Empathy and Pain Rpt

The Asteroid Chiron was discovered in the 70’s to orbit between Saturn and Uranus. The incorporation of this asteroid in astrology has led to explain aspects of pain and empathy in analyzing charts of individuals. Chiron is a sensitive point in Astrology which reveals a persons vulnerability and ability to encounter healing in their life. Chiron in ancient mythology is described as a teacher, musician, astrologer and above all describes the wounded-healer aspect in his personality.


Chiron a Centaur was Achilles’ teacher; his vast knowledge of life was underpinned by his own vulnerability and woundedness. Chiron’s pain and wound was caused by a poisoned arrow that was treated with the blood of Hydra. In a sense his illness was chronic or incurable. In the end, Chiron sacrificed his life and immortality by trading places with Prometheus so that the healing qualities of fire could remain with man. Its a sad story which tends to invoke empathy for such a talented and respected centaur in mythology. Its seems strange that Chiron was such a healer seeing as though Centaurs were typically known for their unruly hedonistic  behaviours including aggression and drinking abilities.


Empathy is a “holding” device where there seems to be transference’s of pain and understanding between two people. There can be verbal and non verbal ways of understanding feelings between two people.

The Moon in astrology describes expression of feelings and ones primary need in the personality. The Moon in the chart also describes the Mother and where a person loves to find a sense of security in life. The Moon represents the Free Child in personality and where there is contact to Chiron in the chart, individual emotional expression can take on elements of pain, woundedness and skills of empathy. Moon Chiron describes a degree of emotional dysfunction in early nurturing and relationship to the mother.


The woundedness and pain involved in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is widely documented. A great percentage of Vietnam veterans are still psychologically experiencing the traumatic events from forty years years ago. Pain represented by Chiron in the chart can be explained in part by its orbit between Saturn and Uranus. It is the gestalt between the sudden shock of separateness in Uranus and then the reality of integrating experience through the consciousness of Saturn. Moon Chiron symbolises the shock of abandonment and the realisation of an experience involving feelings. The early Chiron wounding experience overflows into the individuals ability to express their feelings in life. The expression of feelings for this individual must take a different route and which is explained beautifully in the Mythology of Chiron’s transcendence.


When the Chironic or Moon Chiron person is confronted with expressing feelings a splitting off process seems to veer them away from encountering natural expression. It is not to say that the Moon Chiron person is incapable of expressing feelings however there is a natural defensive move to protect underlying vulnerabilities and anxiety.


The triggered Moon Chiron event is ultimately a terrifying experience which can replay in life when certain elements of relationships reflect the early wounding experience. Afterwards, when the shock of re-experiencing has subsided, the person is able to ingeniously process the event for their own healing. Almost immediately, the knowledge of such an experience can then be used to understand others feelings as empathy. The Moon Chiron person develops acute empathy because of their own sensitivity to experiences involving feelings.

The Chironic experience therefore, can leave the person for periods of time where there is a void of feelings within personality. Occasionally perhaps, through alchemal process’s the person will shed tears at the sound of certain music or through cinematography imagery. By following the Centaurs approach, which involves sacrifice and creativity, the Moon Chiron person may begin to understand their innermost feelings by way of empathy. By understanding how others feel and developing ‘holding skills’ the Chironic person can experience a wonderful sense of self connection. Perhaps this novel means of emotional integration depends on which “chair” is available for them in life.


In the process of some Gestalt therapies the Moon Chiron person will encounter a certain amount of terror when confronted by expressing parts of themselves. In many cases the person will most likely avoid this therapy process unless they have already proved to themselves the benefit that comes after the pain. The person will display resistance to participating in two chair work. The Moon Chiron person will find that by sitting in the therapists chair and using empathy skills is much more suited to them. The therapist with empathy for others will also sense a clients terror and their reluctance to confront feelings in this affective style. Therefore, by using holding and empathy process’s within the therapeutic relationship a natural healing process for the Moon Chiron person or related symbology may be achieved.



4 Responses to “Empathy and Pain Rpt”

  1. 1 roses October 30, 2008 at 18:31

    I haven’t told you yet but, that’s a lovely picture K. The one with the 2 hand coloured in as the world.

    That story sounds so sad. Chiron the Centaur story. I don’t want to read it… it sounds too sad.

    Happy Friday to you… roses

  2. 2 Marianne January 4, 2009 at 09:53

    Is very true Chironian mit, is analogy one wound in perfect-whole man (APOLLONIAN)
    But the disease is inside human being, non perfect, and healing proces.

    i read one litle part and continuuuuuuuuu
    this dont my language.

  3. 3 kingsley January 4, 2009 at 15:08

    Glad you liked the blog on Chiron, Marrianne.


  4. 4 Marianne January 5, 2009 at 03:46

    Today, new undestanding in you text:

    The empaty and undestanding betwen peoples, is more tranfer of healings feelings :), one energetic conexion and inner tranformation.

    From PAIN and crhonic (Chironic) illnes at health
    through the agency of human experience.

    The fire power is the soul power.
    This fire is Apollonic fire (Sun, Spirit) and child Eusculap is extract on him dead mother (alchymic transfomation, NIGRENDO) and him (Apollo) offer the child to Chiron (the wounded personality).

    Chiron heal the litle Child ( Alchemyc Gold child) and have transformational process plumbum and incomplete personality at gold and conscious, mature person.
    The way is from night->day, darkness -> light, by healing and caring Moon Chiron.
    This WOUND centaurus is simbol of our POWER, and the illnes and hidden wounds have smartful skills and transformer rols (heal).

    Tanks more

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