Eating Disorder

Anorexia Nervosa and Bulemia are eating disorders that involve low body weight and body image. The disorder involves an obsession about not gaining body weight and the various controlling behaviours to achieve that. The person with an eating disorder in most cases dislikes something about their reflection no matter how slim they appear.
Not eating will eventually lead to starvation and death so the behaviour is a serious impasse. Most mental health issues involve areas of either neuropsychology and or developmental psychology;  The way we are open to receiving the particular kind of early nurturing from our parents plays a major role in the development of personality and mental health issues.
I must admit that it is a very tricky business diagnosing mental health disorders by way of Astrology. It is very unlikely for an astrologer to look at a chart and say “this person has an eating disorder”. There are however potential mental health themes that consistently reveal themselves in astrology charts. The components of mental health themes in Astrology include familiar planets and aspects which describe emotional drives and cognitive patterns.
Eating disorders in my view require a great deal of control and manipulation of ones body and family environment. Anorexia Nervosa is an extremely complex psychological disorder so one would assume there would be complex interconnecting patterns in the Astrology chart. Below is a series of the same chart where I have isolated the different aspect patterns to reveal a potential physical disorder for this this person. 
One can quickly see that the Ascendant degree is the food loving sign of Taurus  however the the ruler of Taurus, Venus is conjunct Saturn. Saturn has a restrictive and limiting symbology in astrology however its not all bad. Unfortunately for this person the early expression of personality is potentially curtailed in some way.
The horseshoe symbol at the top of the chart is the South Node. This point is very important in establishing re occuring negative patterns in life. Its position at the top of the chart tends to show how the person motivates theself to achieve self respect and dignity. Usually this happens through career goals. Its position there is also known in the charts of adopted children or where there might be a question mark over biological parents. The person is consistently searching for recognition or strokes for their abilities. In discussing these points above we have already uncovered two issues of potential self esteem and personality expressions for the person.        

The same chart above is showing a selected grouping of planets all of which are interconnected. This is not uncommon in astrology however the grouping shows various motivational drives that are supporting the Venus-Saturn affliction. Venus-Saturn in a generic sense points to attachment and relational concerns. One could say the other planets are working as defense mechanisms or psychological drives in the personality.

Moon-Pluto is referring to emotional control;

Moon-Uranus tends to show rebelliousness, independence and not wanting to listen (to parents)

Mars-Uranus is reaction based and shows outbursts of rebellious energy that leaves her and others cut off.

Mars-Pluto can be the indicator of wilful control and in this case a challenging aspect for dominance in the persons life. All of the above aspects independant of one another are strong personality potentials in any chart however here we see them tightly interconnected in the same chart.    

The Asteroid Chiron is seen as the ‘key’-like symbol in the top left of the chart. Chiron represents emotional wounding such as rejection and abandonment. Here we see the ascendant ruler Venus in connection to Chiron. The luminaries, Sun and Moon represent the father and mother in life amoungst other things and here they are also both connected to Chiron. The two lumiaries are also connected to Neptune. This can explain emotional uninvolvemnt on behalf of the parents and highlight attachment issues once again.

There are other interpretations of these planets and aspects which offer more therapeutical descriptions in the process of an individual reading. However for the purpose of interpretation (the work the Astrologer assesses prior to a reading) one could say that this person has a complex array of strong psychological survival patterns and underlaying vulnerable emotional issues.

The Ascendant degree and it’s ruler will show how physical or somatic conditions are brought to bare in any astrology chart. Saturn’s restrictive and limiting symbolism is clearly identifying problematic personal and physical expression for this individual. In this case, an eating disorder was apparent and to the degree where the person ended up in hospital refusing to eat.

The person nearly died in hospital however at the same time managed to express her power and control over the entire family. In a way her eating disorder was the only way she could exersize her otherwise extremely repressed emotional expression.   



6 Responses to “Eating Disorder”

  1. 1 chrispito February 7, 2008 at 13:53

    That’s very interesting. I was bulimic for years (about 13-19 yo; I’m 30 now).
    There are 4 daughters in my family, and I was the only daughter with an eating disorder. However, my sisters all have issues with shame/sex (I don’t think the same could be said for me at all).
    To me the link is undeniable (between food/body and sex) though unclear…perhaps the 8th House would be looked at?
    Thanks for the article.

  2. 2 kingsley February 7, 2008 at 18:04

    Hello Chrispito

    That is a good point about the link between food, body and sex. I believe the physical aspects of such disorders is more that likely connected to the ascendant or ascendant ruler. You are correct in theory by saying the 8th house or its ruler will have some significance because this is also the house of transference or transformation psychologically. It would make sense that any underlaying psychological /developmental concerns transmute into other forms of coping here, ie associated disorders, feeling and thinking patterns etc. In my experience there are many factors involved however the most straight forward planetary combinations and midpoints seem to be most trustworthy systems. I really like your blog Chrispito, you are a very good writer.


  3. 3 chrispito February 21, 2008 at 00:43

    Hey thanks! I do like your site a lot, I’ll remember to actually bookmark it this time. I get lost in a sea of internet somedays, lol

  4. 4 zorba September 29, 2009 at 21:25

    Hi there Kingsley,

    I’m currently collecting charts of people who suffer from various eating disorders and I’m going to collaborate them and see if I can find some trends.

    Any insight in regards to other research studies that have been done, or resources that you know of on the topic of mental health issues (not specifically ED’s) and astrological ‘signitures’ associated with them that you might be aware of, I’d be really interested to hear about them from you. Is there a particular branch of Astrology concerned with Mental Health?

    As a case study, I suffered from anorexia for 5 years, and have suffered from disordered eating for at least 15 years (NOS) and am currently recieving outpatient treatment for it.

    Features of my chart include: Taurus rising, Taurus Sun and Moon in the 12th house, (although the Moon is closely conjunct the Ascendant) Moon is opposite Saturn which sits on the Descendant, and Sun is opposite Pluto which is in the 6th house of health and work. My South Node is conjunct Pluto and North Node conjunct the Sun. Mars is in Taurus and the 1st house. Mars is also conjunct the Moon and opposite Saturn.

    Feel free to get back to me via email or on this site…

  5. 5 kingsley September 30, 2009 at 08:02

    Hello Zorba

    Eating disorders commonly show apsects related to the ascendant.

    I dont think there is a mental health astrology track? There are a few astrologers who have written books about Mental Health and astrology but thats about it. In my view medical astrology covers some of it. The ancient and medieval astrologers had some very good ways to predict “lunacy” and to determine “lies” and longetivity etc.

    There are helpful ways a person might use astrology to track their disorder or illness however that in itself potentially creates more problems for the person.

    I have researched mental health and astrology for some time. Diagnosing usually requires gathering a list of symptons and and then differentiating those to determine the course of pathology. Astrology is no different than clinical practices. The chart will show potential (psychological drives) symptoms for a person such as anger, limited emotional expression, abandonment and need for control etc however the chart does not show the type of pathology or its degrees.

    I would hardly rely on astrology to point me in the right direction for diagnosing a mental health client Zorba. It is interesting none the less to explore the potential of mental health issues from birth charts.


  6. 6 kit October 8, 2011 at 22:31

    This is interesting I have a sister and my bestie from high school, both 12th house moons, both over exersize and have had eating dis. in the past. I know with moon in the 12th you have trouble expressing emotions. And I know eat. dis. is a way to control emotions, so a little oversimplified, but makes sense.

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