Goodbye Jupiter

Pre Christmas Astrology Report – in story form

Lately the stars have been over indulging in all things Sagittarian. With so many planets in that astrological sign one might think that the ‘party’ would never stop.Sagittarius is a fiery sign that that enjoys ‘expansion’ and ‘higher’ places. Expansion of ideas and philosophies, the expansion of knowledge, religious beliefs, the expansion of waistlines, of broadcasting and indeed the expansion of truth.What does all this mean? JupiterThe planets Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury and the Sun have all been giving a fitting farewell to the end of an era for Sagittarius. That’s right, its a house party! The fireworks are in honour of Jupiter finally leaving the House to go on to more practical pursuits. Jupiter as you know has rulership over Sagittarius so the big planet has been tucked up at home for over 12 months now.The transition by Jupiter into Capricorn is quite an auspicious affair showing various combinations in symbolic meanings. The Sun will highlight the last bash by ganging up with powerful Pluto. These two tend to draw out Sagittarian concepts which involve an ‘experience’ with powerful identities in our environment. These are Zeus types who love to throw a few thunderbolts to get things happening. It’s about control and power. 

Zeus Making it Happen

Sagittarius’s house parties may include all the usual hedonistic behaviours however you can expect a good measure of reflective mentalization in your drink too.

Pluto is supposed to be an underworld god who wears a hat that makes him invisible. In real terms, Pluto tends to draw upon the depths of subconscious realms helping transformations in the psyche and according to Zeus, all natural phenomenon on earth. Pluto has been in Sagittarius for the last ten years and he is about to leave the house party too. Its the end of another generation. So in the last bash, the Sun and Pluto unite to create powerful realizations. The experience of Sagittarius affairs can be ” in your face”, it may feel like a finger pointing towards your chest and at other times is meaninful or philosophical.

You see, now that Jupiter has left the building, its like the owner has let the party go all by itself. Jupiter has ‘gone out’ for some grounding in the real world by moving to Capricorn. Too much is just too much and now dutiful work calls! So the remaining party crew are getting ‘pointed’ in their investigation of worldly matters and Mercury tends to be an insatiable fellow/lass with little bounds for his need of small detail in Sagittarius.

Mercury and Pluto dredge up all manner of facts and figures because they are thinking of going into public speaking or perhaps the private investigation business together. They have both colluded by probing deeply into the (truth) life of Jupiter. No wonder Jupiter left the building! It is a bit obsessive in my thinking; however that is the way to learn trust. Anyway, Jupiter is not too far away and the whole affair has been pretty good regardless of all the probing.  The Sun, Jupiter and Pluto with Mercury together in Sagittarius tends to result in much research. Its like a lawyer recieving depositions that require wading through six months of details to arrive at conclusions. It could be a tactic or perhaps some usless unecessary work just before christmas. Why would Jupiter want to get bogged down with all that sort of work? I am not so sure that conclusions could be made from such a supply of information anyway? One thing for sure, is that a good psychologist is well represented by the combination of the Planets Sun, Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury. Its time to make a booking perhaps? 

If the house party has been about understanding personality and other behaviours then I guess we could call the recent stellium (more that four planets in one sign) a real Big Brother affair. What does it all mean? Nothing! Lots of talking and analyzing and interacting but in the end where are the philosophical determinations? Where are the diagnoses, what are the actions of the Big Brother house party? Pluto will mark the end of another generation by moving into Capricorn. Jupiter is leading the way and the last hoorah will be some fireworks for sure.

 Now that the truth has been delved into its limits, Jupiter the big planet still has some say. He is ‘text messaging’ the leftover house party guests to think about implementing boundaries. To do something practical with all the research detail. To not piss it in the wind. He has referred the crew to get a consultant to deal with the incestuous nature of the alliances in the house. The push and shove in the reports findings are supposed to be  truthfull, however there is a likelihood that other agendas are at foot. That is, the need for control. The corporate world calls it a takeover. Pluto wants the power now that Jupiter has left. Trouble is, Pluto leaves the House soon, then comes back in six months and then goes away again! Pluto really wants another kind of power and it seems that transformations within the financial and government workings (Capricorn) have more promise that humanistic-idealistic concepts of Sagittarius. Things will change soon enough. 

It seems to be a good time to start a consultancy business at the moment. There are alliances forming and breaking. There is potentially investigative and research work aimed at making the move to another company or country as best possible.   My astrological advice is to understand the limitations of the truth. Any research carried out by proported consultants and advisors may sound factual; like the truth. In six months however their “reports” will be outmoded and incumbent. Its a time to know who to trust with the truth.

Can you handle the truth?




4 Responses to “Goodbye Jupiter”

  1. 1 Jhangora November 3, 2008 at 18:49

    I find it hard to accept the truth sometimes.Can u make a combined WIC (western,indo-chinese) natal chart for me.I am a Leo (moon) Cancer (sun) & Fire Snake (Chinese) & don’t have money right now to pay u.

  2. 2 kingsley November 3, 2008 at 19:29

    Hello Jhangora, thank you for your interest in obtaining some natal readings. I wish I could do such a combination of charts as you are suggesting however that is out of my league I am afraid. I am happy to offer you a Western Astrology reading when you can afford that. In the meantime I am ok to answer any specific question you may have in relation to your your chart.



  3. 3 Jhangora November 7, 2008 at 07:08

    How much do u charge for a Western Astrology reading Kingsley?I have an idea.Would you be able to predict the future of my blog if I gave u it’s natal chart?Without charge ofcourse.


  4. 4 kingsley November 7, 2008 at 07:55

    My fees are dependant on the US Dollar Jhangora. At the moment they are $100 US.

    I am ok if you wish to ask me specific questions about your Blog chart. I will put the chart up in the chart page and you can say what you think about it and then ask some questions if you like.


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