The DMZ: A Mind Field

Boundaries are Useful

When two different forces opperate in close proximity to each other, over time the nature of these forces may appear to be one of the same. Perhaps the middle east or the Korean situations echo this theory of two “forces”. Many clients who enter therapy often describe the “war Zone” in their heads and their need for peace. It would seem that while two equal and adjacent energies stand firm in opposition, a helpful process would be to differentiate the forces by creating a boundary fence. In between the two fences can be (what is called) the demilitarized zone. The DMZ in one’s head is also perhaps an interim space where a degree of differentiation between the forces becomes a Mind Field of potential.  

In military terms, a demilitarized zone (DMZ) is an area, usually the frontier or boundary between two or more military powers(or alliances), where military activity is not permitted, usually by peace treaty, armistice or other bilateral or multilateral agreement. Often the demilitarized zone lies upon a line of control and forms a de-facto international border.

We all experience “voices in the head”, it can be our conscience speaking or perhaps a driving and motivational inner voice, spurring us on to achieve greatness? The dichotomy of the voices within can be the chatter between one psychological drive and another. Sometimes these voices can be at “war” with each other for long periods of time. This process may have an impact on one’s personality and develop into neuroses.

The potential for this kind of psychic inner chatter can be identified in a couple of ways via the astrology chart. Two planets conjunct in the chart, a planet in Gemini or a configuration involving one planet laying between two others (beseigement or midpoint structures). In some cases the astrological dichotomy theory is where two different planets receive the same light from one other planet. It could be a T square or one planet trine and square two other planets at the same time. 

The Sergant Major Within

Conjunctions in the natal chart are two different planets co joining their energies which then seem to generate a new or unique ‘flavour’ in tandem. The inner authoritative voice of the Drill Sergant can be harsh at times and represent Saturnian influences demanding the other parts of personality “fall in line” to his kind of working structure.

The drill sergant may or may not be Saturn in the chart however in principle, the drill sergant represents one planetary emphasis seeking dominance over an other. The problem that can arise between the duality of energy-combinations is when a person develops confusion between how the individual planetary functions are supposed to work.  It may be that a current life circumstance presents a situation where one planet (one aspect of personality) has a “need” to differentiate from the other; to have its voice and be recognised independantly. The other planet in this combination may be demanding control; that the other planet (energy) relinquish power to them. The war zone in ones head can be the battle between these two energies; of “staying the same and changing” in order to accomodate new life experiences.

Some of the main astrological combinations generating dichotomy’s in my opinion are: Uranus Pluto, Jupiter Saturn, Jupiter Neptune, Saturn Neptune, Pluto Saturn, Uranus Saturn, Sun Saturn, Moon Saturn, Venus Saturn,  Mars Saturn, Mars in Gemini and Mars in Libra.

The transits of Uranus to co joined natal planets are timely events indeed and perhaps represent the need for differentiating the ‘identity’ of two planets. The Uranus transit demands that the two planets be separate, to ‘know’ their individual form in the scheme of personality. Perhaps Uranus can symbolically represent the separation process here and the initial struggle bewteen the dividing co joined forces. 

The initial individuation process requires creating a demilitarized zone where the person can reflect and recognise how the the two forces work together. Eventually the person may begin to understand how the two planets (energies) work independantly from one another too. Its a precarious inner-psychic zone indeed, its a Mind Field where neutrality and an agreement for non shouting – non demanding can hopefully expand to produce something else for the person. Of course the trick is not to create extreme divisions that perpetuate another kind of duality issue namely “splitting off” in personality.   

One must initially agree to the DMZ and “sign the contract” in order to facilitate change. That means both parts of the dichotomy (co-joined planets) are required to form a working relationship in order to move forward in the current life circumstance. The wall or boundary is a temporary distinction that is helpful for the integration to ocurr and ultimately the two energies will hopefully co exist in a new Mind Field and without the need for the DMZ boundary fence.






8 Responses to “The DMZ: A Mind Field”

  1. 1 roses April 9, 2008 at 08:55

    Like politics? Hopefully the senate is run by an apposing party? Kind of balances it out don’t you think? Is that close to what this article is about?

    And… G’day Ken


  2. 2 kingsley April 9, 2008 at 09:19

    Hi Roses, not really that close Roses. It is kind of like politics though. Perhaps a bit like the Australian Coalition (Liberals and Nationals) in that the Nationals have no real individual identity. Maybe they could separate and establish what they stood for in the first place and then form another working arrangement with the Liberals Roses?


  3. 3 roses April 11, 2008 at 19:11

    I don’t think they will Kingsley, I think there’ll be some new players in our political decor soon. I can feel it in the water (and i’m a gemini!). Why is Gemini the twins and what does that mean. Pisces is 2 fish and they aren’t seen as scaty and confused. Gosh, i was so having a whine then. Eww, i really dislike when i do that!


  4. 4 kingsley April 12, 2008 at 08:45

    Who says that geminis are scatty and confused Roses?
    maybe you could read the bits you like and skip the other bits?


  5. 5 roses April 12, 2008 at 09:16

    Well, don’t ‘they’ say that Gemini’s have duel personalities? Isn’t that the general uneducated guess? Sometimes i’m in 2 minds about something but that’s not just because i’m a Gemini. I don’t understand either, so… what ever.

    Hope your Saturday is starting out nicely. Its about 9.15am over there so, good morning.

    Cheers… roses

  6. 6 kingsley April 12, 2008 at 09:46

    Yes, There is more than one side to the Gemini personality descriptions Roses.
    One doesn’t necessarily have to include “confusion” in the descriptions of Gemini though. Unless that is there is an “argument” between the two parts. Usually on part will happy to wake up with their thoughts on matters one day and then the other part wakes up the next day and has their thoughts on the matter.

    Gemini’s may in that way keep their views in a separate form and become quite adaptable to discussing this and that with whoever they are with at the time.

    It is interesting when a Gemini is at the fork in the road Roses, because then there is more of a need to decide one way or the other. Its easier for the Pisces fish to swim whichever way they wish in those circumstances but for the Gemnini, they wish to walk both roads at the same time.


  7. 7 roses April 12, 2008 at 11:14

    Its interesting how you can know me so well with the bland information on a website.

    Ohh… that’s why i had to go down to the shops yesterday and buy a guitar. I have one but my son uses it for recording. Sometimes i wake up in the morning and i need to musify myself. So now i can. Well, until this new guitar goes missing too. But other mornings i just want to paint or write.

    I have to say K, that i’m so enjoying this Uni stuff. Who would have thought that essay writing – words, sentences, paragraphs and the grammatical would be so fun! Gosh – i’ve always loved math but this other stuff is so interesting. Kind of like a puzzle that never ends – Oh, that sounds boring. Happy weekend to you K.


  8. 8 kingsley April 12, 2008 at 15:36

    I guess that is the thing with Gemini’s Roses, they can go down two roads at the same time.

    Glad your enjoying Uni


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