Chronocrator Perturbator


Discovering the meaning of cycles in time is certainly a job for the modern urbanized Timelord. It is also a matter of knowing some strange words that most normal people would never understand. Anyway, spinning through eons of ineternet information I came across a corner of the galaxy that showed me a sign. I think it was on facebook. Timely information about my personal Chronocrator period appeared as if the ancient Timelords Lords surrepticously and purposefully directed me there. A very reptutable astrologer outlined a Firdaria period and accompanying transits exactly matching my own chart angles and time period. Chronocratic I thought.

The end of the Saturn Firdaria (Saturn Moon period) seems to offer insights into endings and trouble in the home, especially with Saturn transitting my 4th cusp. I wondered about all the other good folks with fifty year old Diurnal charts. Most people born during the day time in 1957 will be at the end stage of their Saturn Firdaria period. A very good excerpt on Firdaria if you can understand the ancient words written there. It’s not too hard going really, however for the uninitiated the complexity of words is somewhat daunting. Anyway unlike like Profection and the use of Time Lords, the Firdaria outlines periods in life using the Chaldean order of planets depending on whether the chart is Diurnal or Nocturnal. The specific Firdaria period also has sub periods which start with the next planet down from the Chronocrator in the Chaldean order of things.

Timelord or Chronocrator

Those of us turning fifty-one this year are also heading into the astrological cycle known as the Chiron Return. Chiron the Urban Chronocrator and the great catalyst in life. I have heard the Chiron return described as entering the last one third of life.

It is an astrological ‘developmental stage’ which represents the seeking out of new meanings and purpose in ones life. Usually by the time fifty rolls along a person has established steady routines and structures that would point to a degree of stability. So why would as the Chiron return is suggesting, a person seek out greater purpose and meaning for themselves at this time?

The Chiron return suggests transition and transcendence. Unlike the Pluto transits involving transformation, Chiron offers an idea of acceptance in ones own measure of life at this time. Perhaps certain achievements in life have become lack lustre and there is a need for something else. Feeling connected to ones purpose and achievements in life to this point begins to fade. Like the developmental crisis and eventual rupture of symbiosis, this cyclic design for growth can be confronting for the fifty-one year old.

The realisation of stagnation in goals and the acceptance that there is little time left for starting other passionate life-projects leaves a sense of purposelessness.

The Chronocrator perturbator at these times can be the Firdaria especially for day time births in 1957.  Saturn Moon firdaria period in my view relates to endings and health, depending where and what Saturn is doing in the natal chart. This is an “end” stage firdaria and the new period begining is Jupiter. The Chironic call for transcending ones attachments to their successes and failures is setting the scenes for quite a different platform. But what is it? “Where is the sign to guide me”? There is something higher in life at play now, with a somewhat disturbing call for purposefulness. It might just be a “time lords” message bank replaying what you have always supposed to be doing. Your calling is calling! Get a wriggle on 57’s.


Last of the Boekind, rumoured to have lived for billions of years, the Face of Boe is a wise being. On his third meeting with Boe the Doctor was told of a great secret that the Time Lord was not the last of his kind.

I hope you understand the words in the end.



2 Responses to “Chronocrator Perturbator”

  1. 1 roses January 26, 2008 at 05:30

    I loved Dr Who! We used to get off the bus and run up the hill, throw our bags down, change our clothes, grab a peanut butter sandwich and throw ourselves into the lounge chairs to watch Dr Who! Actually, i think that was Gilligans Island. Dr Who was on a bit later. Must have been after feeding the chooks, collecting the eggs, grooming and feeding the horse, filling up the wood box (combustion stove) just stuff like that and then… DR WHO! Yay!

    Change? And at my age is it worth moving on to another point in time? Yep, i get that. Well a bit anyway. I was thinking the very same thing untill a person (family) mentioned quite spontaneously that her great aunt (must have been a nice lady or something) finished her psychology degree and began practicing at the age of 64 and has been enjoying it for atleast the last 10 years. Kind of put a different perspective on it.

    It would seem that there’s ‘work’ then there’s ‘life’. For some there’s a vast difference and for others they’re the samething. That i don’t get. Perhaps understanding things isn’t what it’s all about…

    Yeah.. i didn’t understand a lot of this post but did i get the gist of it?


  2. 2 kingsley January 26, 2008 at 07:48

    Well put Roses, doing the “lifes work” that is, both life and work together can be quite awesome, thats why there might be a degree of difficulty at 50 specialy if that life-work involvement becomes played out, less meaningful. On the other hand perhaps one realises there is so much more beyond the mundane to achieve in ones last third of life and stumbles accross their new calling.

    External factors are also somewhat life changing, you know health issues and family responsibilities for that aged etc.


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