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Working with information on the mythology and psychology of astrological Pluto has always been considered deep and powerful. Pluto has indeed been a strong metaphor for transformation and change in the psyche. Imagery of Pluto outlines areas of the subconscious realms, death and the underworld where change is a matter of course rather than choice.

Pluto Abducting Persephone

Pluto mythology allows us to explore the hidden treasures of power within our psyche. It is said that Pluto lived in the Underworld, he was the brother of Zeus and the antithesis of all that is above the earth. Pluto is the scary object in a mother’s mind that motivates her to protect her daughter from the powerful man that will steal her away. Apparently, Pluto mythology describes Persephone’s abduction and rape. Persephone’s mother made a secret deal with Pluto that allows her to live both in the underworld and in the ‘real’ world. The Greeks describe how Persephone’s duality in different worlds symbolises nature’s seasons. The seasons from Summer to Winter are observable transformations in our environment which cannot be interfered with by man.

Pluto is also a figure of great wealth and resources. A god who lives underground with all the treasures unimaginable. He wears a hat that makes him invisible so one never quite knows whether he is standing next to you. Pluto in Astrology natal charts represents the area of life where a person has some psychological difficulty. The person may be drawn into making transformations in these areas to allow freedom from the confines of the unconscious workings.

Transitting Pluto will draw out buried psychological issues to reveal the treasures that have always been available for the person but not seen. Pluto tends to represent something taken away and the grief work that transforms personality. The person develops a sense of power within, in relation to a loss denoted by Pluto. Pluto wants you to be powerful in an area of your world that you go to least of all.

Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld; Anubis the afterlife, a figure of change and of the literal underworld Lord. Pluto is the psychological disorder and the cure in which the subconscious obsesses or projects.

The Crime Boss

PLuto Contacts in the Natal Chart

Moon Pluto is the smothering, controlling mother and the consequent disruption to ones development. The person learns to manipulate or otherwise exhibits intense forms emotions or alternatively denies them. This person is always going through profound ‘feeling’ changes. The Moon Pluto person finds it easier to mask feelings and be the one in control. Mood disorders and hystrionic types.

Sun Pluto is the controlling Father restricting movements of his daughter because he knows what the “pluto” figure is capable of. Trouble is the Sun Pluto is in the daughters chart and she will find the power and will to go anyway. The Sun Pluto person is an organiser extraordinaire, a manager of things and constantly “doing”. Wilful about one’s identity in the light of subconsciously losing that.

Mercury Pluto Lucky that Mercury, the winged god can go where most other gods are not allowed. Mercury and Pluto look into the micro world of facts and information. Here is the “thinking” person who cannot stop. They may apply their minds to tasks that require digging up facts that no one else would. They are private detectives and probe probe probe. Its the only way to be in control of otherwise totally blank mind; the fear is about the mind being abducted if they stop thinking.  The micro pedantic.

Venus Pluto is about the disruptive early attachment and how relationships do not feel right unless there is a certain intensity. Transformations in relationships is like rebirth. Until the person finds a  partner that can ‘handle’ the intensity, desire is subjugated, sexualised and then acted out. Venus Pluto is the push and pull in ones relationship, the ‘loud’ drama required in relationship and a love of acting out. The relationship counsellor with the iron fist in a velvet glove.

Mars Pluto is the transformative warrior and nuclear powerhouse person. Living in the underworld are the motivations for such exertions of energy or action. Mars and PLuto represent the act of rape where the the eye for an eye retribution is the projective identification of anger. The anger that one cannot have, or the anger that one cannot control is related to testosterone levels and highly charged sexuality. Many teachers have Mars Pluto because the classroom supplies them with the environment to be in charge, to exercise their need to be in control as opposed to despairing.

Jupiter Pluto is the control freak personified, this person has the ability to persuade and preach others about beliefs. Jupiter expands exponentially, the potential of Pluto’s power. The power requires a paradigm to effectively be used. Religious and cultish groups are grounds for many concepts indeed and its here the Jupiter Pluto person has some influence. Otherwise self righteous elements and sexual deviance’s creep into subconscious workings. The obsessive compulsive and nymphomaniac.

Saturn Pluto All of Pluto’s contacts have an obsessive function and here, the issue is political. Fundamental building blocks have a way of quaking in life’s after shocks. Developmentally there is traumatic stress under the surface which requires great control. Transformations of ones reality and grounding require constant forms of authoritative investment. The executive or financial controller in contrast to a sense of powerlessness. (Bankruptcy) The Borderline type.

Uranus Pluto There is a mini generation in the mid sixties with this configuration who tend to display a kind of perverse transformative energy. It is a rebellious energy that requires constant adjustment to complex subconscious forces. Changes which come about suddenly and unexpectedly give rise to a potential of dealing with chaos. Rebelling against reforms however reverting or inverting back to the status quo. As long as there is change for this person.  The perverse.

Pluto on Angle usually represents a deep sense of loss in ones life. It could be that there has been a death in the family while growing up. Its the kind of imprint in ones character that eventuates in a deeply profound sense. At the mid heaven Pluto is the Nuclear physicist turned painter, the domestic engineer. It doesn’t really matter about careers as long as one’s life has intensity. Pluto opposite the Ascendant is where we attract powerful people and controlling relationships. Projection of subconscious workings. Blaming others, wanting others to change around us. Being controlled or controlling in relationships. Perhaps not having relationships. Pluto on the Ic is the hereditary patterns of our father’s father. Generational and genetic coding where personalities take on traits within our bones. Pluto at the ascendant is a powerful and intense persona, a defense to everything else within the chart. The person is constantly changing the colour of their hair or appearance. The enigma.



5 Responses to “Pluto Astro”

  1. 1 roses May 24, 2008 at 19:41

    I know several people who are always doing something with their hair. Is that the same as guys? I have heard of men colouring their hair but not obsesively so.

    This one was really interesting. Every one of them brought faces into my mind as i was reading them. So everyone has a bit of Pluto in them then?


  2. 2 kingsley May 25, 2008 at 19:28

    Could be Roses, its usually a little deeper than cosmetic changes, Pluto isn’t really interested in pretentious items. My literal and physical example of Pluto creating change really does extend more to obsessive behavioural types. The person is quite adapted or rather, they display a strong and expressive persona of some kind.


  3. 3 Sandro Penteado September 3, 2009 at 09:31

    Gostaria de mais informações. Thank

  1. 1 Spine Tingling Stories « Astrology by Kingsley Trackback on January 3, 2009 at 21:27

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