Planetary Assertiveness

Mercury is opposing Saturn today following Venus yesterday. I seem to be having a few cancellations by clients today. I often get text messages and calls from clients wishing to cancel their appointments or re schedule their times. I remember when my very first clients would cancel and how I thought it was something to do with me. “Have I done something wrong?” In the case of today’s cancellations it means that I can write some blogs and I am happy about that and don’t give it a second thought.


 It seems that it is possible to think about ourselves in less helpful or unhealthy ways sometimes. There are a number of healthy and unhealthy ways of going about our thinking processes. For example; its ok to have normal guilty feelings about some matter, in the course of accepting ones actions: however when those guilty feelings persist, escalate or deepen one could say the thoughts have become neurotic (less helpful).

Seeing as though astrologers talk about planets and aspects in natal charts it is also possible to have helpful or less helpful thinking about how planetary functions work in ones life. One could persist in a belief that their Mars is useless in the third house or their Mercury is in “stupid” Pisces. Usually when beginning astrology a person will tend to have these fluctuating negative thoughts as they become familiar with the Astrology process. In time and with a growing sense of solidarity of identity negative beliefs about planets transcend to assertive forms. It is a bit like gaining self esteem by viewing the ‘objects’ of natal planetary functions in a new way. Re-framing perhaps is a good word.

How do we use Planetary Assertiveness © in order to overcome reinforcing the negative thoughts about self and ones natal planets? (this is a very big question)

Perhaps the first step is about positive affirmations and the first degree impasse thoughts about oneself. Usually in Psychology these are referred to child hood “verbal messages” from parents and reaction formations. If we go against a negative thought about self or how a planet seems to work in the natal chart we may be going against an embedded parent message and Saturn. This can take time an practice to swing the mommentum over the child’s way.


Some of the affirmations for assertiveness may be the following:

Unhealthy thought: I am worthless. Assertive thought: I am a worthy person. 

Unhealthy thought: I’ll never amount to anything. Assertive thought: I have and will continue to amount to something in life. 

Unhealthy thought: I can never do anything right.Assertive thought: I am a human and it is OK if I don’t always do things right. 

Unhealthy thought: Everyone is against me. Assertive thought: I am for me and that’s all that I need right now. 

Unhealthy thought: Why can’t anyone love me for who I am? Assertive thought: I love me for who I am. 

Unhealthy thought: Why am I always the one who has to make the first move? Assertive thought: It’s OK if I am always the one to make the first move since it ensures that I get the things I deserve, want, and are good for me. 

Unhealthy thought: I will never be able to do this. Re-parenting statement: I can do anything I commit to. 

Unhealthy thought: I can’t succeed in anything. Re-parenting statement: I can succeed and be a winner in life.

Primarily, these affirmations can relate to the Sun in the natal chart. You might like to use the above in combination with your second house ruling Planet or tenth house ruling planet in the context of self worth and importance. These are things you can say and do at home because as I have said they represent 1st degree impasse thoughts about self. Notice the last couple of statements say “Re Parenting Satement” The affirmations are indeed Self Reparenting mesages designed to dislodge unhealthy belief-objects we gain from childhood or as student astrologers learning from astrology information books, alone at home.

If you hear yourself saying negative thoughts about yourself or your planets. Stop yourself! Say “No!” Be assertive and go against the unhealthy messages by using whatever you feel is the best assertive quality your planet has going for you.

Practice using Mars and say No to negative thoughts which reoccur and reinforce unhealthy beliefs about self. Use Venus and practice nurturing statements about self such as “I know, it doesn’t seem fair, I know you will be ok, and I am here to help you”


I use Mars, because its in my first house and Gemini. I say “fuck off” to less helpful thoughts about self. It seems to stop the intrapsychic condemnation going any further. I will write more about Planetary Assertiveness © and how to use, think and feel differently about one’s Planets.



2 Responses to “Planetary Assertiveness”

  1. 1 Graffiti March 20, 2008 at 06:32

    Hi Kingsley,

    I noted your comments about when a client cancels and what does the counselor do with that in his head. Maybe that is a good tool for script analysis at least for the newer therapist?

    When a client cancels the therapist goes into their script beliefs?

    Good post and I like the see-saw picture


  2. 2 kingsley March 20, 2008 at 09:57

    Thanks Grafitti, I am not sure whether I have seen that picture on your blog some time ago. Its hard to find a picture you haven’t published on your blog. Yes, script analysis gets easier and easier to identify with experience. I wonder whether reading faces can at achieve that. I will look in the mirror next time a client cancels.


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