The River Runs Red


Mars – Pluto contacts in Astrology describe how energies can peak in some manner. Whether that means Peak Oil or peak agression, this Astrological combination  can point to overdoing things physically. 

Descriptions of Mars Pluto contacts are best described in the right astrological context. There is a difference between Mars – Pluto Natal contacts, Pluto transits to Mars and Mundane interpretations. 

Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn tends to invite the idea of the River Running Red. The ravaged earth, peak energy and conservationists seeing red.

Mars Pluto is an extraordinary kind of energy in the personal natal chart. There is a special kind of physical motivation available for this person. Mars Pluto is like an internal generator with an output measured in megawatts.

One Social Worker I know with Mars Pluto, works in a low socio economic area dealing with clients in conflict, day in and day out. She manages and a community centre where fighting for funding is a constant battle. This person deals with angry people in the community with seamless control.

Another woman I know, runs her husbands business and deals with extraordinary family crises one after the other. Normal people would faint at the sheer thought of their workloads. The men I know with natal Mars-Pluto are also “power stations” with huge reserves of energy which are directed positively through their work endeavours.

There is a deep core to the Mars Pluto Person and that energy must be controlled at all costs.  

The familiar theme in the personality of Mars Pluto natal aspects is a behavioural framework for control. What happens when a person cannot direct the energy symbolized by Mars Pluto or perhaps the “controlling framework” for the person crumbles? Mars Pluto has a habit of representing the extreme notion of a bullet aimed to kill. Mars Pluto represents the use of power and control. The energy of anger.     

When a nuclear fission plants reactor begins to over cook, the energy is driven inwards resulting in a meltdown. The energy in the nuclear meltdown must find a way out and the environment eventually become greatly affected.

Mars Pluto has the potential to represent an illness created by stress related issues especially when Pluto transits the natal Mars. I can remember when Pluto was opposing my Mars where a repetitive strain injury restricted my heavy physical work and weekends spent surfing.

The internalized energy in my case required finding another type of catharsis (release). At this time I began to use my intellectual process and studied Trans-Actional-Analysis. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis defined a kind of mental process, while Pluto tolled physical stress and injury. This kind of thing points to the transmuting and displacement potential of Pluto and Mars. The energy must find another way out.    


Domestic Violence 

Without some good measure of control, Mars Pluto has the capacity to represent increased aggression and rage in astrology charts which interpret social manifestations accross the community. 

The “heat” of Mars in the watery sign of Cancer according to William Lilly and Ptolemy, has a cooling effect and thus its inclusion as triplicity ruler of Cancer. Perhaps their literal and therapeutic view of Mars cooling down in Cancer gives this planet dignity there?  

Ebertin, the great master of combined planetary influences states that Mars in Cancer represents an intense emotional life, subject to moods, impulsiveness, and actions governed by instinct. Perhaps the association of Mars with sharp objects and the notion of “attack” speaks about a “pain in the gut” type of feeling with Mars in Cancer. In my view the energy of Mars tends to be driven inwards in the sign of Cancer. This process has the potential for two things.

Anger can be expressed assertively in an outwardly direction as in controlled anger. Or alternatively anger can be driven inwardly or repressed. Depending on how a person deals with their inwardly driven anger, there is always potential for eventual uncontrolled explosive releases of anger. The anger turned inwards can transmute into something else, perhaps illness and depression or other incapacitation’s.


               Whats Hidden in Your trunk?  

Pluto has a way of purging and transforming energy in unconscious ways. I like the word transmuting and transference with regard to Pluto’s psychological descriptions. Sometimes we might project our unresolved feelings elsewhere or transmute them sexually.  Pluto symbology can also be probing and “raising up” matters buried in the underworld.  Combining the energy of Mars and Pluto one can begin to imagine a visual of a big stick (Mars) probing beneath the ground (Pluto) for something no one else can see.  

The not too far away Mars opposite Pluto transit could be called the “Biopsy Aspect”. The need to probe into unknown areas might seem like an intrusive needle to find out the reality of a situation. It is a test! The painful jab of the biopsy needle eventually subsides and the “probing” brings to light some very important information indeed. If we are not willing participants of such probing (psychologically or physical) the instinctive reactions might be quite surprising and cathartic.

Perhaps by investigating or at least visualizing what ones sorest emotional spots consist of, might be helpful in the light of the Mars opposite Pluto aspect next week. Or perhaps practicing good anger management skills will go along way to using the energy assertively and  productively.







3 Responses to “The River Runs Red”

  1. 1 A. February 25, 2008 at 22:59

    I have Mars in Cancer (in sextile to Pluto) and you describe it quite well! And I find it difficult to be around angry energy; I soak it in.
    Great post…

  2. 2 kingsley February 26, 2008 at 11:58

    Interesting that you soak energy in A?

    I think we all do that up to a point. Perhaps a little soaking in and then squezing out-
    a bit like “wax on wax off” routine. I wonder what goes on internally while one has soaked energy and before that gets wrung out? What purpose does it provide. I am not really asking you but thinking aloud here.


  1. 1 Force Be With You « Astrology by Kingsley Trackback on March 3, 2008 at 16:15

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