Event Synchronicity

Years ago when I worked on the phones as a crisis telephone counsellor I experimented with Event Astrology. I would cast a chart for the beginning of my shift to ascertain the nature of the calls I might receive. I learned in a general sense that the nature of the calls for a four hour shift did seem to match significant points in the Event Chart. How did this help me as a telephone counsellor? 

I remember in the early days of learning counselling techniques that dealing with suicide was a scary prospect. Sometimes the crisis calls were “suicide in progress”. That is, the client had taken pills or cut themselves and then called the suicide hotline. It was good to have some kind of pre warning to estimate what to expect in my shift. Some days my event charts showed Mars at the angles or perhaps the Moon was travelling between Neptune and Uranus. In a general sense I could estimate that the calls were about anger or perhaps depression and then alienation. The charts were quite limited by the information they showed however they were like sign posts to the possibilities for the context of my shift. I think my event chart experiments were more about the validating of astrology techniques to start with however as I explored the technique further I noticed a theme between the astrology and the caller’s issues.

These days I might very occasionally look at the event chart for a new client to explore the possibilities of our meeting. The most recent case turned out to be synchronatic indeed. I checked the chart of a new client because they seemed to be a little left of centre to me. The client changed the time of our meeting several times and then called prior the session to confirm the time once again. Here is the chart for the meeting.


Mars the planet of aggression is at the Mc (Medium Coeli) which shows the emphasis of the meeting. Mars is also the ruler of Scorpio, the ascendant degree which represents the client at the meeting. Initially I thought the client would have some anger issues. Seeing that I specialise in anger issues it was nothing unusual for me to contemplate this issue from the chart because its my line of work. Mars is also in the final degrees of Cancer before going over into Leo. The change of signs by Mars indicates that the tone of the meeting will change. The client shifts his energy from one state to another.

Venus is the ruler of relationships and represents nurturing qualities in astrology. Venus is on the 7th house angle and in the exact opposite degree to the ascendant. The position of Venus is very strong indeed. The 7th house ruler Venus represents the counsellor in these types of meeting charts.

Venus the ruler of Taurus happens to be in Taurus and accentuated at the 7th house cusp so it seemed to me that my consistency and “strength” looked very good indeed. My other thought was that the potential for this client involved using relational therapy styles.

I decided to look further into the details by going to the “lots” or Arabic Parts information where I found that the Part of Father was conjunct the Mc. This is where I stopped investigating the chart which took no more than five minutes.

The synchronatic timing for the meeting unfolded with some extraordinary details of anger for the client. He initially informed me about his problem with Mathematics (Mars) and his deep seated anger. In the course of our meeting he displayed pyrotechnical kind of feelings ranging from intense anger and then deep sadness.  The Moon is an indicator of how things might unfold in predictive Astrology and in this case the Moon is opposite Pluto. This is an explosive combination showing intensity and the nature of his highly reactive feelings.

The client spoke about killing several people and how he was locked up over a week for attempting to strangle a person. During our meeting, the astrology detail was the farthest thing from my mind. I tend to attune to the client and respond instinctively to what is required. My steadfast nurturing style offered safety and containment while I viewed his pyrotechnic feelings in action. 

Allowing some measure of catharsis for this client may have not have been a decision other counsellors would have made, however I decided on an ‘easy’ activity while he was angry. The catharsis was extreme and the client erupted into anger that he directed towards his father. Thirty seconds or so of the activity was plenty enough. 

This particular client was “referred on” by his last counsellor who may not have explored the use of anger catharsis. The anger for the client seemed destined for our meeting and according to the Event chart. Perhaps the client sensed my potency to cope with such pyrotechnical types of feelings and on this occasion booked his meeting with me at the “right” time.

In my mind the  client could have his anger and the relationship with me at the same time. Mars at the Mc and Venus at the 7th angle certainly showed how such a powerful meeting has the potential for ongoing relational styles of therapy.

Sometimes certain meetings involve a great deal of synchronicity for two or more people. The astrology chart indicated the synchronicity in this case, however I remain vigilant with this client because in the end, I do not intend to be the one getting strangled.



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  1. 1 roses May 13, 2008 at 09:43

    Oh K! Remain vigilent. I can’t think of anything else to say right now.


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