Corby and Mars Saturn

Mars and Saturn conjunctions come around about every two years. The conjunction is the begining of a cycle where one can make astrological statements about the next period of the cycle. Mars and Saturn aspects may describe frustration and hard working function. When placed in an individuals chart the Mars Saturn conjunction have greater descriptive meanings. Recently Saturn has squared Schapelle Corby’s chart ruler of Venus and the Mars Saturn conjunction is in the eleventh house of hopes and friends.

Schapelle’s Frustration after a visit to the hospital and beauty parlour

Natal Mars Saturn

Traditionally Mars and Saturn are malefic bodies which bring “harm” to other planets when the astrologer considers the status of planets in the chart. In the natal chart, Mars and Saturn combinations represents a need for the person to work or try hard. In many instances the person with Mars Saturn in the natal chart will take on some form of hard and detailed work. Mars and Saturn represent some kind of “damage” such as chronic illness, psychological and physical scarring. Mars Saturn can also describe a persons psychological life scripting and suggests the “Almost” script in life.

Mars Saturn types enjoy working where working hard becomes a passions. Nothing comes easy for the Mars Saturn person. Grinding ones teeth is not much help for the seething frustrations that emerge for this individual.  When the Mars Saturn person is ‘finally’ about to be successful they have a potential to fail at the last moment. Mars Saturn has also been described by Ebertin as the “death axis”. The midpoint in the chart is definitely worth a look when activated by transits and progressions.

Transiting Mars Saturn

Next weeks Mars saturn conjunction can represent a time where good work must be done again. Mars and Saturn in Virgo represents frustration in areas of health and service industries. Mars and Saturn might be a critical superior or frustrating experience where one must be determined to get things right. Virgo tends to resonate with the pedantic-analytical potential of Mars and Saturn in this sign.  The 10th of July will be a difficult day it seems but which area in your life will it have greatest effect?.

Mars Saturn will be in Schapelle Corby’s eleventh house, the astrological location for ones hopes and expectations in life, for friends and groups of people. Traditionally  the eleventh house can show whether the person has potential for the “preferment of the King”. Popularity and favour from someone high up. Looking at Schapelles chart one can quickly see the ruler of the eleventh house (the Sun) is at the Mid Heaven point.

The Chart details were from an Esoteric Technologies News Item

Friends and favours from high places are prominently showing in Schapelles chart as well as her high hopes. The Sun also represents her Father and her own sense of identity or Ego-will. Schapelles father died earlier this year on January 17th. There are progressed points in her chart clearly showing the nature of difficult times recently along with the transit of Saturn square her ascendant ruler.

In the last few weeks there has been a documentary aired on Australian tv outlining different perspectives of the Corby trial in 2005. Schapelle ” has been reported to be unwell and is being treated by psychiatrists. Although she has been able to attend a beauty therapist in Bali. It would seem that Schapelle Corby is very depressed at the moment.

It is Schapelles birthday on the 10th July and her Solar Return chart is showing Mars Saturn in the seventh house.

When Mars and Saturn appear at the 7th cusp there are difficult times indeed. Relationship and health issues are highlighted. Mars and Saturn in the seventh house could be described as people throwing stones at her or the possibility of blackmail. Whether there are literal rocks being hurled or whether lies become torturous only Schapelle knows her truth. It certainly wouldn’t be easy being locked up in jail for twenty years. Her natal chart shows great expectations in her life. If  Schapelle believes in her ability to attract “favours” from high places then I can understand why she may be severely depressed in gaol.

If you wish to investigate the midpoint that backs up my statement about her depression then look toward the natal midpoint structures with the Mars Saturn conjunction. There are limited favours for Schapelle however she did manage a day pass to the beautician last week.

Trans Mars Saturn = Mars/Nept

Trans Mars Saturn = Merc/Pluto

Trans Mars Saturn = Sun/node  = Node/Mc

If Schapelle was telling the truth I can understand why she might be depressed. If  Schapelle is hiding the truth (even from herself) I can understand her depression. If someone was blackmailing her I can understand her frustration. I can also understand the depression of being in jail in a foreign country.

Truth or lies means depression

With the Mars Saturn conjunction making a square to Schapelles chart ruler Venus, I would hope that she is on suicide alert. I am sure the Indonesian authorities do not want Schapelle to suicide however if there is one more thing that she must deal with in prison I would not be surprised if she kills herself. She has only been in prison for about three years. I had to check that date because it seems much longer.

It will be up to Schapelle to enlist the Mars Saturn – work hard ethics rather than absorb frustrations. It would seem that her relationships in prison may not be going well at this time. Most prisoners settle in for the long haul at some point and Schapelle needs to get on with it. To accept her fate and find a way to survive adverse publicity means embracing the truth of her reality. There is nothing she can do about things back home while living in gaol.


post script

Schapelle’s strongest planet is her Moon in Taurus (seventh house). All the other planets are peregrine. Schapelle is reliant in her relationships especially with women. If a relationship ending occurred it would be difficult for Schapelle to let go.


8 Responses to “Corby and Mars Saturn”

  1. 1 roses July 7, 2008 at 08:59

    It is a difficult concept to finally make peace with what ever situation we find ourselves in. If you’re saying that Schapelle needs to realise where she’s at and begin to learn to accept that fact and start building some kind of a life for herself there? Then yeah – but it will always be difficult. Some dreams never die, they are simply packed away somewhere and their ghosts haunt forever. But some dreams are like shape shifters and can be pliable in/under most any circumstances I guess.

    I hope she can recognise the shape shifting dreams in her life and activate them in her ‘here and now’.

  2. 2 kingsley July 7, 2008 at 22:22

    sounds like some good ruminiscing about the situation Roses. You describe two of her very different worlds quite well. I hope she doesn’t decide to be haunted forever more. That might mean being medicated for some time. Which is not such a bad idea, considering.


  3. 3 Kahless July 8, 2008 at 19:50

    I like that…

    Truth or lies means depression.

    I have never heard of Schapelle (though about to google her) but I assume that lies = depressed truth = depression and truth can mean hurt = depression!

  4. 4 kingsley July 8, 2008 at 21:59

    Good to see you here Kahless

    Yes, it seems that she really is in jail, in more ways than one Kahless. Not being believed is a good case for depression, along with whatever else I said above. Then she is grieving the death of her father without closure. Thats a right mess however it adds up.


  5. 5 Lynn July 25, 2008 at 23:25

    I also notice that uranus is in her first house, rebellion opposing her moon. She obviously doesn’t feel good about her public image? Also Venus rules her Ascendant with Venus being in Gemini which seems to fit the truth or lies balancing game?

  6. 6 kingsley July 26, 2008 at 09:08

    I often find with Moon Uranus contacts especially for women, that they tend to refuse to listen. Their way is the only way and nothing else will be entered into. It is quite a polarizing aspect in her chart., I agree Lynn

  7. 7 Lizzy September 6, 2008 at 23:28

    Except there are no lies there: this girl is telling the truth, and is trapped. How can she ever accept that? Could you?

    The truth of her reality is she didn’t have a real trial, was sentenced ridiculously, and has seen the media distort public opinion at home (

    Sometimes reality is impossible to face, especially for someone young like her.

    Where she can find the stength to face that…. I don’t know.

  8. 8 kingsley September 7, 2008 at 15:17

    No Lizzy I couldn’t accept that. However if I didn’t some how accept my predicament-incarceration for what it was, I would become extremely despairing.

    I would want to survive somehow with my dignity and create something out of that despair rather than become ill. That is a hard job to do and no one else would understand except for the holacaust survivors perhaps. Im my mind Schapelle must find a way to look beyond, to find meaning to her life in her mundane life.


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