Obsessive Compulsive Signs

In some Astrology circles the sign of Virgo is often labelled as the obsessive compulsive. The Virgo temperament can be described as critical, analytical, perfectionist and meticulous. Obsessive Compulsive personalities traits extend to all the astrological signs and surprisingly enough Venus is an indicator. With Venus being predominant in the charts of actors and artists it is not surprising to find Hollywood types with OCD.

Avoiding the cracks in life

Virgo’s are the “doers” of the astrological signs. They are practical and focused on finding better systems of doing things. In a way Virgo’s need to have something out of order in their life so that they can use their creative problem solving abilities. The Virgo looks for recognition by getting things perfect, their critical thinking abilities and their discerning nature. Of all the signs Virgo has a greater tendency to find practical solutions and implement them. The Virgo emphasis is behavioural and cognitive abilities in contrast to say the thinking and feeling attributes of the Pisces.

Obsessive Compulsive attributes usually involve repetitive behavioural and thinking functions. As you may know, the obsessive compulsive person will continually check what they have just “done” or go about their daily routines by repetitively washing and cleaning. The OC person has a strong inclination to create order and perfection to maintain balance in their world. Some OC people indulge in repetitive behaviours and thoughts to such an extent they develop phobias and fetishes.  Psychology uses the term OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when diagnosing people with pronounced limitations in life which are attributed to behaviours and thinking styles.

Usually the obsessive compulsive person is a high achiever in life. The person sets high standards and works long and hard to achieve results and ultimate success. Why do they need to achieve so much? One answer to that question relates to developmental psychology and a persons early attachments.

If a child is continually given recognition for achieving (doing well) they can develop the belief “I am only ok if I get things right”. The child’s perception of his or her attachment to the parent involves adapting to get things right for Mum and Dad. The parents would seem to use conditional recognitions which require the child to do well. There are of course other developing attributes for OCD which usually involve anxiety and or depression in the diagnosis.

Descriptions of Venus in astrology are numerous however the most important Venus signification is relationship. Venus along with the seventh house planets will have a bearing on  ones relationship or attachment to others. Keywords for Venus include pleasure love, romance, marriage, attractiveness, beauty, the arts, music, drama, sweet foods, refinement, charm, grace, possessions and luxury.

Venus aims to share and endulge the above attributes primarily with the others because that enhances the attachments to others. Using Venus to enhance attachments is also about pleasing and being perfect in a seemingly beautiful way for the “other”. To make ourselves more attractive in order to consolidate our attachments we must do something to achieve that result. I wonder what sort of behaviours and beliefs a young David Beckham developed to reinforce his early attachments? Mr Beckham is known to have OCD in some form and presents with an unaspected Venus in Gemini.

The Moon which represents the mother in his chart is emphasised on the midheaven with a trine to Mercury. His mother is the primary caretaker and she taught David communication skills that have reinforced his media representations.

Mercury and the Moon here are good indications of expressing cognitive abilities and reflect his handling of great publicity.  Mercury is in mutual reception to Venus (that is Mercury is in Venus’ sign of Taurus and Venus in Mercury’s sign of Gemini) and this means the two planets take on attributes of each other. Venus is the ascendant ruler and unaspected means there is no compliance to other planets that may deviate the expression of personality. The unaspected Venus becomes unaccountable for and tends to operate with “self interest” however, benefited by Mercury’s permission to think and do “beautifully” in this chart. Mars the ruler of the 7th house and his relationships is trine Saturn. Mars trine saturn represents the “try hard for others” driver and the potential process in which David consolidated his attachments to others. There is a great deal of work involved for the obsessive compulsive and Mars Saturn allows that work in his case.

The combination of Moon Mercury and Venus in Ebertins “Combinations of Stellar Influences” states the perception and feeling of love, a sense of beauty,  a beautiful young person, a person susceptible to beauty. David Beckham is always thinking of beauty and form. Apparently David Beckham becomes obsessive with even numbers and he will throw out a can of drink if its the odd number of cans in his fridge.

Jessica Alba is a Perfectionist

Jessica has Venus in Taurus situated near the midheaven in her chart emphasising her need for relationships. The Moon is also angular and positioned on the 7th cusp. The moon in the 7th house denotes a strong need for relational attachment.  Her chart also shows Vesta at the ascendant which would explain her expression of self beauty and perhaps narcissism. Jessica becomes obsessive about her appearance and her ability to attract attachments.

Woody Allen is a self confessed obsessive compulsive which extend to thinking about death and the love of food. Woody Allen is a complex person indeed and rather than delineate the chart functions, one can see his Good Venus in Libra at odds with Mars Pluto.

The Moon is in good aspect to Venus while a foreboding Saturn in the seventh house of attachments is in mutual reception to Venus. In some way his grandparents or other more limited and traditional styles of attachments in his childhood were highly adaptive. This is the “Be Perfect” for others aspect. Perhaps in one way Woody Allen’s initial personality adaptations in life has been expressed in his movies containing complex social commentary and dry humour.


Justin Timberlake obsessive about order and neatness


Justin Timberlake’s Venus is also in mutual reception to Saturn. His Venus in the sixth house and is square Pluto. His Venus must “serve” in some way and he adapts by controlling and with compliance in his attachments.

Mars in his seventh house shows the adversarial kind of transference with his relationships. He attracts angry and intense attachments and begins to make sense and order in his life. Justin has a complex Moon placement which shows the emotional unavailability of his mother and the compliance of angry attachments. Justin is motivated to please others and tends to obsess about neatness and objects lining up in order. Perhaps he had to make sense of his mothers emotional states and found ways to be supported in childhood.

Mars/Pluto = Moon and Neptune






6 Responses to “Obsessive Compulsive Signs”

  1. 1 roses July 14, 2008 at 11:05

    You know what K? I think Woody Allens chart is the most balanced chart here. I don’t understand what everything means but the pattern (look) of it appears to be balanced. I don’t remember a more balanced chart. Just enough light and dark, enough conformity and rebellion. Not that i know what the lines and squiggles and stuff means but it does look very ordered and well weighed all around. I’m trying to say what it feels to look at but i think i’ll just give it up now.

    When i was young, i had a fall off a horse and ruptured my spleen. I was around 7 or 8 i think. Mum bought me a spirograph – a bunch of circles and things with holes in them for the pen to go and around the edges they were like cogs. They made all kinds of geographical patterns and designs. Heaps of different pens just added to the fun of patterns with colour. Well that’s what Woody’s chart reminded me of. I like it.


  2. 2 kingsley July 17, 2008 at 16:39

    Hello Roses, I remember spirograph. I have known other non astrologers to comment on the patterns of aspect lines in a chart. That is really using one’s intuition indeed.

    After all the chart is a Mandala of Woody Allen, the person. I guess you idea is not that far fetched Roses.


  3. 3 ocd artist July 20, 2009 at 11:54

    I’ve been diagnosed with OCD and Venus figures prominently in my chart. I am also a professional visual artist.

    It is in the 12th house in Libra conjunct a Scorpio ascendant. It is also square a 9th house Cancer moon and trine a 4th house Aquarius Saturn.

  4. 4 kingsley July 20, 2009 at 12:57

    Hello ocd artist

    Venus must be in late degrees. Sounds like you put your efforts into work and art?


  1. 1 Mission Creep | Neil Williams » Blog Archive » The cult of Getting Things Done: an introduction to GTD Trackback on October 23, 2008 at 02:55

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