Learning Astrology-An Individual Journey

Learning how to be an Astrologer is an individual journey that requires integrating the technical knowledge into ones own experience of life. My personal journey in becoming an Astrologer has led to many extraordinary transformational experiences. Perhaps my ninth house Aquarius Moon reflects a freedom to explore my inner self in unique ways.

In the early days I would sometimes not go to work because it was more important to read about astrology aspects and signs. Of course looking up my own chart aspects involved reflecting on personality traits. I knew enough about myself to prove the astrology correct to my experiences. I found possibilities and potentials that I didn’t know about myself that needed plenty of time to digest.

I annoyed my friends by discussing way out concepts that sounded straight forward to me. Some of them allowed me to learn by using their charts. My mother could remember important dates and events in my life that enabled a kind of historical perspective of my early development via astrological events.

Much of my time in between working was spent learning the technical process by practicing astrology on myself. I was learning about the many “parts” of myself and fitting them together piece by piece. Like a sculptor working on his clay figure I often needed to step back and reflect on that shape and form.

I was lucky with my obsession to learn astrology when receiving monthly work insurance monies for a repetitive injury. I had no other responsibilities and somehow, months of low stress and available time accelerated my technical learning. I got as far as I could before realising that formal training and interaction with others was the next step.

I benefited greatly from attended Cindy Naunton’s astrology classes. Cindy conducted one of the main teaching schools in my town. I joined the Federation of Australian Astrologers in Western Australia and attended monthly meetings to discuss astrology.

The study groups with my fellow students prior to exams was extremely beneficial as I am not the best with exams. I have some great memories of being involved with some very good people indeed. I became involved with counselling and psychotherapy training at the same time. My personal growth potential expanded exponentially. It was not an easy experience to begin with as my progress to this date was very much an intellectual one.

Feelings are scary sometimes

I had already travelled far in my very personal journey.  Embracing the Mars in my chart enabled studying two things at the same time. Mars in Gemini in the first house seemed to propel me forward and help to focus on the priorities of my psychological healing.

I was nominated to committee member for the FAAWA and attended the national conference in Melbourne as a National Delegate along with Cindy Naunton. Meeting with international astrologers including Rob Hand, Ray Merriman, Lee Lehman, Maurice McGann and others. Meeting with Deborah Holding in Perth was inspirational. I developed my understanding of Horary Astrology and traditional aspects of the practice.

My very good internet pal Claire France Perez enlisted my services as a co moderator for her very popular astrology forum “All_Astrology”.  Certification as practicing astrologer by the FAA exam process was a relief and very difficult time for me. Pluto was transiting my Saturn in the seventh house at the time and it seemed that my world was being torn a part. It was time to consolidate and make choices within the fates that were available to me then.

Although I continued my Astrology passions (to this day), perhaps my professional path diverted somewhat by setting up a counselling practice working with children and teenagers. I became a psychotherapist and sadly distanced myself from the beginnings of my personal journey into learning astrology. Being an Astrologer did help my practice. Not that I ever use astrology for my clients however the rich visuals contained in astrology-mythology seemed to present helpful dimensions in developing empathic connections to my clients.

Eight years of private practice and constant personal supervision and therapy has enabled me to investigate astrology in different ways. Thanks to my own therapist, I have been able to explore Black Moon Lilith , Vesta and other levels to my own chart. I am still living out a learning journey – care of the Aquarius Moon-need perhaps? I am happy with that process and the experiential elements involved. I am happy with who I am these days and my friends tell me that I should be practicing more so as an Astrologer. For now, perhaps I will return to some roots by visiting some old associates and pals at the next Astro Chat evening. They also have an open day coming soon.

Astro Days

The FAAWA holds regular casual and relaxed Astro Chat evenings and this format has proved to be very popular since 2004 and continues in 2007.

To compliment the informal nature of the Astro Chat evenings two formal Astro Days are held each year offering a more intensive advanced program of in-depth astrology presented by high quality local, national and international astrologers.  This is to ensure that Western Australian astrologers are provided with opportunities to develop their skills and network with other astrologers to maintain and raise the professional standards of astrology in WA.
14th September 2008   10am – 5pm
at the Old Mill Theatre
Cnr Mill Point Road and Mends Street, South Perth

1 Response to “Learning Astrology-An Individual Journey”

  1. 1 roses September 11, 2008 at 10:16

    Wow. Ken.

    Good onya!

    Some days are so long aren’t they? Where as others go by in a blink. Life is most certainly a journey and though we meet up with others and seem to entangle ourselves with them – it’s still our own personal journey… isn’t it?

    No one else can live my life for me. Only i have the privaledge to have that.

    Thank you for this post. It’s a beautiful story. I’m so glad you’ve made it to here. I’m so glad i did too.

    Have a really nice Thursday… roses

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