Casual Conversation

A casual conversation with the council repair man through my office window yesterday reminded me of the current Capricorn season. The repair man was removing a steel mesh security grid over my window. Apparently thieves tried to break in the previous day by cutting a hole in the mesh.

I had just finished a client who is having constant problems with the authorities. The client is only thirteen years old; he has amassed a long list of authorities he now fights against.



Different Authority Objects

Such as;  Mothers –  Fathers – Teachers – Policemen – Juvenile Justice Teams – Prison Guards – Judges – Transport Guards – Judges – Mental Health services and the list goes on.

Through the hole in my security window the council repair man discussed his views on parenting and how children’s problems start at home. He described how he “would thrash the living daylights out of his son” if his kid was ever caught stealing. He described how kids of this era are too lazy and that holiday boredom results in vandalism to council property.

The council repair man spoke in a confident and authoritative manner. He had some very good ideas about parenting and the youth of today. Our casual conversation continued for some by discussing  his own thirteen year old’s reluctance to fix his bicycle.

The council man said that he would help his son fix the bike –  but “only if the son asks for help”. The father is being firm by not rescuing his boy. If his boy is sensitive type there is a good chance he will feel rejected by such a tough stance by his father. The Father knows that the boy will sorely miss out on the fun cycling excursion and is psychologically asserting that the boy stop his laziness. The battle grounds between parents and children can be extraordinarily untennable.


Fitting in with the rules

I don’t enjoy situations that end with communication failure and separateness however sometimes that is just life. Most children learn from their negative experiences and make adjustments however there are some children who do not wish to fit in.

Some children will sway towards correcting their behaviours because of pressures within their relationships to others. People such as role models, teachers, peers and the public. When relational standoffs are common place it is good to implement boundaries and to make agreements. Both parent and children could work towards making small changes in their current relationship. Of course, attempting this process takes a great deal of practicing by both of them.

In many ways just recognising the dysfunctional relationship is a very good start.

In my mind I was hoping the council repair man would once again offer to his son; that  he would help fix the bike because he wanted his son to go on the family excursion.


Father Figure

The Capricorn Sun represents the traditional father. He is practical patient and a good listener. He is also firm with boundaries and rules in a traditional sense of father-hood.  He is overbearing and bossy at times by expressing his need for control. The Capricorn father has unbending views on most matters in life and may deny understanding his own foibles. There are however, soft and sensitive parts to his personality and where he can reflect on his role within the relationship.

The Capricorn father arrives at new levels of understandings when his way is not working any more. With the help of practical direction these Dads can aquire new skills. There is a good chance that this father will recognise if his way is working or not.



Elvis Presley did things in his own way


A song from a Capricorn

A little less conversation, a little more action please
All this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me
A little more bite and a little less bark
A little less fight and a little more spark
Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me
Satisfy me baby



1 Response to “Casual Conversation”

  1. 1 Marianne January 9, 2009 at 05:08

    Sabian Symbol Degree Meanings for 8 january

    Sun is 18-19 Capricorn
    A Five-Year-Old Child Carrying A Bag Filled With Groceries

    Moon is 14-15 Gemini
    Two Dutch Children Talking To Each Other, Exchanging Their Knowledge

    Mercury is 6-7 Aquarius
    A Child Is Seen Being Born Out Of An Egg

    Venus is 5-6 Pisces
    A Parade Of Army Officers In Full Dress

    Mars is 9-10 Capricorn
    An Albatross Feeding From The Hand Of A Sailor

    Jupiter is 0-1 Aquarius
    An Old Adobe Mission In California

    Saturn is 21-22 Virgo
    A Royal Coat Of Arms Enriched With Precious Stones

    Uranus is 19-20 Pisces
    A Table Set For An Evening Meal

    Neptune is 22-23 Aquarius
    A Big Bear Sitting Down And Waving All Its Paws

    Pluto is 1-2 Capricorn
    Three Rose Windows In A Gothic Church, One Damaged By War

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