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More about Jupiter into Aquarius .

Jupiter in Aquarius means that there is hope and good will amongst men and women. Along with an abundance of new social experiences, there is a potential for social justice reforms and changes to antiquated community services practices.

Humanitarianism is highlighted in a global sense and there can be an increased buoyancy for individuals wishing to take more risks in life.

There is a tendency to need more space for oneself in order to achieve  new perspectives in life.  New – developing viewpoints will not mean much unless they are expressed within a ‘community’ at large.

In general there is a greater potential to express ones unique ideas without threat of judgement or or being politically incorrect this year.

There will be a greater tolerance or acceptance for unique view points as different communities and community service groups will need to understand the changing face of human nature.

Social service areas will do well to up-skill with new statistics and better still, to get involved with the kind of people who have  street level experience in order to keep abreast of the changing times. This isn’t a time to be standing still in the mire of out dated practices of  Community Justice programs. There is a very real potential to see increased offenders in our community this year.


Real –  human stories that emerge in our society will become very important in the process of understanding our community justice requirements.

The reforms that are required in today’s society will especially become apparent during the year too. For some service providers these revelations will come as relief when its discovered that the old system is not working rather than individual efforts being at fault.  There will be  greater comfort in making correct decisions this year even if that means going against the status quo and standard protocols.

Understandably this is a difficult time for the various government agencies and service providers who are bound by protocols involving their continued funding. How can one accomplish the necessary social service work when circumstances are outside of the agencies current operating frameworks?

Jupiter in Aquarius will help those with their finger on the pulse –  to  make creative decisions that work out very successfully indeed.



9 Responses to “Social Comment”

  1. 1 roses January 7, 2009 at 09:01

    I’m spewing that our society is on this silly track. So annoying!

    I certainly hope people with ideas that may help people ‘live’ rather than just survive till they die get to have a big input this year if that’s the case K. I hope we begin to stop shoving food down the nation’s throat and start teaching people to how live for themselves. It would be nice if we all lived with social pheriferal (sp?) vision so as to be more connected as we live and grow moving more smoothly as we go.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if activists were actually informed? Like if they have a problem with the way sheep are cared for – that they go and see what happens when the magots aren’t cut away from the sheep’s skin? Hello??? Just silly stuff like that.

    I hope ‘fame’ begins to lose it’s luster this year because it’s killing our kids and they’re our future. I really hope authority begin to be more than just telling people what to do and gaining the goodies that come with being important.

    Gosh i hope the media begins to get a conscience and find out who and what they really are supposed to be. Once they find that out, there’s a chance (a slim one… yes) that they will help turn the social aspect of life as we know it totally around on it’s head. The power they have (the media that is) that’s why it’s become such a monster – a cold callous monster – because they are unable to handle the power they’re given. If things don’t pick up, that power will be taken from them and they’ll be nothing but dust in the wind. What a waste of such a fantastic vehicle.

    I hope your post or reading… forecast? Well, i hope it is true and comes to fruition K. I also hope it is realised for the betterment of our social framework.

    Great post! I really liked this one K. Cheers…

  2. 2 kingsley January 7, 2009 at 12:20

    Thanks Roses. I was amazed to see on the news last night – stories of social services and looking after unmanageable children – the kids that seem to have no hope at all. Apparently they spend $500, 000 per year to help each kid. There were a couple of other news stories yesterday that seemed to really idenify with the theme of Jupiter in Aquarius as I have written. If you are an astrologer this kind of synchronicity is quite normal. I also heard from someone in the corrective services yesterday and they said their phones have been running hot .


  3. 3 roses January 8, 2009 at 08:41

    I feel the population explosion has not helped us in our endeavour toward societal strength. We’re like fish in a pond that’s way too small. Unless the earth expands soon, we’ll have eaten eachother to the bone. Gosh, i think some are chewing on the bones of others even now. Only probably with the expansion of the earth’s crust – its slow and painful with dia consequences and it also means she’s about to blow. I guess that’ll be the end of that. A relief at best.

    But with the green house affect – the poles are supposedly melting well, that will put more pressure on the earth’s crust and more and more land masses will become evident as the vulcanic activity excellerates and/or water becomes stored up in the atmosphere receeding the bodies of water. It’ll be really muggy but it will give us time or the virus’ time to do their culling perhaps? Perhaps there’ll be another ice age and that will clear the place, virus’ etc… begin all over again. Gosh the options are huge – so many to choose from. They’re just human theories – there are heaps of others too i guess.

    K, if evolution is real – then the answer will become evident in our slow growings. I wonder what kind of a mess the earth and it’s inhabitants were in before the big bang or what ever it was that caused a huge chain of events in it’s wake.

    I imagine we will look different to how we do now. And we don’t use cars or planes or ships. The world is so much greener and even the animals look different. Our faces and bodies will look a lot alike – not much colour or even shape differences and our thinking is so VERY different…

    Yes… i like imaginatings.

    In time we will look at the ‘we’ we are now, and see us as we do (in the present) the apes thinking we’ve evolved from monkeys. But when we (then) look at us (now)through glass display exibits, we’ll be looking at people and not monkeys (as we do now).

    Our bodies are different – we eat and drink differently and excrete bodily waste differently – it gets used some how. But that’s big thinking in little things. I don’t know how we do it – Ohh! I never thought! Technology evolves along with us i guess. That makes sense.

    I’m excited to think about what may happens in the future if we survive.

    Gosh K, i hope your predictions are fruitful!

    Cheers… roses

  4. 4 kingsley January 8, 2009 at 08:58

    I guess we will have to wait and see what hapens in the future Roses. I havent made any dire predictions about the end of the world here Roses. I like what you write about evolution.


  5. 5 roses January 8, 2009 at 09:08

    K, we won’t be here. But many others will. I’m kind of glad about that. I liked what you wrote too. No dire predictions about the end of the world K? Every thing you predict will effect every tomorrow that will ever happen whether your predictions happen or now – AND, i don’t know if anything will be as dire – and i don’t know if the world will ever end – i do know that change happens whether we like it or not.


  6. 6 roses January 8, 2009 at 09:10

    I meant to say – “… whether your predictions happen or not…”


  7. 7 roses January 8, 2009 at 10:24

    Oh K, i just read back what i’ve written this morning and i’m just so full of crap! (Watch out – justification on the horizon!) I’m writing an essay for my Uni subject and it’s difficult to sift through all the dross that’s messing/tangling the thought processes. Thanks to you, i’ve now something to write about! I found it immediately after i leaked the above little bit of mess.

    Thanks for being here. If you hadn’t answered i’d probably still be totally lost with it all.

    Cheers… r

  8. 8 kingsley January 8, 2009 at 10:36

    No problems Roses, glad you found someting useful in our comments. It wasnt such a mess after all?


  9. 9 roses January 8, 2009 at 11:11

    *Giggles* The topic idea wasn’t in our comments. The verbal outage helped give some space inside my thoughts to untangle an idea out. Ohh, it’s a mess alright – like untangeling fishing lines in the bottom of a tackle box, hooks, sinkers and all! Messy but not impossible i guess.

    Cheers… r

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