Mars Phallacy

In recent months the Taurus ascendant person would have experienced an innate need for survival in their life.  Mars in Scorpio wants power to be ruthless and direct his energy ambitiously. Mars in Scorpio can destroy willfully especially when opposite the Taurus ascendant. Mars opposite the ascendant represents an intense challenge involving a kind of private adversity. Mars in Scorpio and opposite to the Ascendant is about attracting ones nemesis. It is the time for an unconscious or real need to ‘fight’ for survival. Perhaps ‘remembering’ ones survival instinct is important at this time. Otherwise the Taurus can project his anger by blaming or being over defensive. Today Australian time, the planet Mars will change astrological signs.

mars-opp-ascMars Opposite the Ascendant

Mars is moving from the intensity of Scorpio into the firey and gregarious sign of Sagittarius tomorrow.  The Gemini – Ascendant person will now face a different kind of onslaught over the next couple of months. Mars in Sagittarius is a wildfire – insatiable kind of nemesis energy. Mars thinks he knows everything in Sagittarius and if he doesn’t; it seems like a good time to press Gemini for all the answers.

shockjillggalleryEnergetic –  Mars opp the Ascendant – The Catharsis

Mars opposite the ascendant is a relational crisis which can feel like an attack. Mars opposite the ascendant involves a level of stress which can trigger health concerns. In the next months the Gemini person will run or fight from some difficult truth about their life. The energy of Mars in Sagittarius is constantly shifting perspective for some reason. Perhaps Mars in Sagittarius involves projecting the responsibility for ones own actions to another person. In the process the person might passionately and almost ‘righteously ‘ believe in their own position on some matter. When Mars is opposite the Gemini ascendant the person is challenged to listen intently or risk being engulfed by an ideological bushfire. Mars in Sagittarius at its worse is dogmatic and at its best – the pursuit of different paradigms for the purpose of independently establishing a philosophy on life.  The critical areas of the Gemini’s potential such as their thinking, “goes off line” when Mars is opposite in Sagittarius.

bushfire_wideweb__470x3230Where there is smoke there is a paradigm burning

When we take Mars through the different astrological signs in the context of the “relational”, that is the Ascendant – Descendant axis, we can gain a glimpse of how Mars works in each sign with the added emphasis of the nemesis factor. The “crisis of conflict” with the ‘other’ in our lives is not necessarily about them alone.

Mars in Capricorn is energy focused with organisational expertise. Mars has purpose and function and loves to go to work in Capricorn. Perhaps if Mars is retrograde or in the twelfth house he may tend toward obsessive organisation in Capricorn. Mars opposite the ascendant is happily “at war” on all fronts of relationships. The work is to maintain relationship through a passionate involvement. Mars opposite the Cancer ascendant is a rather tiring process for the homely Cancer type. The cancer person would rather feel and sense the intricacies of relationships however when Mars is opposite the ascendant they are confronted by a different beat. The Cancer person retreats into a shell when burdened with too many orders. The enforced crisis brought about by Mars in Capricorn is a real or projected anger about emotional control. The Cancer Ascendant person attracts the nemesis involving boundary concerns and controlling relationships.

Mars in Aquarius involves the focus on experimentation and active participation within the community. Mars tends burn brightly in the intellect of Aquarius’s Air sign. Mars can generate ideas and instigate reforms in Aquarius.  Involvements into social networking and developing groups that aspire to independent thought. Mars in Aquarius gets to worry a lot and fights using threats of detachment. Mars opposite the Leo Ascendant is a wake up call for the self absorbed Leo type. The competition becomes fierce for the Leo. Its not that Mars in Aquarius suffers fools at all! The Leo ascendant person invites their “get real” quick nemesis. The mirror of Mars in Aquarius to the Leo ascendant, cramps their style somewhat by reflecting the importance of belonging to life rather than just entertaining that thought.

Mars in Pisces is focused on a different kind of achievement. Perhaps Mars struggles somewhat in the sacrificial waters of Pisces? I think females deal with Mars in Pisces better than men. Their achievement in itself may be the recognition for working silently with  their “sacrifice”. Usually the sign of Pisces will influence planets to find creative ways to express energy. Mars in Pisces uses his energy to paint or work with artistic endeavours such as music. Mars in Pisces can also tend towards drugs and alcohol unless a more spiritual life path is followed. Mars in Pisces can become depressed when working with the weight of the world and if the importance of their sacrifice receives little or no recognition. Mars energy is suppressed in Pisces.

Mars opposite the Virgo Ascendant is perhaps the wrath of the Pisces disgruntled nature. Mars in Pisces has difficulty accepting strokes and recognition; over time Mars can be a bully when opposite the dry and critical Virgo ascendant type.

Perhaps Virgo’s project their own anger about not enough recognition in their lives and find a Pisces to bully? Mars in Pisces people do tend to work selflessly. When Mars is opposite the Virgo Ascendant the energy seems less than perfect for the Virgo. The Virgo invites a nemesis that sounds an awful lot like their own internal critic. The awkward realisation that one is attracting a bully when Mars is opposite the Virgo ascendant, is that there is little time to backpedal.

bullyl2810_468x350The Bully needs a Victim, Mars in Pisces is angry about something?

So when Mars is opposite the ascendant one feels “bitten”. There is a sense of unfairness and reactionary circumstances brought about by some relational crisis. Whether Mars opposite the ascendant is going to “make you feel” depends on a persons ability to deal with stressful situations. Usually when Mars is opposite the ascendant there is an invitation of ones inner nemesis. Perhaps Mars is an astrological test here? The reflection of ones ability to deal with feelings such as anger is an important process in my view. The experience of Mars helps to reflect how we are dealing with the responsibility for our actions. Are we projecting by blaming others or can we accept our opposite nemesis challenge in Mars.

Mars is more affective when it is opposite the ascendant. Think about your own Mars and place that sign at the descendant for a closer look at your own nemesis role for others. Alternatively draw mars opposite to your chart ascendant to gain insights into how your own reaction to relational crises may work.



7 Responses to “Mars Phallacy”

  1. 1 a. November 18, 2008 at 06:13

    You are so right on about the Cap Mars — i lived with one (i have Cancer Mars) and it was awful. There were other oppositions involved as well — but that one did tire me out considerably– it felt like never ending confrontation, slam slam slam. And mind you, this was platonic not romantic–

  2. 2 kingsley November 18, 2008 at 08:03

    So you had opposite sign-Mars positions ? Interesting relationship A. Perhaps I will have to write the rest of the mars signs now.

  3. 3 a. November 18, 2008 at 10:41

    Yes and it was awful But like i wrote above, there were other planets involved. I believe she had a stellium in Cap and I have a Cancer stellium–

    I think the worst probably is a Mars opp, for friendship or roomates. For romantic relationship maybe not as bad ….

    Or maybe this is spoken like a true Cancerian… i need my shell and resent anyone who tries to fling the shell off my back or crack it with their Capricornian ways!

  4. 4 a. November 18, 2008 at 10:48

    omg – i was just rereading this post and the person i’m speaking of did indeed have mars opp their ascendent and the way you describe it as happily at war (when in relationship) — that’s EXACTLY what it was. I was living in a war zone…

  5. 5 kingsley November 18, 2008 at 12:23

    Not according to them A. They may experience the relationship as normal in their own mind and may wonder why you get a headache? There is nothing wrong with some competetive banter and or a partner wishing to be in charge of certain aspects of a relationship. Unless that is they push the person away? What is that? The Mars in Cappy person 7th house, may need a person willing to let them run things. I guess they would hope the other person to become dependant somewhat on their organising abilities. So then, the Mars in Capricorn can be indespensible in the relationship. They are quite protective too, I imagine A.


  6. 6 a. November 18, 2008 at 20:18

    Exactly. According to them, everything was fine — but it got to the point where i wanted to duck whenever they came in the room. Constant confrontation– They totally did not see why i (or others — this person mentioned having few friends) got a headache–

    I do find oppositions hard to deal with, generally — Perhaps because in my own chart i don’t have them…. Well, I have a Saturn/Neptune opp but that’s about it (unless you include Athena in the mix). Also Mars in Cancer doesn’t like confrontation–

    So important to examine natal charts when someone enters your life or your home. I know who i work best with in close quarters. Of course there are always exceptions but…. I’m mostly earth and water so give me earth and water and all is well… But give me some firey/air mix? Esp an aquarian/aries mix? Tough stuff…. It’s a hard combination: being fixed AND cardinal AND detached!

  7. 7 kingsley November 19, 2008 at 07:31

    Yes A, that does sound like a difficult combination to work from. There are some varied mixes of elemental energies as you say. I like the way you refer to these fundamental astrological building blocks. They do seem to be the basis of any organism with a birth time and location on earth.


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