Penguins Get A Break

Several hundred Magellanic Penguins have decided to holiday in Rio this week. The Penguins took the wrong turn and ended 2000 miles away from where they thought they were going. Apparently the changing water temperatures and currents have placed these hard swimming birds at the mercy of the air force to get back home. In what seems to be yet another Topsy turvy indication of Saturn Uranus phenomenon, we can all ask ourselves “Do we know where we are really headed”?

Apparently this particular Penguin diversion is not the first one. According to a quick search there was a similar exodus to Rio in 2001. At that time scientists were saying that global warming was the cause of the re routing for the penguins. The changing environment and weather patterns is indicative of Saturn Uranus.

The symbology of Saturn Uranus opposition is certainly showing its reflection in the stock market and financial crises around the world. As we head to the first Saturn Uranus “hit” in early November, I wonder whether we really do know which financial and Political waters we are swimming in?

Where the Peck are we guys

So the Penguins rescue bid is implemented and they get a free ride to where they are meant to be. They will flap around in bewilderment and experience penguin kind of stressors in their community. At least the Penguins are lovable little critters which is more than I can say about the “suits” on wall street.

Perhaps stockbrokers could also say that warmer financial currents led them astray and all they wish for is to return to their routine trading comforts.

You gotta feel sorry for these guys too

Perhaps the experience of not knowing where one will end up with the Saturn Uranus journey is one of great excitement? When one does arrive at that “place”, I presume there will be an element of surprise. In my mind I kind of think the recent financial rescue package implemented during Mercury retrograde could have been saved to a later point in time, when things get really weird. My feeling is that they have played their trump card too soon.



3 Responses to “Penguins Get A Break”

  1. 1 roses October 7, 2008 at 17:00

    My brother recently had a yucky dose of the shingles. I heard that it was pretty yucky but he said that, unless one has had them it’s not possible to understand the pain.

    Penguins sound like me – i’m terrible in the city or actually pretty much any car park. Just can never remember where i parked the car! Not to mention where they put the car park when they built the mall! Sheesh!

    I don’t need the ice to melt and the currents to warm up to loose all direction – it’s just a gift. I’m a natural…


  2. 3 roses October 8, 2008 at 08:43

    Yeah. He thought he was just having aches and pains at first but then the rash came out and the flu-type symptoms. I was worried about him – and i don’t usually worry about him. But it was really yucky.

    *Shrugs* Just popped into my head at the time. That’s all. I thought i knew about them (gossip mostly) but i learned some more stuff on it… like it’s a virus type thing and it may or may not have anything to do with… chickenpox is it? Or is it measles? What ever. But i saw my brother when he had it and it is most definately yucky – that little bit i do perceive.

    Cheers… roses

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