Dutiful but Nice

Today the 16th March (Australian time) is a day of mixed feelings. Although there seems to be an isolating factor with regards to relationships today, it doesn’t mean that we have to feel separate from others. Venus is opposite Saturn today which normally produces all the variables that point to being quietly alone. This astrological aspect normally means that finances are limited which can impact on ones social experiences. Venus and Saturn contacts represent obligatory occasions and fulfilling ones perceived sense of duty in family or other relationships.


The Venus Saturn opposition is at the same location as a previous contact which tends to bring up similar or unresolved issues from around October 2007. Venus and Saturn contacts can represent relational issues in general and that means experiencing feelings today.  

The Moon opposite Jupiter is the heightener of feelings today. The options are to either “comfort eat” or to express feelings via pyrotechnics. Everyone has a choice in the way they might deal with feeling cut off, isolated, left out or having to obligate themselves. This fast moving theatrical event today has good capacity for emotional expression with  the help of Mars. Although Venus is cow-towing to Saturn, she also makes a connection to Mars.

Sometimes relationships become closer when feelings are out in the open. The obligatory function or duty today could allow an opening to connect with someone at long last. Whether one has an outburst of feelings or lunch seems to turn into a long eating affair, these are the possibilities of maintaining connection with others. Long distant relationships benefit by staying in touch; its time to “phone home”!

Mercury and Pluto are “allowing” the discussions to reveal useful information as long as one persists in connecting to others today.



3 Responses to “Dutiful but Nice”

  1. 1 Count Gramalkin Western Sidereal Zodiacal Astrologer March 16, 2008 at 10:39

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  2. 2 kingsley March 16, 2008 at 11:16

    Dear Count, that was a very long comment that you made and I felt it necessary to edit. I hope you publish points about Vedic Astrology and western astrology on your own blog.



  3. 3 kingsley March 16, 2008 at 11:44

    I guess one of the outcomes of today’s aspects is about overdoing things for fear of isoloation. Writing long posts to be heard or making many contributions (blogs) to be seen and heard. Its the over doing of things and getting more of a share. Is that supposed to make others feel left out in the process?


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