Stranger In My Own Mind

In modern Astrology each planet represents a part of ones personality. Planetary Dignity is an ancient planetary weighting system that measures the strength of any planet in the chart. If we extend the ancient usage of Dignity and Debility into modern astrology can we determine the potential operation of a particular part of the psyche in the analysis?

essdig Essential Dignity Chart

The dignity of a planet depends whether its in Rulership – being in its own sign; Exaltation – being in the sign that exaltation occurs such as Venus in Pisces; Triplicity – being a planet in the “element” where it has such dignity; Term a planet in its allocated degrees of a particular sign; Face when the planet is in the sign and numerical value that denotes that Dignity. Of course Rulership is the strongest measure of dignity and Face is the least. The Planet without any Dignity what so ever is known as the Peregrine Planet.

Peregrine means the wanderer, the gypsy and being abroad without having any stake in that land.  It is the Peregrine planet that may help to determine the “Stranger in our own minds”. Remember that mutual receptions do not cancel out the nature of peregrine planets although the reception adds to their function in personality.

red-velvet-gypsy2bhandsPeregrine is the gypsy – nomad Planet; The wanderer.

The Peregrine Planet is seen as having no influence or control over its own environment. Like the gypsy- wanderer, the planet can be unaccountable for and will tend to follow its own rules. What does that mean if we describe the planet in terms of personality?

gypsynomadscafeptIts Ok to be a Gypsy

When the Ascendant ruler is peregrine, there is a significant emphasis in the unaccountable type of personality. The person says and does what they do; without rhyme or reason. When a peregrine planet is at a chart angle there is also a wayward emphasis of that planet. The planet acts separately from the rest of the system.  In the old masters words – William Lilly described the peregrine planet located at the ascendant as “the thief”.

A peregrine planet at the ascendant doesn’t make a person a criminal however the peregrine Mars is perhaps the actions of a person which seem contrary or in-congruent to the rest of personality. If Mercury is peregrine, the person will most likely have a unique way of processing information. One could say the person seems to act or think in a contrary manner to what they are trying to achieve in life. The peregrine Mercury has no stake in what the rest of the psyche is collaborating on and ‘his’ lack of compliance seems decide on a different route.

The chart of a young client of mine shows Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter all in rulership. Mercury is in Terms. This weighting of planets indicates that the child has an exceptional potential and the planets can work very well in his chart. He has the potential to organise elements of his psyche and use this ability.

For a young child who has been abandoned early in life by both his parents perhaps these dignity values in his chart are a very good thing. The child is in the top 95% of cognitive evaluations done by the school psychologist. The boys chart shows Sun and Saturn both peregrine and opposite in his chart.  For someone so young in life and dealing with elements of PSTD, he has been promoted up one year in his schooling. The boy is considering winding up his counselling with me after twenty two months.

happy-childA Happy Child

My own chart has several peregrine planets including Mars in the ascendant. These planetary values reinforce my experiential learning process through life and getting most things wrong at first. Getting to know the wayward parts of ones personality does take some time and effort. One can become familiar with the phrase “what was I thinking”.

The reasonably uncommon chart which shows all the planets as Peregrine is an interesting find indeed. Here is a chart with only one planet in dignity; all the other planets are peregrine.

corbySchapelle Corby

The Moon is the best functioning planet for Schapelle. Its her need for security and relationships; its her mother, her soul, her free inner child and most of all its the ruler of her angular Sun. Hopefully the potential of Corby’s Moon will get her through tough times while she becomes accustomed to  the “strangers in her own mind”.

Mars can represent sexuality and passionate investments in life. When Mars is peregrine and angular this can suggest the sexualizing of ones issues.

benny-hillBenny Hill – Mars Peregrine

Benny Hill has peregrine Mars at the Mc in Sagittarius. Mars is also square Venus/South Node adding to the naughtiness in Mr Hills overcompensating sexual expression on his Tv shows. Mr Hill has used his peregrine Mars to attain popularity.

benny-hill1Benny Hill’s Venus has very good Dignity values and his Moon and Jupiter are also in rulership. Without these planets having strength perhaps the Peregrine Mars may have landed dear old Benny in real trouble? The following chart shows that all planets are without any form of dignity.

trakeThe chart of an old friend

This person had an extremely difficult up bringing. I could say that his developmental years were abusive with two mentally ill parents. The nature of the Peregrine planets in the chart does not indicate that the person also has a mental illness. The nature of the human psyche is a very interesting subject. It seems that the astrological chart does not indicate a definitive destiny for any one personality and instead the psyche has a way of compensating by creating balance within seeming dis-harmony. This person has achieved stability by creating his own family security and found benefit in long term therapy. It seems that one can indeed get to know the stranger(s) in their own minds and learn how to develop a sense of dignity in the parts of personality which the natal chart shows as peregrine.


2 Responses to “Stranger In My Own Mind”

  1. 1 Betsi Sites October 4, 2009 at 04:48

    Thank you for some deeper insight into peregrine planets. I am an Astrocartographer searching for ways of rotating the natal wheel by relocation to assist in increasing accidental dignities to compensate for lack of essential dignities, giving people hope of finding “their place in the world.”

  2. 2 kingsley October 4, 2009 at 07:18

    Hi Betsi, thanks for your comment. That is very interesting work you do.


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