The Sky is The Limit


A recent weekend retreat discussed the topic of  Alien Healing. The thought of Alien doctors in the sky above is far from my usual investment into different paradigms of thought. I didn’t really think twice about the context of the weekend until I realised that Mercury and Chiron are conjunct the Asteroid Icarus today. It also appears that my Icarus return is also conjunct my natal Moon in Aquarius.
I remember reading quite a good article by Erin Sullivan on Icarus which defined adolescence and the teenage developmental stage. It makes sense that the Mythology of Icarus identifies with flying too high and then falling to earth in search of identity.

It seems that relevant astrological research, separate from mythology (and the haphazard way in which Asteroids acquire their names), has also defined Icarus in the chart as a sense of freedom.  Perhaps breaking away from the restrictive binds of gravity has been playing out in my thinking and chart recently?


                                   Freedom from Restriction

My natal chart shows Moon in 9th, Aquarius, conjunct Icarus. Mercury, Chiron and Icarus are transiting there right now. No wonder I ended up at a weekend retreat which incorporated an Alien Healing workshop.

We all experienced an anointment by a liberal catholic priest (including Protestant’s and Hindu’s) which was followed by some alien healing. Mind Blowing! The synchronicity of the Astrology involved is perhaps less surprising to me however continually active in the life of this Astrology person. Ok, it is truly amazing; just so the non astrological people reading this might grasp the context of real life experiences and the workings of Astrology.

I would say that Ripley’s signature phrase “Believe It Or Not” is the flavour of Mercury, Chiron and Icarus conjunction today. Perhaps the sky is the limit to ones ability for freedom of thought process. To effortlessly push beyond the usual limitations or bounds of thought to find a sense of freedom in the process. Its not really about Alien Healing however ones ability to remain open to concepts beyond themselves. Increased intuition and uncannily “knowing” things is my interpretation.

It would also be wise to to understand the concept of Gravity and mythology. Icarus was no god, he was bound to a mortal life and through the skills of his father was able to free himself albeit temporarily. Unfortunately he pushed the envelope too hard. He forgot that his wings were sealed by wax and that the Sun’s heat interrupted his stakes for freedom.

The Sky is the limit today and believe it or not I am not insane.  




3 Responses to “The Sky is The Limit”

  1. 1 elsa March 5, 2008 at 00:28

    “…believe it or not I am not insane. ”

    Hee! 🙂

  2. 2 kingsley March 5, 2008 at 04:09

    One needs to believe in something Elsa.
    Did you know that Atheism is a non prophet organisation?


  3. 3 juliedemboski March 5, 2008 at 04:31

    Hi Kingsley,

    Thanks for the welcome to WordPress. I ‘ve enjoyed your posts in the past (saw them through Astrology News) and like your ideas about Icarus–I’ll have to start keeping an eye on that one!


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