Breaking with Tradition

The Saturn Uranus cycle has been described by some to involve changes in the weather. Saturn and Uranus take 45 years to complete their synodic period and have been known to bring changes to the environmental weather, political weather and  economical weather .  Saturn Uranus aspects tend to represent progressive  social adjustments where Uranus is the “Re-newer” and Saturn is the “Tradition”. The Saturn Uranus opposition is part of the forty five year synodic period  between these two planets. In November this year the first of a series of oppositions takes place so lets explore some previous times.

Saturn Uranus and Civil Rights

The Saturn Uranus opposition in the 1960’s was not able to achieve the degree of social change without the help of Pluto. In the sixties Saturn opposed Uranus Pluto. Nicholas Devore states that “the significance of the Saturn Uranus cycle for the political  economy appears clear, especially at and near their cyclic oppositions.” He states many examples in his book of political change and unrest around these Saturn Uranus oppositions.

On 1st April 1965 during the Saturn Uranus opposition Martin Luther King completed four days of civil rights protests.

A few days earlier Viola Liuzzo was buried after she was shot dead by four clansmen as she drove marchers back to Selma.

Near the August 28 1965, the Gemini 5 was launched and Bob Dylan releases his Highway 61 Revisited and there was an avalanche in Switzerland that killed ninety workers at a dam construction.

Weather versus Man

President Johnson signs the deal to penalize draft card burners and the Beatles played the first stadium performance in New York at Shea stadium.

Breaking Social Traditions

Rock and Roll Making History

In February 1966 at another pivotal Saturn Uranus opposition Billy Zane was born and the US performed more nuclear tests in Nevada.

Remember that Pluto was involved with Uranus in the sixties

The Rolling Stones were in Australia Playing at St Kilda during a Saturn Uranus Opposition

Around the opposition of 6th January 1967 US Marines and AVRN troops activated “Operation Deckhouse 5” in the Mekong Delta. While Charlie Chaplin opened his last film “Countess in Hong Kong”

“Get Some” became a popular social phrase for having a good time.

The Saturn Uranus Conjunctions of 1988

February 13 1988 the US House of Representatives reject Reagan’s request for funding Contra Rebels. The winter Olympics started in Calgary

June 26th 1988 five workers were asphyxiated in a metal plating factory in Indiana

October 18th 1988 the UK banned broadcast interviews with IRA members. The BBC however get around this by using actors in interviews. Ronald Reagan decides to tear down the US embassy building in Moscow because it was riddled with listening bugs.

The above Saturn Uranus events are only a few of the occurrences which happened close to the dates listed. Many more social and political events occurred within the synodic opposition and conjunction phases. The next Saturn Uranus opposition dates are November 4th 2008, February 5th 2009 and September 15th 2009.

The Us Presidential Elections is to be held on the 4th November 2008

The prestigious Melborne Cup horse race is to be held on the 4th November this year.



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