Auspicious Days

The Planets are lining up this week to show us something auspicious. The Sun is trine Jupiter which heralds the buoyant end to Jupiter’s retrograde period; while at the same time,  Sun Saturn are are conjunct and being quite firm on some matter. Perhaps there is a qualification to the Sun Saturn aspect warning us of corpulence amongst other things.

Happy and Corpulent

Jupiter and Saturn are somewhat auspicious in nature by their great conjunction cycle together. These planets set up global economic and health cycles in twenty year periods.  In my mind these two are rather odd bed partners. Jupiter wants to expand, to be happy and go forth into the world, while Saturn wants to be serious, consolidate and cautious. Jupiter and Saturn have the ability in some charts to facilitate good buying and selling timing.  In other charts combinations of these two planets can represent the ebb and flow of psychological highs and lows. Perhaps the “bi polar” nature of their affect on each other must be considered cautiously and qualified within diagnoses continuum.

Ultimately in transiting phases of daily astrology,  Sun and Saturn together is authoritative, governmental and perhaps the firm parent in its best representation of parenthood. These two planets are in a good aspect to Jupiter on the 4th September. This is an auspicious date of sorts being my ex wife’s birthday and a visit to my specialist at the hospital.

In the very good book “Combinations of Stellar Influences” by Reinhold Ebertin the various combinations of Sun Saturn = Jupiter and Jupiter Saturn = Sun one can formulate at least some basis for the auspicious aspect of Sun Saturn trine Jupiter next week.

  • Happy in solitude
  • propensity to corpulence
  • the bachelor
  • the phlegmatic temperament
  • Good fortune of old or sick person

Happy Birthday to me

In my mind, next week will be a perfect time to start a diet or health regime that will ultimately work in the long run. It is a time to enjoy the benefits of living alone and budgeting to allow for excess or waste. Perhaps next week is about recycling too? I must admit that one of my favourite tv shows has just about outdone its repeat season recently.

Two and a half very happy bachelors

The rewards for consistent parenting styles especially where teenagers are concerned are perhaps almost tangible next week. Parenting styles requiring setting of boundaries is symbolic in the Sun Saturn aspect. There are a couple of possibilities with Sun and Saturn here; including Firm Parenting and Critical Parenting styles.

The Sun-Saturn is typical of governmental leadership and expressing a great sense of responsibility.  The benefit I am talking about with Jupiter’s involvement means that the good parenting work is finally sinking in. Otherwise you may find that push and pull of critical and rescuing styles of parenting will result in behaviours worthy of Jupiter. Remember Jupiter is going forward in motion very soon so in my mind staying firm on some matter with a degree of flexibility will produce benefits for parents.

The Sun Saturn trine Jupiter next week will be a helpful influence when being responsible is a requirement. Perhaps you will have a happy ending of sorts or start a good diet. There will be a small benefit or prospect of hope in some area of life next week. Thank goodness for any small mercies coming my way.



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