Joker Eclipse

The name of the fixed star Sualocin first appeared in a catalogue in 1814 without explanation. The astronomer and founder of the star Niccolo Cacciatore apparently playing a practical joke, spelled his latinized name Nicolaus Venator back to front 


The Eclipse in February 2008 seems to have an underlying naivety and playfulness attached, thanks to the fixed stars in Dolphinus, Sualocin and Rotanev. The line up includes a tightly packed combination of Moon-Sun-Merury rx-Chiron all parked over the top of the fixed star Sualocin. 

Ptolemy describes the stars in Delphinus as the combination of Mars-Saturn. Robson describes Sualocin “fondness of pleasure, ecclesiastical matters, travel – but the danger of suffering ingratitude.

Robson refers Sualocin to “simple appearance, cheerfulness, dissembling and duplicity-love of hunting and sport but little happiness”.  (ref Sue Wilson)

Brady states about Sualocin  “Tantalising but naive, the symbol of the fish of Christianity. Tantalising character, The tease of the shy person-certain naivety while at the same time – overconfidence”. 


Gunzberg quotes “starlight” saying that Mercury culminating along with Sualocin is “playfulness with the truth and facts, a different way of seeing the world”.   

                                                  A Different View

The eclipse at first glance seems pretty harmless. An irreverence of facts, the practical joke, something lost between the naivety and boldness perhaps? Is the eclipse “for real”? Does this eclipse “walk the talk”of eclipses? Is it just joking?

If you have read previous posts of mine you will perhaps identify the Moon Chiron and Mercury Chiron threads describing dysfunction along with heightened senses. With all seriousness and irreverence I put it to you, that a diagnosis of the forthcoming eclipse involves Cosmic Cognitive Dissonance (CCD). The likelihood of conflicting thoughts and beliefs in our every day lives is emphasised to the degree that we are motivated to form different perspectives of life.

The New Moon, retrograde Mercury and Chiron is a cosmic joke indeed. Perhaps a good laugh is therapeutic and the situation leaves nothing else to do but laugh. The February Eclipse as an oxymoronic juxtaposition that may seem  back ass-wardly, in a one way direction. Confusing situation indeed and like puzzles, there are ways to put the pieces together form an image. 

The New Moon eclipse is about a completely new perspective in communication systems. Re routing logical systems and sensitive interpretations of things ‘unknown’. 

 It is about understanding our own inner chatter and cognitive dissonance. Deciding (and how ever frivolously that may be), upon another train of thought in some aspect in life. 

There will be a way to understand and develop therapeutic paradigms to create different outcomes within ourselves and the community; because we can. Otherwise the things we leave unexpressed become backed up like the problems with the writers strike in America. Humour and irreverence is creatively used to break stuck ideology in order to move forward in a new start.  

New avenues of interpreting and disseminating logical processes through visual technologies.   



4 Responses to “Joker Eclipse”

  1. 1 kingsley February 1, 2008 at 15:11

    It may be interesting to note that the Messenger sattelite probe has done a “drive by” on Mercury in the last day. The first pictures of the ‘dark side’ of Mercury (his butt) have been especially revealing. Apparently there are a series of lines radiating out from a central and circular crater formation.

    I will place a picture in the chart page.


  2. 2 roses February 5, 2008 at 06:44

    “Humour and irreverence is creatively used to break stuck ideology in order to move forward in a new start.”

    Isn’t doing this a usual practice for most people most of the time? So are you saying there is an eclipse or the eclipse is a practical joke? And is it an eclipse when one of them isn’t exactly in line with the others?

    Well i guess that’s still an eclipse too. It is when that happens with the sun, moon and earth. So i guess so.

    Hope you have a lovely Tuesday Ken. It’s raining a lot here. I’m so happy about that because it’s cool enough to cook alot today.

    Cheers… roses

  3. 3 kingsley February 5, 2008 at 10:02

    Hi Roses, I am saying there is point in time around this eclipse where we might need laugh about something we have said or done. That its possible we may receive some reflection about ourselves which may not initially, be easy to take. I am saying that its ok to accept that ‘reflection of self’ and then see the humour in that.

    These things I agree, happen all the time, however there is a much greater potential for that to happen now because of the New moon and eclipse. Maybe some might not see the hunour roses, however that is what I am saying will relieve the stress of accepting these reflections of self in a genuine way.

    have a good day roses


  4. 4 goastrology July 16, 2010 at 22:27

    Great post! and lol, very Chevy Chase.

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