Talk To The Hand

Today has been a slow old day. In some ways I envy the northern hemisphere because they must have slept through most of the Moon Saturn conjunction today. Moon Saturn conjunction happens once every month. It is a time where moods fluctuate with the weather (SAD; Seasonal Affective Disorder), it is a time when the traffic seems to go slower and one gets caught behind a couple of pensioners at the checkout. Moon Saturn seems to limit expression and communications. Today I have not receieved one e mail in my tray. Its a day when one would do well to “talk to the hand”.



In what I call the micro observations of Astrology, instead of observing transiting planets that take over a year to move past a particular point, the faster movers such as the Moon can travel up to 13 degrees in one day and of course the Sun travels about one degree per day. Watching and waiting for the Moon to travel past Saturn is like observing paint drying. The only astrology point that is faster than the Moon is the Ascendant degree. Every four minutes in time another degree clicks over the eastern horizon. Watching the Ascendant click over, is the closest thing in astrology to living in the now.

The Moon travels the complete zodiac in about thirty days and along the way she can trigger off all manner of other current aspects depending on the circumstances. Today hasn’t been too bad because Venus and the Sun are Cazimi. That is Venus has been no more than 17 minutes from the exact degree of the Sun. The Cazimi tends to bring a pure kind of expression to the planet which is within the “heart” of the Sun.

If one is timing a party or some gala affair they would do best to avoid the Moon Saturn aspect unless that is the event was a state funeral or other such formal obligatory function. The aspect will tend to last for a good ten hours however the full affect is over a two hour period when the aspect is partile (exact).  A counsellor could expect moody clients and clients who say very little. Perhaps the melancholy nature of the Moon Saturn aspect has reinforced existing patterns of thought in some depressed clients today. The Moon Saturn is a seasonal affective kind of time where patience and old folk are emphasized. Its pension day! 


Talk to the hand today



4 Responses to “Talk To The Hand”

  1. 1 roses June 10, 2008 at 10:35

    Are you sure that the astralogical signs are the ones that create this stuff or is it our belief in them that make us behave in a way parallel to the signs? Do we do because we see or do we see because we do?

    Did any of that make any sense?… roses

  2. 2 kingsley June 10, 2008 at 10:53

    Well, the astrological cycles are there Roses and they seem to reflect the potential scenarios quite well mostly. At least my testing of them over the last 20 years has led me to that conclusion. (and millions of other astrologers). We do as we do and the stars reflect how “we do or don’t do” Roses. I am sure your astrology chart would reveal some wonderous revelations you thought unable to be found in the heavenly bodies up there!


  3. 3 roses June 11, 2008 at 19:42

    Yes, probaby K. They are lovely to sleep under – the stars that is. It can be a tad cold just right now but during the warmer months, it’s just lovely.

    So, they reflect the potential scenarios. Not predict what will happen?


  4. 4 kingsley June 11, 2008 at 20:57

    yes thats right Roses, however one needs a good astrologer to determine the possibilities in defined ways. It sort of does end up predictive sometimes Roses.


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