In ancient Babylonian times wise men in the community enlisted an unusual method to estimate what the Gods might be planning. The ritual of animal sacrifice included the study of the dead animal’s liver. Hepatoscopy or liver divination provided direction for communities practicing such methods.

According to the ‘divine government’ theory in these times, the liver was the seat of the soul. The animal sacrifice and inspection of the liver reflected the God’s wishes for the community. Hepatoscopy was thought to represent the begining of astrology where the principal of prediction (the gods wishes) were reflected in the stars movements around the earth.  A good article on Hepatoscopy is here or here

In medical astrology the Liver is generally represented by the planet Jupiter. It is the biggest organ in the body and it involves the filtration of unwanted excesses in the body via the blood. The various portals and associated aspects of the liver are also represented by various signs and planets. Physicians in the old days were competent astrologers and used the heavenly practice to diagnose and treat patients. If you can read the glyphs and words relating to the liver in this Medical Encyclopedia  I congratulate you.

Using astrology to diagnose illness is not something one does at home-alone. However the principal of the process involves the ascendant and the ascendant ruler, the hyleg, the sixth house ruler and whether other planetary indicators might show either chronic types of illness or just potentially vulnerable health issues. Saturn is usually involved in chronic illness and hopefully there are very few connections between the “disease” and the eighth house of surgery or death. The treatment or cure in the astrology chart is represented by the Midheaven degree and ruler. The best use of astrology and ill health is the practice of Decumbiture. The physician makes a chart for the moment the patient “falls ill”. Information about the diagnosis and prognosis can be gleaned from the chart.

Nicholas Culpeper devised a system still in use today which associates astrology and different herbs or treatment medications.   

These days, the liver is increasingly becoming one of the most important biological organs in the world. The silent epidemic known as Hepatitis C is sweeping the world infecting millions upon millions of people. Hepatitis C is transmitted by blood to blood contact and the virus can remain dormant or asymptomatic for twenty plus years. 

There are a percentage of Hepatitis C infected people who will ultimately require liver transplants or whom go on to developing HCC (Liver Cancer) which may lead to their deaths. Jupiter is increasingly  becoming a very important planet by its association to the liver. The medical authorities are predicting an overwhelming escalation in the number of people infected with the virus.

Many people do not know that they have the virus or alternatively keep quiet about their illness because of a social stigma connected to one method of virus transmission.  Drug companies and research hospitals are on the trail for the golden fleece of cures because they stand to make many billions of dollars as well as curing the population of this scourge.

Next week is World Hepatitis Awareness Day. Monday 19th May 2008. Their campaign for this year revolves around the question “Are you number twelve”? That is right, 1 out of 12 people are infected with hepatitis. 

Here is the chart for World Hepatitis Awareness Day 

The Moon is showing how someone important in the land will be speaking out. The chart seems to show a strong emphasis for the awareness day promotion.





2 Responses to “Liverology”

  1. 1 roses May 13, 2008 at 09:45

    Umm… K, i’m still getting over the last post so this ‘liver’ ‘Hep C’ one is kind of not getting in.


  2. 2 kingsley May 13, 2008 at 15:16

    Hi Roses, its a bit much I agree. Glad you still come by here and leave comments Roses.


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