Inertia is the resistance an object has to a change in its state of motion. Gravity tends to be an all encompassing concept in life, each day we need to place one foot after the other to get through inertia for some reason. With the transit of Mars to the South Node opposing Chiron next week it seems that facing a measure of resistance is going to be “inertiating” indeed. 

Usually the transitting Nodes in astrology represent a kind of worm hole involving synchronicity. When the Nodes become activated, pressure is placed on the fabric of time and weird shit happens. There will be a meeting in time it seems as Mars opposite Chrion triggers something we can all relate to.

Perhaps my quantum – meta descriptions are telling of an alteration in the resistance to the “fabric” which limits “matter” from different worlds entering into the here and now. Chiron has been described as a catalyst for learning and Mars is renown for his reactive or proactive symbology. While Mars is sharp and hot in Leo and Chiron is socially experiential in Aquarius I am left wondering about the potential inertia involved with this ‘meeting in time’. 

Instead of assessing possibilities of mundane astrological events, perhaps by focusing on potential individual manifestations will help to indicate possible global meanings. 

When I talk about “different worlds and times” I am referring to past lives, ones earlier developmental periods, and the future potentials in life. In some instances ‘past issues’ in life may restrict a person going forward in life by creating the psychological impasse. The inertia is therefore, is an equal but opposite force for the desire to move forward.  I remember the very first Marathon that I attended as a part of psychotherapy training. A Marathon is when a group of people including a couple of therapists spend time at a weekend retreat for the purpose of healing restrictive personality issues.

Everyone at the marathon seemed to experience a roller coaster ride of feelings as they sat around one person choosing to work with the therapists. Feelings seemed to emerge for the person by what is called regression. The therapist found something that the client remembered in painful ways and which related to their current impasse in life. Their feelings which seemed emerge came from a different time in life. Once some good work was completed the client-person seemed to show a great relief.   It appeared they had shifted their impasse. This work required experiencing painful feelings and then re deciding on some matter in their life.

I remember how the therapist got me totally wrong and made me angry by dismissing my work. I wasn’t expressing my needs clearly to her.  I was furious but didn’t quite know that. My stomach was churning with pain. It was the pressure on my impasse. I wanted to leave the marathon. Later when we resumed my piece of work in the group, I explained how I felt she treated me. The therapist invited me to express some angry feelings. My whole body was shaking while regressing to another dimension. I was probably about six years old and the anger from back then finally emerged through my resistance. I felt free of the pain afterwards. I pushed through the inertia.

Remembering that good work and the relief achieved at that marathon, I realise now that it most likely would never have happened if the initial feelings of hurt and unfairness had not been triggered by the therapist. There was a definite catalyst involved in the process when the pain triggered in me. Some psychotherapists call this the Rubber Banding process where a person is flung back into some painful or angry time in life. The therapist offers an insightful Rubber Band intervention.

The Mars Chiron meeting with the Nodes next week is synchronicity at its best. Chiron’s representation of pain and healing describes unfair scenarios which provoke impasses to the past and future. Mars and the south node represents the degree of difficulty for assertive functions. Passivity and lack of independant motivation to move forward. Mars perhaps would prefer to opperate in self defeating ways by using the energy to resist.

Chiron’s timely involvement wants to make it better. There is a likelihood of two outcomes here. One way is for a reactive episodes triggered by hurtful and unfair scenarios. The other option is to ‘withold’ feelings and do nothing and repress issues back into the impasse. That is going to feel nausious.

The meeting in time between Mars Chiron and Nodes is precarious at best. If there are important natal planets making contact to this configuration there would seem to be a crisis at hand.  The crisis will be usfeul for some who can overcome the inertia and others will find that option difficult. The danger is to build upon the existing impasse by increasing defenses. The potential for suicidal thoughts should not be dismissed. Otherwise it would be best to manage energy levels during this transit in the best possible way. You can choose to leave yourself open to stress related illness if you wish?




7 Responses to “Inertiating”

  1. 1 roses June 14, 2008 at 08:38

    Why do you get so angry?

  2. 2 kingsley June 14, 2008 at 10:03

    That is a pretty open question Roses. You tend to assume a present context and an amount of extremity by asking “Why do I get so angry”. My anger today is different from 20 years ago Roses. There are various possibilities why anyone might angry Roses. Once again I feel that you are too personal and all assuming in your questioning Roses. Perhaps you might jag a big fish one day Roses.


  3. 3 roses June 14, 2008 at 15:57

    One day K – perhaps.

    I get angry most when i’m disappointed. Well i think that’s why i’m so angry. When everything doesn’t go as i think it should and i want it my way. Maybe that’s not the real reason for the smoldering that goes on inside of me. Like i’m throwing a tantrum at the world or something. But it could be because i’m so frightened most of the time and i don’t know why. What ever. But you are right though K, one day i’m going to be out on the river and catch a real doozy – you betcha!

  4. 4 kingsley June 14, 2008 at 16:50

    I hope so Roses, what will you do with the big fish once you have caught it? Throw it back in or put it on the barbie?


  5. 5 roses June 14, 2008 at 20:13

    I’d like to be the kind of person who would kiss it and throw it back into the water, but it’s not a sport for me so… the barbie sounds good with some soya sause and freshly steamed rice. Shallots are nice too. Yeah i think i’ll have some chopped up shallots too. Want some?

  6. 6 kingsley June 18, 2008 at 09:35

    I like a good bbq Roses, especially seafood on the barbie. I wouldn’t throw a fish back in Roses let alone kiss it unless that is the fish was too small. I used to stomp on blow fish puffing up on the jetty. Thats the sort of thing kids do I think.


  7. 7 roses June 19, 2008 at 10:15

    The kids in our town catch the puffa fish from the path of the bridge and throw them onto the traffic part of the bridge where they explode. It’s a bit ewwww, but they laugh so much and most of us expect it. Though i’d hate to have to go back to there, the different way a young mind works is often so refeshing to watch/hear/feel/encourage.

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