Planetary Drivers

Astrology is a unique tool that helps us to understand the function of personality. Each planet or combinations of planets can be isolated in the chart to understand parts of personality  making up the whole.  In the same way as psychological counselling practices use techniques to help clients identify various patterns in life we can view combinations of planets in the chart to also find those functions.

The best theories describing psychological function in my view are the main Transactional Analysis theories. Transactional Analysis outlines development of personality theories and how children follow certain parental verbal and preverbal commands which eventually become integrated into the adult personality. Drivers are described by Transactional Analysis as elements of life Scripting where main themes for a person seem to play out over and over again. Driver theories outline the ways we adapt our thinking, feelings or behaviours during early development. In line with main Attachment theories Drivers are the doing messages we embellish from parents and other role models. Please follow the link for more background information.

The five main Drivers are;

Please Me

Be Strong

Be Perfect

Try Hard

Hurry Up

The drivers are parental messages which can be incorporated into personality. The commands that infants take on because ultimately they suit the parents way of operation. By adapting and “doing” these kinds of behaviours appears to reinforce the security in the relationship for the child. That the parent is most happy when the child adapts to the parents needs. Drivers can be positive and helpful motivations in the personality although they can also be detrimental when a particular function in personality takes over at the expense of natural expression.

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You may have heard the expression “children should be seen and not heard”? Children can take these messages literally and believe that they must not be their talkative self. One way in which a child maintains his or her bond with parents is to follow the Driver message of Please or Be Perfect.




Following the Be Perfect driver may help to achieve something wonderful in life however the conforming aspect can leave one feeling a slave to getting things right. I wouldn’t wish to go into open heart surgery if my Surgeon did not have a Be Perfect Driver, however some people develop into adults as “clean freaks” or become pedantic and micro managers with an exaggerated aim of being “Perfect for someone”.

The Astrological combinations that identify potentials for taking on the Perfect driver are;

Sun in Virgo aspects to Pluto

Venus contacts to Saturn

Virgo Ascendant and Mercury in connection to Saturn and or Pluto.

Jupiter Pluto contacts

Moon-Venus in Virgo

Neptune and the angles.

Liz Greene’s book about Neptune describes the idealistic world of Adam and Eve as the “paradise of perfectness” and how “perfection” is an illusion. Having such an expectation about life can eventually be quite disappointing. Therefore, to be incorporated into Life Script patterns, combinations of Neptune that describe expectations or idealistic thinking would be appropriate astrological indicators for the Be Perfect Driver. For example Jupiter Neptune conjunctions in the first or seventh houses.




Adapting and taking on the Please Me driver sees the person doing all manner of things to gain recognition for helping and pleasing others. The Please driver is good for working in the hospitality, retail and entertainment industries. The trick is to not let your natural self become a shadow of your former self.

Astrological indicators for Please Me are;

Moon Mars contacts in earth signs

Angular Venus especially in the 7th house.

Moon and or Venus in Libra

Mercury-Venus conjunctions

Venus and Jupiter Pluto contacts

Venus at the mid-heaven in the chart can represent an actor or very clever salesman. They can put on the charm to please that’s for sure.




The Hurry up driver stems from all those verbal messages to hurry hurry! “Quickly quickly so that I won’t be late and therefore angry with you”. Well its ok to be on time and sometimes the Hurry up is good for meeting deadlines and being punctual. Unfortunately if a person with a Hurry Up is running late or has missed their plane the consequences of internal shaming become pronounced. Hurry up types become impatient with slower movers and tend to interrupt others to get to the point. Perhaps road rage is a bi product of the hurry up.

Astrological significators for the Hurry Up are;

Mars Uranus contacts

Moon Mars in fire signs

Moon in Aquarius (the harried Mother)

Aries Ascendant and Mars Jupiter contacts

Mars retrograde

Mercury Mars conjunctions or mutual receptions.




Understanding drivers in personality can be very useful as it helps to appreciate potential skills for those important job interviews or ones self sabotaging behaviours. By isolating these personality functions in the astrological chart we can begin to find different personality traits. Remembering of course that many parental messages are positive and creative.




When someone doesn’t want you to “Be You” and prefers you to conform to other perspectives there is a limit to how much a person can take.




Be Strong is a Driver that works to contain feelings rather than expressing them. The old saying “Boys don’t cry” is in fact the verbal message to not have feelings and to be strong instead. Of course girls are prone to this driver too and usually a woman with a Be Strong driver will be there for everyone else and ignore her own needs and feelings. At least she is taking on a job to nurture others through thick and thin. Being Strong is trait aligned with occupations that need controlled feelings such as politicians, ambulance officers, pilots. mothers and counsellors.

The astrological indicators for the Be Strong Driver are;

Moon Jupiter contacts especially the opposite aspect

Moon Saturn contacts

Sun Saturn

Moon in Capricorn

Mars Pluto

Some Saturn-Pluto aspects are also very inclined to show the person’s ability to deal with immovable forces and objects.




The Try Hard driver is a hard one. It can also be associated to the added driver Work Hard (Tony White).

The belief about self is “I am only ok if I try hard – for you”. The person is constantly trying to move mountains to gain a sense of recognition. The Try Hard is linked to the archetype of Sisyphus. Sisyphus is constantly trying to make something great in life and almost gets to the top of the mountain and then it rolls back down. The Try Hard person loves the passionate involvement of some difficult and painstaking task.

Accountants, Stone Masons, farmers and perhaps missionaries incorporate the try hard driver to express aspects of their personality. The Work Hard driver (which I haven’t included here) incorporates the possibility that the person has nothing else in life except their work.  Underlying suicidal thoughts may arise for such a person if all else fails in their working endeavours.

The Astrological potentials for the Try Hard driver are;

Mars Saturn contacts

Mars retrograde in Capricorn

Saturn in 1st house

Sun Chiron and or Saturn contacts

Sun Mars Pluto

Jupiter Saturn (spasmodically).

The theory of psychological Drivers (TA) are explained in the context of transference with parents and other role models. It’s quite possible to drop certain drivers over the course of life or begin to use them creatively. By identifying the Planetary Drivers in Astrology it is possible to reflect on which parent used which message during childhood and whether you have also incorporated such motivation in personality.

If we are born with astrological indications for various Drivers and knowing also that Drivers are learned functions during child development years, suggests that we are born with certain temperaments that lend themselves to the influences of early development environments.

The Driver is a psychological analytical tool for understanding ways we are inclined to experience life.  Using the Astrology of Drivers can help identify certain motivations, traits and to make predictions by either transit or progressions. The Planetary Drivers can help to delineate charts and better describe functions of personality in terms of the ebb and flow of astrological tides.

kingsley 2008

8 Responses to “Planetary Drivers”

  1. 1 Graffiti January 17, 2008 at 07:44

    Interesting post Kingsley and the pictures are great


  2. 2 kingsley January 17, 2008 at 09:34

    Thanks for checking the blog out Graffiti,

  3. 3 kingsley January 17, 2008 at 16:51

    Everytime I find a good picture Graffiti it seems that I remember it from somewhere else. I think you have the whole www of pictures on your hard drive Garffiti.

  4. 4 Graffiti January 17, 2008 at 17:35

    Yes Kingsley,
    There certainly are many many good and bad pictures on the www.
    It is amazing sometimes when you think of what the www has given us



  5. 5 Kahless January 19, 2008 at 05:41

    Hi Kingsley,
    This is an interesting post.
    I think I will pull out my birth chart if I can find it and come back tomorrow. About 20 years ago I bought an ephemeris and a book to cast my horoscope and I still have them.

    And yes the pictures are cool.

  6. 6 kingsley January 19, 2008 at 09:59

    You do that Kahless, I would be happy to help with any questions you might have


  7. 7 Claire-France January 27, 2008 at 03:44

    Excellent distillation of the archetypes as seen through the language of healing, this time in TA… a most in-depth “take” on the process of becoming. Reminds me of the theatrical take of astrology through the eyes of Shakespeare, who puts Venus (the Lady) on stage, surrounded by Mars (good competitive gentlemen all) and the Old Man (Saturn) to worry about his kingdom and future. This is just a shorthand appropriate for comment. But, your piece could make Act 1 so much more understandable to the Shakespeare newbie, or to anyone seeking a quick view of these deep, enduring shapes in the unconscious.

  8. 8 kingsley January 27, 2008 at 09:16

    Hello and thanks Claire France. Glad to see you dropping by. Yes the Drivers can be the first point of call for disseminating personality in a cognitive fashion. Clarifying and deconfusing work essential for the platforms of change.


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