Full Moon Object

Recently a counselling client asked me what I thought of the full moon. He asked whether or not the full moon had the capacity to effect behaviour. Seeing it was the end of the session I politely nodded and mentioned that fish and some other fauna seem to be affected by the Moon; why not humans? Maybe he was  investigating the possibilities of the full moon effects versus self actualising his anger issues?

The Moon is constantly changing; softly reflecting light to earth in the dark night sky. The moon is always there in the sky. The Moon is symbolically feminine, intuitive, emotive and reflective. The Moon is a great distance away however it has been an object in the sky that many have loved, worshipped or blamed over the centuries. The Moon is a constant “companion” to humans and beasts, and for that reason we develop a relationship to it. The Moon Goddess’ and the act of worshiping the moon are well documented in paganism. The Moon forms a symbolic relationship to the Mother in astrology.
The astrological moon represents our fluctuating emotional circumstances much like the tides of the ocean. It seems that the full moon has a reputation for being blamed for cerrtain human behaviours. In post medeival times it was argued in some court cases involving murder; that the full moon caused a kind of temporary insanity for defendants.
“It was the Full Moon that did it you’re honour”

“It turned me into a right monster it did”

There is a theory that if you stick two people in a room together for a period of time they form a “relationship”. The theory was tested with a baby monkey an a sack resembling a mother monkey. Eventually the monkey sought nurture from the silent sack and developed a relationshipto the object. The Moon has been a part of our every day life over many generations. It would be reasonable to think that humans have developed a relationship of sorts, with the moon.
Like a silent friend in the sky she glows and changes shape from week to week in front of our eys. I propose that we form a kind of “object relationship” to the moon. She becomes a part of our life though fable and nursery rhyme. Obviously the Full Moon phase is quite a dramatic sight in the night sky. According certain human behaviour at the full moon, she seems to trigger off something inside us. We do some pretty strange things at the full moon phase. The word Lunacy was derived from Luna and is used to describe “insanity” or other mental health issues by early psychiatrists. The Moon is an object in the sky that has great importance to human relations through science.

It seems that over the centuries, humans have developed beliefs about about the effects of the Full Moon. Less seriously and in recent times perhaps, people joke about the Full Moon rising. That we “better watch out” or “its going to be crazy tonight”. Another example of our develomental relationship to the “Moon Object” is through nursery rhymes.

Hey diddle diddle,
The Cat and the fiddle,
The Cow jumped over the moon,
The little Dog laughed to see such sport,
And the Dish ran away with the Spoon  


The Cow jumped over the Moon


I could never really understand the Dish and the Spoon bit in this nursery rhyme but my point is that we form a relationship to the Moon by its repeated use in art, religion and science. One would describe the relationship in the above story as somewhat neurotic or dysfunctional. It is nonsensical and suggests that crazy stuff happens during the full moon.

Do people become more self – activated or reactive at the Full Moon? I believe so because I have seen it happen. Atrology can identify potential triggers and effect,  however one could argue that instinctively, we believe that crazy stuff will happen. We have convinced ourselves it does because of our long term relationship with the full moon. Ancient myths, nursery rhymes, rituals, science and many other stories have made it so.

In the Object Relations theory – part of the relationship to the Moon we are perhaps working to her clockwork and we instinctively know when to go “crazy” because that is what our relationship to her means. She gets our attention when she is full and we attempt to fill her silent expectations by self actualising around full moon.

The Full Moon comes around once per month. It is a timely reminder of the cycles of nature and the reality of such an embedded ‘object’ in our culture. In astrology the Moon is seen as a trigger for planets in the natal chart and transiting aspects. Those of us not interested in astrology seem to accept there is a connection to the Full Moon’s effect from anecdotal and experiential evidence . Whether the full moon effects (affects) us because of its tidal pull, or through its astrological significance or that its a psychological object  developed over time through story telling; can we really blame her for our behaviours and decisions during the full moon period?.

There is a Full Moon tomorrow (18th April 2011) . If there ever was a time to blame the full moon it is this week. The Full Moon period is marked with planetary aspects Mars and Mercury opposite Saturn . Saturn is about “regulation” and Mercury/Mars represents rapid thoughts and jumping into fray without thought for values and other boundaries. If there have been any relationship issues bottled up lately, then perhaps the Full Moon can help release them?

The “Cathartic Moon” (Full Moon) is calling for some regulation at this time. The Full Moon may be helpful in pointing out boundaries and other lines in the sand “not to cross”.   



8 Responses to “Full Moon Object”

  1. 1 Maryam June 19, 2008 at 04:08

    Hi K.

    As far and long as I recall, I nver adapted to the “full Moon” thing. i do remember the incident to be mentioned in my family discussions, but I do not remember believing or engaging in them.

    The interesting thing which I clearly recall is the night that we were standing at my uncle’s balcony. It was night, and the moon was full if not sort of. My aunt pointed out to the moon and said, ” Agha ro mibini?” or ” Do you see his Holiness?” We were supposed to see him as it was in the news and so forht; people believed that Khomainie was potraited on the moon.

    None the less, I saw nothing!


  2. 2 kingsley June 19, 2008 at 08:40

    That is very interesting M. The moon seems to get pasted with all kinds of faces, spirits and even animals like the rabbit. I like the ominous figure of reflecion in the moon known simply as “the man in the moon”


  3. 3 roses June 19, 2008 at 10:27

    Just in the last couple of years i consider the moon affectionatley. Other than that i didn’t really care – it was nice, and lightened the night but i didn’t notice it so much. But now i do. Strange isn’t it?

    It’s a beautiful thing…

  4. 4 Maryam June 19, 2008 at 20:10

    Hi K,

    I know, I think it works with the clouds as well. One can create any picture he/she wishes with the clouds. TA speaking, I think that is recalled a contamination, Child-Adult one I would assume.


  5. 5 kingsley June 19, 2008 at 21:12

    I call it creativity and freedom of thought M, I once did a cloud painting that contained buxom godesses’s. I was sort of replicating another artists style. It was on the art room wall at highschool. If you searched around the painting you could find all manner of MA 15+ rated scenes.

    Sounds like an intereting time on the balcony M. Esoteric Moon gazing!


  6. 6 Maryam June 20, 2008 at 00:26

    Funny how different our childhood environments were.

    We had a class at school which was creativity or art oriented. They cared a lot about having a good Farsi handwriting and drawing. The class was about that, “Farsi handwriting, and drawing”. I was not a good drawer, but my handwriting was great, so that was how passed those classes.

    Talking about that balcony, many things occured on that balcony. The old balcony which no longer exists. I liked the summer nights on it though. The nice cool breeze at night, and we would sit around a sofreh with fruits, especially watermelon. I also liked it when I was recovering from my ‘yellowishness’.


  7. 7 nick August 11, 2008 at 16:42

    these things are all very interseting an to say the least i have to admit that i do have a very strong bond with the moon an it captivates me every single evening that i can see it. it would be the one thing that will make me better about myself or get me thinkin about things like space an time..i would really like to learn more about the moon an its effects it has on us.an the relationship we have with it and why

  8. 8 kingsley August 14, 2008 at 09:15

    Hi Nick, yes the moon (or nature) does inspire the reflective process. I get into the same kind of ‘space’ that you describe when Im immersed in nature. Being in the bush or out to sea perhaps. Reflecting on natures wonders is perhaps a bonding process in itself.


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