Relational Composite

Latest trends in psychotherapy have followed a more psychoanalytical stream such as Object Relations or Relational Therapy. Relational Therapy is about the healing that emerges for a client within the relationship between Therapist and Client. Composite Astrology charts are useful in relationship work but can they identify the relational and therapeutic process’ between two people?  

Relational Therapy is a two person psychology where ultimately the therapist involves his or her own feelings and thoughts in some way with the client. Relational Therapy uses the transference and countertransferences in the relationship over a period of time.  

It is through the unconscious communications (non verbal communication) where powerful realizations emerge to facilitate change for the client. What goes on in the unconscious spaces between the therapist and client is sometimes described as the analytic third.  The intersubjective unconscious space in the relationship.

It is not uncommon for the therapist’s feelings and thinking to be also transformed in some manner during this work. In a way it takes the involvement of two people, consciously and unconsciously like in any relationship over a period of time.  

In Astrology the Composite Chart combines two or more charts mathmatically in order to gain information about how two people might be seen as one identity. There is a wealth of information which can be interpreted by the astrologer for the purpose of understanding different aspects of the relationship seen from an external position.

The outer planets including Pluto represent unconscious and subconscious realms of the psyche when delineating individual charts. Therfore in the composite chart we might also be able to describe the uncconscious processes of the relationship entity. 

Jeffery Wolf Green in his book Pluto Vol 2 has gone a long way to describe the transformative role of Pluto in the composite chart and how two people superimposed as one, might transform and grow in that entity (relationship). 

Below is the unlikely composite chart of Evel Knievel and Germaine Greer.


With Black Moon Lilith on the ascendant of the composite chart there is no telling what might emerge in the relational unconscious as seen by a third party. Pluto and Mars are in square aspect suggesting the repressed anger within the relational entity is challenging at the least.

What about myself and Carl Jung below?   


If Carl Jung was my therapist the composite chart shows the Moon on the ascendant connecting with Neptune. I am sure that the dream work and the relational unconscious process would be prominent in our relationship. Pluto in the third house of communication is connecting with Jupiter which might represent how powerful unconscious thoughts and concepts “wrestle” within our relationship. The relationship composite suggests the potential for transformative elements to emerge in long term work together.

The Astrologer therefore has the potential to view his client and self combined in the composite chart. He may interpret carefully, how the combined conscious and unconscious forces may progress in their relationship. The use of composite astrology and the therapeutic process of Relational Psychotherapy is limited to my Astrology practice only. I prefer the unknown and exciting exploration within the client relationship to unfold naturally in my clinical work. In that way the client and therapeutic relationship is beneficial for the two of us. I keep the two modalities separate thanks to my Mars in Gemini and the ability to work with two styles. 

On rare occasions when I do get an accurate birth time from a client in psychotherapy it does make for some interesting research in the area of Composite charts and Relational Therapy work.



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