West Coast Eagles – Grieving

Astrology can be applied to just about anything that has a birth time including football teams. In the case of Australian football recently, there has been no other team that has endured such loss and hardship as the West Coast Eagles. In the past year or so, there have been adverse media lashings, the captain Chris Judd has left, Ben Cousins expulsion and Chris Mainwaring’s death all have contributed in some way to the current mind set of the team. It might be time to investigate the Eagles Astrology chart. 

There are a couple of times for the “birth” of the Eagles football team that I have not tested to date. Usually the birth of a football team will be the first official game or the announcing of the first team. So far I understand that the first official scratch match was a night game on 3rd March 1987. The first official AFL match was with Richmond on the 29th March 1987. Unfortunately I do not have the start times of these games. If anyone can help me with that info please do so. What I do have, is the official time for the gala function in Perth when the naming of the team was announced along with the unveiling of the colours or jumpers. The chart below seems to fit with premierships and other events over the years. 

The birth of the Eagles according to me is 30th October 1986 at 7 30pm.

A football team is like a large family, the Coach and Captain of the team might resemble the roles of team Mother or Father. Usually there will be other important members of the family who play a great role in the stability of the family unit. When a mother passes away or leaves to start a new life, the family must go through a period of grief. When Chris Judd left for Carlton, in my mind that has been an ultimate rejection by the mother (Betrayal in terms of the family).

The current transit of Pluto square the Eagles moon in Libra is descriptive of letting go and the grieving process. It can also be indicative of controlling elements in the life of the team. The Eagles have been a rebellious lot over the years. They have survived the continual put downs by the Victorian media and difficult travelling demands by the AFL board. The success and strength of the Eagles has attracted a tall poppy mentality where others love to see them lose. The Eagles love to have fun, be popular and creative in front of their adoring fans. They have always liked to party it seems too. The Moon in the fifth house shows they love winning and enjoy the good times. Venus the ruler of the chart is on the descendant which describes the teams strong motivation towards maintaining their good relationship to their fans. They may be placing some pressure on themselves to perform in order to stay popular enough while trying to deal with family changes.



Lately the capacity for good times has been diminished by the fact that illicit drug taking by a few members has attracted the attention of authorities. The Ben Cousins saga has brought disgrace to a strong family unit. Unfortunately one of the freedoms of trust that exists in most families has now been replaced by drug tests for the team. Perhaps football teams are like the military in that the team can move on from losses by getting tough. Being strong and thinking one is immune to grief is perhaps dismissive of the psychological need for resolving changes in the family.

The chart shows the Sun and Pluto strong in the chart. The coach or father of the team is most powerful and controlling. Good qualities for a coach indeed however not so if the team are required to get through a period of grief. Perhaps the ‘being strong’ part is ignoring that fact that recent events have had a great effect on the team. Perhaps the nature of the West Coast family tends towards adapting to the same image of all past teams since their inception. Its won them premierships in the past why wouldn’t it work now?  If adapting into the mould of ‘winning perfection’ for the parents or fans has been the culture at the club, it is most likely the team will run into trouble at some stage. All families need to grow and develop as do football teams.

I am sure the Pluto Sun strength and control by the current coach John Worsfold has included team therapy and sports psychologists in dealing with changes in the family. In fact, progressed Pluto and now the progressed Sun have hit the teams Mercury. Mercury is not only the ruler of the fifth house but the second house too. The second house can show the “ammunition” or value of the team.  The self value or self esteem perhaps is being triggered. The Eagles have also just this week secured $10 million dollars in sponsorship over the coming years. They have signed up their two main sponsors.

Transiting Pluto square Moon is a cathartic experience where feelings emerge all on their own. It would seem that no amount of being strong can alter the process of grieving except for perhaps, delaying the grief. Usually suppressed grief and anger will manifest in physical ways. After a period of time suppression may feel like nausea, fatigue and depression. The best way I know to get through grief is to “be willing to experience the feelings”. Have a cry and express other deep feelings within the saftey of the team unit. The coach needs to say that “its ok to feel” instead of “be strong boys” 

The Eagles seem to be experiencing some grief these days with one loss after the other. For a team very much used to winning at the top of the ladder for its adoring public, they could sure do with some tissue boxes at the moment.

I hope the West Coast Eagles take their time to get through what could almost be described as a developmental stage in their growing up. Its ok for them to get through this period in their own time and know that their fan base will still be there. It might be a matter of taking their medicine at the moment.






5 Responses to “West Coast Eagles – Grieving”

  1. 1 roses June 14, 2008 at 20:23

    Foot ball teams have a chart? I guess so. I mean they are a living organism that moves and grows as a unit so… yeah i guess so. I think i’m just tired – i’m going back to bed now. G’night K…

  2. 2 Maryam June 15, 2008 at 19:17

    Thanks K,

    I find your postings rather insightful. I am yet to figure out the Eagle’s chart, but I do not expect much of my self. 🙂

    I googled to make sure, and I realized that there were some good persian astrologists in eighteenth (?) century. Some how that helps to understand…oh well!


  3. 3 kingsley June 15, 2008 at 19:44

    Thank you for saying ‘insightful’ Maryam. I am glad that you read over this way. Never mind about the astro chart M, there are quite a few hundred other readers that might get that bit. I could have written the post without the Astrology however seeing as though this is my astro blog. Why not? It is actually quite fascinating knowing the aspects going on with the chart and interpreting them.



  4. 4 Kahless June 18, 2008 at 06:07

    i was thinking of you whilst watching a news item the other day. The French national footall team head coach apparently uses astrology in picking his team.

    I found this on-line too.


    Obviously it hasnt done him any good with his team going out in the group stages of Euro 2008.

    Tell me, in your opinion, what % of events that happen to us is down to astrology, what % down to luck and what % is down to what we make of a situation.
    I always put it down to 1/3 1/3 1/3.

    Do you think you could coach a successful footie team based upon astrology?

  5. 5 kingsley June 18, 2008 at 08:34

    Good questions Kahless. No I don’t think astrology alone is a good criteria for coaching a football team. Coaching a team is about knowing the individuals and bringing the best out of the players in the team. Astrology can be quite helpful in assessing new players or identifying potential issues that each player may be going through with the view to keep an eye on how they might be dealing with that. The group dynamics of the team can also be assessed as can the chart for the “corporation” and the money side of the team.

    I think the percentages are variable Kahless. There are diffrent kinds of fate, such as the fate of necessity, immutable fates and fates that we can alter with knowledge. Astrology can be used to get an outline of the possibilities, to explore those. When one knows a chart very well, it is possible to fine tune what when and how the possibilities are going on. If third world countries and presidents use astrology, if wall street and financial investors use astrology, I can’t see why football teams cannot as long as it has its “place” in the scheme of reality.


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