

  1. 1 roses January 15, 2009 at 11:23

    Oppositional and defiant?
    I don’t have to be 14 to understand what that’s like. K, i’m 46 and still oppositional and defiant. Feels good sometimes.

  2. 2 kingsley January 15, 2009 at 14:20

    It good that it feels good Roses


  3. 3 Leanne March 11, 2009 at 08:42

    So what do we do with these 13-14 year olds???? Is there hope???

  4. 4 kingsley March 11, 2009 at 11:09

    Hi Leanne

    It depends on how the teenager is acting out Leanne. In the worse case scenarios the best way to help is to offer suport for them as they learn from their experiences. Even if they end up in jail or in the justice system.


  5. 5 kingsley March 11, 2009 at 20:05

    Sometimes for parents it is about “letting go” Leanne.

    Its hard but when the teenager is making his/her own choices regardless of the parents direction and good work; What else can one do? Maybe they will have to live elsewhere or spend time in lock up? The teenager is separating from their relationships and they find some pretty weird ways to do that breaking away. One way is to let them go –


  6. 6 kingsley February 18, 2010 at 16:49

    Recently in Australia there have been quite a few incidents where 14 year old teenagers have produced knives in classrooms and threatened other children. This month in Queensland three teenagers have been charged with stabbing other students at school. One twelve year old died.There was another case in Melbourne involving a 14 year old boy using a knife at school.

    Whether these are copy cat episodes going on or this up and coming generation is showing more anti social behaviours will become clearer soon.


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