Feel Good

It must be getting close to breakfast time in some parts of the northern hemisphere while here in Australia people are heading out for Friday night fun. One aspect in Astrology that seems to add a feel good quality to the day is the Moon Jupiter contact. Today and tonight the Moon is conjunct Jupiter. Never have I seen an aspect bring more buoyancy, more eating, drinking and good cheer as Moon conjunct Jupiter. Thank goodness for the uplifting cycles in our world even if it is for one day.

Time For Some Retail Therapy Perhaps

Not long after a recently intense Full Moon it seems that a reward in the Moon Jupiter has arrived? I have observed over the years that Moon Jupiter cycles are benevolent feel good times where for some reason eating extravagantly is par for the course. In that way, restaurateur’s and Bars around the nightlife areas seem to do a roaring trade. It makes sense that during buoyant periods in life we enjoy celebrating in some way. If our football team wins we tend to feel good too. Perhaps we will have a few more pints that day? Perhaps that “feel good” effect can rub off to the next day by replicating the good “win” into gaining a new client at work. It is good to prolong that winning feeling for as long as we can.

Jupiter represents our beliefs and our ideas which go towards formulating our ever changing perspective in life. For a few good hours every month, Moon Jupiter reminds us of the feel good times.

Fun Food

The last Moon Jupiter I found myself in downtown Fremantle for some good times. It was amazing how we found a car park right next to the cinema. After the good movie our market food was great and then the connoisseur custom ice cream was extravagant to say the least. To top the night off after a drink, we enjoyed coffee and Lebanese cakes. I hardly ever eat in such a manner. Food is very good during the Moon Jupiter period, just about anything is very good during the Moon Jupiter.  Even if you do not have good food in front of you, it is a sure thing you will eat more or just have fun with it.

Considering that we are still in the Full Moon period and it is Friday night in my town, there is sure to be an overdoing of things in the nightlife part of town. Perhaps there will be a few more binge drinkers around tonight?

If there is a feel good mood it seems that we do things to bring more good feelings to our senses. The Moon Jupiter is a nurturing aspect which reflects a collective energy in the environment where we do things to nurture ourselves moreso. So what about in the northern hemisphere where people are going to work or school? A big breakfast is the order of the day, or perhaps something will come up in the morning delight? I hope its big whatever comes about in this feel good, full moon-jupiter phase. It’s ok to be extravagant and optimistic at least one day of the month isn’t it? Enjoy something more-so today.



4 Responses to “Feel Good”

  1. 1 roses June 22, 2008 at 18:57

    K, so that’s why this week has been crazy!?! We started out on Wed with chinese take away, then Thurs night we went to a mexican resturant, Friday night… what did we do on Friday night? Ohh yeah – we went to an Elvis type person and had a great show then last night we went to a work fair well thing. I’m wrecked!

    So… how often does this thing happen? I’ll get extra sleep now – just so i’m ready for the next major party week ahead.

    By the way – i’m glad you had a good night

  2. 2 kingsley June 23, 2008 at 11:25

    Sounds like you have been having a very good week Roses. There are a few “feel Good” aspects per month Roses but none so profound as the Moon Jupiter conjunction. It is very bright in the sky when these two get together, that is, it is good to look at in the night sky once every month.

    I tend to remember when this one comes around especially if I am watching my weight.

  3. 3 roses June 25, 2008 at 07:49

    Ohh i’m so sick of watching my weight K. It’s like my shadow on a lovely spring day. Wish we could be like Peter Pan and let it go. Glad your computer is up and running again. Cheers…

  4. 4 kingsley June 26, 2008 at 13:55

    Eat and be merry Roses


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