Pluto Standoff

Pluto is well known for representing power and control in the Astrology chart. I once read a description about Pluto’s power saying “you don’t know how much power is available until its used”. The use of Power is often considered in negative terms such as controlling and manipulating our relationships. If a person wishes to get what they want, they manipulate the bond in the relationship so the other person changes to suit them. What if one person is not willing to allow that kind of power and control in the relationship? Remember the old Mexican Standoff.

Going head to head in such a manner will mean that Pluto’s power eventually needs to go one way or the other. One could imagine an accumulation of stress after a few hours in the above situation. Power battles and other psychological games in relationships tend to reinforce pathology for individuals and often the outcome is “no win-no win”.  Things can get bogged down indeed. The Mexican or Pluto Standoff is when we get stuck and no one is prepared to backdown.

How Do I get out of this Pluto Impasse?

One chap the other day decided to take a stand against his powerful and controlling parent by bringing his stand-off into my counselling room. The man held a knife to his body and said he was not going to go home. He had reached a limit in his psychological impasse. He chose to use me, a third party who he did not have power issues with and play it out with dire circumstances. Holding the knife into his body was a very powerful Pluto moment especially when the Psychiatric Emergency Team was called. The person was able to act out his Pluto Standoff in my room but with the authorities instead. In my mind he really enjoyed being powerful in that situation. He did get an hour of power indeed.

The Event Chart for our meeting shows Pluto at the Mid Heaven with mutable angles in the same degree.

Perhaps this is a good chart for a Mexican stand-off, if that is the sort of thing you are after. There is a great deal of excitement and scare in these events. This kind of standoff generates “heat” like an atomic reactor however unfortunately this one eventuated into a meltdown.  I would say it is traumatic to see a person be electrocuted by tasar pistol and carried out by several powerful policemen. I guess it is one way to have a Plutonic Standoff.

Some of us like getting bogged down

Power battles and stand offs are not all acted out so obviously. The most difficult kinds of power stand off can involve surreptitious or non direct communications which place pressures on the relational bond. This type of Pluto-Standoff is like a virtual battle involving manoeuvre’s to either control or not be controlled.

Friendships and relationships can go on for years like this. But what for? That is pathological Pluto for you! He relentlessly copes in the best way he knows. Setting up defenses for survival and to protect what fundamentally points to an otherwise, despairing kind of helplessness. Sometimes things do get out of control.

One can either stand their ground within the ‘pluto standoff’ or alternatively walk away from such an involvement. Fuck it I say.



5 Responses to “Pluto Standoff”

  1. 1 Dunya September 27, 2008 at 19:22

    I agree – to hell with it. I would leave.

  2. 2 kingsley September 27, 2008 at 22:47

    Thanks for your comment Dunya.


  3. 3 roses September 29, 2008 at 10:11

    Did you think, during all of that, what it would be like to watch someone slice them selves up infront of you? That’s all i could think of while i was reading that. I doubt that i would be thinking that if i were you in that situation though.

    Don’t know why.

    *shrugs* Don’t know.

    Great post!


  4. 4 kingsley September 29, 2008 at 10:20

    I was ok sitting talking to the guy Roses. I felt ok until the guy on the phone said “get out of there”

    I think one automatically goes into crisis handling mode and I do that quite well.

    Afterwards though, my thought was, ‘perhaps he was holding the knife on himself because he didnt want to stab me with it’. That is a scary thought. He did stab my punching bag a couple of times, thats when the police fired their tasars.

    I would have felt different if his anger was directed at me an that I was in a very dangerous situation , but it wasnt that luckily. There have been a few stories of psychologists getting blown away.


  5. 5 roses October 2, 2008 at 11:41

    I’m glad you’re ok – and hope you get well soon.

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